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Call of Duty
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  • *xokireiキレイ*
    *xokireiキレイ* 11 minutes ago


  • lord tachanka
    lord tachanka 15 minutes ago

    Power: goes out Girls: scream Boys: bravo six going dark

  • Marcolfa Avarca
    Marcolfa Avarca 22 minutes ago

    Chingen a su madre putos

  • Snuffle
    Snuffle 23 minutes ago

    This game was great. Once you guys finally get laid you’ll learn not to hate everything.

  • E Pac
    E Pac 30 minutes ago

    I’ll Wait For A Month Before Buying It, here y’all complains and then make a decision before getting scam again.

  • Christian Olvera
    Christian Olvera 34 minutes ago

    I saw this days ago and it’s barely giving me a notification

  • Eclipse Gaming
    Eclipse Gaming 41 minute ago

    Is there an offline mode??

  • Cyka Blyatman
    Cyka Blyatman 43 minutes ago

    Infinity ward: uzbekistan? Barry Slone and Griggs: nah New name:urzikstani Infinity ward: k? Nah uzbekistan

  • Aaron Stephens
    Aaron Stephens 47 minutes ago

    Was that Zakhaev at the end? 🤔😲

  • Rawand Khalil
    Rawand Khalil 54 minutes ago

    I like come t this call of duty modern warfare new come on steam

  • Uncle Ray-Ray
    Uncle Ray-Ray Hour ago

    I like how this doesn't tell people that it's PS4 exclusive until 2020

  • Josh Barreras
    Josh Barreras Hour ago

    Makarov is gone forever

  • Vavro Roman a Paťo

    Ghost back in COD MW please😟🙏🏼💀

  • Vavro Roman a Paťo

    Ghost back in COD MW please😟🙏🏼💀

  • Vavro Roman a Paťo

    Ghost back in COD MW please😟🙏🏼💀

    INDIV Hour ago

    Me: *sees its 4 player coop* The boys: Bravo Six going dark

  • Md Arif Khan
    Md Arif Khan Hour ago

    Getting info problem , Bangladesh.

  • Justin boi
    Justin boi Hour ago

    It's coming out on all platforms

  • Jaxx
    Jaxx Hour ago

    Remaster Bo2

  • smooth potato
    smooth potato Hour ago

    When the title says call of duty but the gameplay is of destiny

    THE BIG CHEESE 2 hours ago

    Yes a cod that doesn’t have everybody boost jumping everywhere

  • Gabriel Frazier
    Gabriel Frazier 2 hours ago

    One of the best video games ive ever seen

  • All About Birds & More YT

    i cant wait man. 14th October. 11 more days!!! please hope the campaign is original

  • Biohazz 358
    Biohazz 358 2 hours ago

    Can we get a rip in the chat for one of the greatest zombie game mode ever?

  • Gavin Rainey
    Gavin Rainey 2 hours ago

    Anyone get nostalgia from that falling out of the airplane part

  • I don’t like Lgbt people

    The best cod game imo

  • gunslinger_lucky tanki junky

    Another badguy with a desert eagle UwU

  • Blade xBeaTz
    Blade xBeaTz 2 hours ago

    T R A S H

  • JFK is back
    JFK is back 3 hours ago

    Do this again man

  • Fred Smith
    Fred Smith 3 hours ago

    If they just released it before b03. The only reason I didn't play buy it was, being burned out from b03. Great game bad timing.

  • KhaledMaxPc
    KhaledMaxPc 3 hours ago

    You Need Meme HAHAhaha

  • Bman
    Bman 3 hours ago

    So much wasted potential

  • marco reus
    marco reus 3 hours ago

    My phone is not combatible and I want to play try several applications and nothing

  • Dae9ix
    Dae9ix 3 hours ago

    *This isn’t the captain price we know and love*

  • TheDarkYoshi64
    TheDarkYoshi64 3 hours ago

    Coming here after Tag der Toten made me realize just how hyped all of us were, only to have all of this slowly fall apart and turn into major disappointment, especially after Bo3’s season of content. Ah well, here’s hoping to Zombies Chronicles 2 if the rumors are true.

  • Anielka Lopez
    Anielka Lopez 3 hours ago

    Estará disponible para PS3?

  • Rope Neck
    Rope Neck 3 hours ago

    0:48 i love that sound😍

  • triancirc
    triancirc 3 hours ago

    Give them a proper english welcome

  • Epsilon
    Epsilon 3 hours ago

    Dude fix the issue with bot teammates, they literally do nothing for the team and feed the other team kills. Especially in Ranked 🤦‍♂️

  • akın kurt
    akın kurt 4 hours ago

    0:33 woow terorist gj Activision

  • Coley Durham
    Coley Durham 4 hours ago

    they need to make a Cod about chinas oppression

  • Andy
    Andy 4 hours ago

    This is historic, the best fps ever by a huge margin and the first military documentary game

  • ForceTheHorse
    ForceTheHorse 4 hours ago

    Devices Going dark, wait thats the wrong game

  • Jimmy Guo
    Jimmy Guo 4 hours ago

    Are we going to forget about PS4 exclusivity content?

  • Creeper Construction

    1:08 Sounds Exactly Like a Fortnite Rocket Launcher

  • Uriel ragnarokUVA
    Uriel ragnarokUVA 4 hours ago

    Felicidades , encontraste el comentario en español.

  • Joseph Eaton
    Joseph Eaton 4 hours ago

    Make the Xbox and PC one cheaper if we don't get the full game.

  • ProMikeStang GT04
    ProMikeStang GT04 4 hours ago

    They should make a "soft reboot " for a game that really deserves it. Dead Space.

  • Joseph Emmanuel Garcia Gonzalez

    Call of duty y Metallica en este épico vídeo madre mía toma mi dinero Activision jajaja

  • MrDeathprof
    MrDeathprof 4 hours ago

    Just fully remastered bo2 😇

  • Alfredo Sierra
    Alfredo Sierra 4 hours ago

    Didn’t know if I was gonna buy this at first but that Metallica song sold it for me now

  • Rouge Angel
    Rouge Angel 4 hours ago

    Please tell me you got a plan for a battle royal cz BLACKOUT was a fantastic experience

    PÃŃÇÅKĘ 4 hours ago

    *TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING!* **nuke destroys battlefield**

  • Efe Cetindag
    Efe Cetindag 5 hours ago

    Soap: Makarov...knows...Yuri

  • Thomas Wayne
    Thomas Wayne 5 hours ago

    Last time I was exited for a COD game like this was back when MW2 was released, bring backs the nostalgia, Man were made in the pre-game public lobby, if you survive that you can survive anything !

  • Samuel Brocanelli
    Samuel Brocanelli 5 hours ago

    Melhor jogo mobile da atualidade! KD os br 🤘🏻

  • micksowagger
    micksowagger 5 hours ago

    CPT Price (who is somehow still a captain after over a decade of slaying baddies): "if you can't identify the voice actor, then you are the voice actor."

    EL_GATO_ RICO 5 hours ago

    free fire nessa porra!!!!!!!

  • andrew galaban
    andrew galaban 5 hours ago

    The legendary game and best of all time

  • Danish Muffin
    Danish Muffin 5 hours ago

    Is this a reboot or a sequel

  • xtratzii
    xtratzii 5 hours ago

    The sync is sick 🤯

  • TheCrusader
    TheCrusader 5 hours ago

    1:25 is just ear and eye candy for me

  • Blue Werewolf
    Blue Werewolf 5 hours ago

    This is the reason why I still play black ops 3 zombies still unlike 4

  • Jovi Menezes
    Jovi Menezes 5 hours ago

    Where is Nikolai?

  • HDiesel 554598
    HDiesel 554598 5 hours ago

    Price seems to weird in this

  • theBlackHack
    theBlackHack 6 hours ago

    This will be gonna be a tough battle man... How convenient?....

  • BeYKaNa
    BeYKaNa 6 hours ago

    Perfect game. Thank you to the producers. Clip-Share Channel - BeYKaNa

  • Tyler Mountford
    Tyler Mountford 6 hours ago

    Mission failed well get em next time

  • White Boi
    White Boi 6 hours ago

    Cant tell if this Is a sick movie or a game

  • the classy Tuxito
    the classy Tuxito 6 hours ago

    I just realized it constantly shows them at near death like they're about to die Are they going through the loop that the mob of the dead crew went through and die over and over until the loop is broken

  • LionFilmProductions
    LionFilmProductions 6 hours ago

    “COD Infinite Warfare Released!” *task failed successfully*

  • Owen Wing
    Owen Wing 6 hours ago

    Vibe check

  • All About Birds & More YT

    i cant wait. im gonna keep watching the trailer till it comes out.

  • Scrubstronaut
    Scrubstronaut 6 hours ago

    Well we know zakhaev is back because there were crates with his name on it in the beta

  • Alexander Perez
    Alexander Perez 6 hours ago

    Man this makes me sad this stands with one of the best games ever

  • EXODIA gaming
    EXODIA gaming 6 hours ago

    Hi bro

  • Fish & Chips
    Fish & Chips 6 hours ago

    Did I just see a superstar from the WWE applauding one of the operators inside of a cell?

  • Spinellious
    Spinellious 7 hours ago

    Friend: "Is there food on my face?" Me with napkin: 1:26

  • Jordan Herndon
    Jordan Herndon 7 hours ago

    Where’s my peeps that’ll beat the game on the hardest difficulty?!😎🤙🏼

  • Ilker Kaya
    Ilker Kaya 7 hours ago


  • Joey Larose
    Joey Larose 7 hours ago

    I can't wait to play it :D

  • Cobra Y.S.F
    Cobra Y.S.F 7 hours ago

    Blackvengers inbound

  • Cobra Y.S.F
    Cobra Y.S.F 7 hours ago

    4 million dislikes..coming soon

  • Ak Xiong
    Ak Xiong 7 hours ago

    Can call of duty have zombie on Android phone

    GRIMREAPERS 7 hours ago

    Everyone that pre-ordered the dark edition in excitment for this game give a like cause I know I sure did!! And I know this will be a 200$ well spent! The alpha and beta were perfect! Hyped!!

  • Konstantin Dimitrov
    Konstantin Dimitrov 7 hours ago

    Now it's time for Battlefield to come out on mobile, too :D

  • Timothy Chayse
    Timothy Chayse 7 hours ago

    I had this but it got removed

  • Сергей Ананьев

    как жаль, что разрабы закрыли проект((

  • husam alkateeb
    husam alkateeb 7 hours ago

    all about syria

  • music box
    music box 7 hours ago

  • Agarrando Viaje
    Agarrando Viaje 7 hours ago

    1:30 since MW is a soft reboot, I have a feeling that’s the bald guy from COD 4, but with an arm this time.

  • Traquan Peterson
    Traquan Peterson 7 hours ago

    Wish I was a call of duty character frfr 💯

  • poopy butt mcstink hole

    Alright bois redemption time

  • Righteousmage 31
    Righteousmage 31 7 hours ago

    Nice. Your fruit killing skills are remarkable.

  • Alexis Roumiguieres
    Alexis Roumiguieres 7 hours ago

    Bo2 doit revenir et vite !!! Sa me manque tellement....😥

  • clashlord1115 gaming and animations

    Im happy they used metallica

  • Lost
    Lost 8 hours ago

    Are they back in Pripyat or is that swimming pool just everywhere? At 0:23

  • J Newsome
    J Newsome 8 hours ago

    We still stuck on this 4 player platform 🤦‍♂️

  • da da
    da da 8 hours ago

    0:48 cant believe Demi Lovato is in the video lol

  • IT's ME
    IT's ME 8 hours ago

    If enter Sandman better be in the game