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  • ShiftyPlays
    ShiftyPlays 18 minutes ago

    Liverpool: 5 points clear Records: and another video he bites the dust

  • Dyla
    Dyla 21 minute ago

    When are we having a Mane song?

  • Dyla
    Dyla 21 minute ago

    When are we having a Mane song?

  • Eric naldo
    Eric naldo 21 minute ago

    Fantástico bobby

  • victor promiseviz
    victor promiseviz 26 minutes ago

    valverde is downfall of barca, ths nonsense haooened twice, ridiculous. and the last goal by taa was difficult and weird....and am guessng Liverpool are so happy because its a small club mentality kind of boost and also because it happened to barca because you guys got hammered first leg and it has a david v goliath feel to it....but let me say something, Liverpool isnt a better team than naooli or tottenham or barca and if we had a reasonable coach this nonsense could never have happened...but i still resoect liverool but when jurgen kloff eventually gets bored and leaves, you guys would struggle again because you guys have no system, and you guys cant always depend on guys would be like dortmund who have oeroidic success, you want a team lke naooli or barca or mancity or even current chelsea thats daring to build something that would last....cudoles Liverpool fans, we would see how you guys far when they gve you a team like juventus or dortmund or barca, remember in your game aganst barca, 1st goal was jordi mistake, 2 goals were by mdfielfers and last goal was some washy stuff......but in the 1st leg, with salah and mane .....nothing for you guys, we mssed 2 goals....even n d second leg, the coach ought to have out arthur so you guys wont see the ball, and out semedo, good defence of the ball, and not olay coutinho out of oosition... so ths season, we would see how liverool fairs..

  • Jackie Brown
    Jackie Brown 35 minutes ago

    That roar when Mane scored the first goal made my heart sing. Och the whole video made my ❤️ sing.

  • Okoroafor Prosper
    Okoroafor Prosper 37 minutes ago

    For real VAN D 😂😂😂😂

  • John Morland
    John Morland 40 minutes ago

    Avanti reds !

  • reactor Sincere
    reactor Sincere 51 minute ago

    Adam Lallana talking to Hendo about Cricket lol

  • Sarwindo Kang
    Sarwindo Kang 53 minutes ago

    Who's come to watch this before this season's first Champions League match vs Napoli?

  • Wisdom For Mankind
    Wisdom For Mankind 53 minutes ago

    Mo Salah song.... Just WoW....

  • Charlize Theron
    Charlize Theron 53 minutes ago

    Let's go Napoli

  • Jihan Audy for life

    Bobby best player in the world

  • Hendi Bird Home
    Hendi Bird Home Hour ago


  • uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas

    FIRMINO is the system.

  • RB
    RB Hour ago

    15:40 Bobby in tears

  • Aam Muhtarom
    Aam Muhtarom Hour ago


  • N
    N Hour ago

    There is no sound like the roar of Anfield

  • N
    N Hour ago

    What I would have given to be a mascot in one of these games

  • Zootopia 911
    Zootopia 911 Hour ago

    Napoli 0 LIVERPOOL 2

  • badara ndiaye
    badara ndiaye Hour ago

    Mané mané

  • Daniean McCulloch

    Henderson touching the sign at 5.20... chills. Hope he does it every match

  • navn navn
    navn navn Hour ago

    I love this club

  • Lancederossi21 Rossi21

    Bobby Is e real magician 🤙🤙

  • Haroune Cisse
    Haroune Cisse Hour ago


  • Liverpool FC
    Liverpool FC Hour ago

    Don't see subtitles in your language? Click here to translate the video title/description and subtitles and you’ll be credited in the description:

  • Niels
    Niels Hour ago

    Who is Williams?

  • DAGLz
    DAGLz Hour ago

    12.47 what song ? Anyone know ... help me plz


    We will win it by 2-1 . We means Liverpool

  • Wind Nguyen
    Wind Nguyen Hour ago

    8:00 =))

  • Pape Gaye
    Pape Gaye Hour ago

    Wow mané

  • Jimmy Jimmy H
    Jimmy Jimmy H Hour ago

    the best champion league all the time

  • Cody Jacobs
    Cody Jacobs Hour ago

    Caption Hendo, keeping the tradition alive..THIS IS ANFIELD ✋

  • CuppaT
    CuppaT 2 hours ago

    That slap by shaq

  • SimTheLeader
    SimTheLeader 2 hours ago

    0:13 lebanese flag ☺♥

  • Caio Bittencourt
    Caio Bittencourt 2 hours ago

  • Ladislav Szabon
    Ladislav Szabon 2 hours ago

    I run out of words how to describe this atmosphere, this performance from boys.... Tonight it starts again, WE have it, everybody wants it! YNWA!!! Never delete this video pls.... It makes me stronger everytime I am low!!!

  • Mr Sood
    Mr Sood 2 hours ago

    What is your worst habit? Mo: That I'm too nice?

  • Sjors Voets
    Sjors Voets 2 hours ago

    The guy van Newcastle who scores is called Willems not Williams...

  • Football Skills
    Football Skills 2 hours ago

    It’s definitely jetro Willems not “williams”

  • Jimmy Jimmy H
    Jimmy Jimmy H 2 hours ago

    good job , Kloop ! thx u !

  • Zaliuo Diuof
    Zaliuo Diuof 2 hours ago


  • Cismaan Maxamed Cabdi

    Good lucky to night Liverpool thanks

  • The Judge
    The Judge 2 hours ago

    Why Liverpool fans never sing for Mane ? Sadio welcome to Madrid please

  • Silas Javier Omagor
    Silas Javier Omagor 2 hours ago

    @11:1 Mane seems to jokingly push and pull Bobby but he is not interested at all - turns around and gives him a dry look as if to say 'whats wrong with you, leave me alone.' I personally think that Firmino did not appreciate Mane's Burnley reaction.

  • Shane O Neill
    Shane O Neill 2 hours ago

    Why didn’t you show the Liverpool fans pushing the old people into the fountain

  • Aamina !
    Aamina ! 2 hours ago

    From the thumbnail I thought mane had some mad new haircut lmaoooo

  • Lucas won’t play any Moura

    I was with Tottenham Congrats on six UCLs

  • Majoy Srisura
    Majoy Srisura 2 hours ago

    1 in my dreams to be there fr.Thai FC

  • Wayne Looney
    Wayne Looney 2 hours ago

    Henderson is the slowest player ever

  • Wayne Looney
    Wayne Looney 2 hours ago

    Liverpool have no chance of winning the cup again no chance deffo no chance

    • fox
      fox 2 hours ago

      hahaha only in your dreams

  • Harvey Angote
    Harvey Angote 2 hours ago

    Shaqiri slapped the hell out of the boy's hand😂😂😂😂

  • Tashrif Alam
    Tashrif Alam 2 hours ago

    1:40 I always get teared up, when I see this moment. And also when Hendo went to his father with the medal. I don't think people believed in him but what a leader he has been

  • Mr Sood
    Mr Sood 2 hours ago

    Mo Salah Mo Salah....Running down the wing...... And it's a GOAALLL!!!!

  • Tashrif Alam
    Tashrif Alam 2 hours ago

    At first he actually he seemed like he really didn't know what to do and how to celebrate. What a manager! We really really got lucky

  • くそザコ底辺YouTuberてるかつZ


  • H Duncan
    H Duncan 2 hours ago

    Good luck Liverpool fc at San Paolo tonight,

  • laciryl
    laciryl 2 hours ago

    I love these videos, so sorry to nitpick but it's Willems, not Williams.

  • Phil O'Keeffe
    Phil O'Keeffe 2 hours ago

    17.20 Klopp just hilarious.....

  • paulgoodwin81
    paulgoodwin81 2 hours ago

    I love the added celebration after Mane second goal between him and Bobby. Great team effort today. Once again never say die attitude. Liverpool till I die. YNWA.

  • DePeaceHunter
    DePeaceHunter 3 hours ago

    why the question is soooo longggggg in italy but so short when translated to english. lol its annoying

  • vpk1011
    vpk1011 3 hours ago

    Shaquiri is my all time favourite footballer

  • Average Aej
    Average Aej 3 hours ago

    Mane and Firmino friendship issa GOAL

  • Thomas Konov
    Thomas Konov 3 hours ago

    Isn't it Jetro Willems? Not Williams.

  • Raffa Derhein Nugroho

    Hit the woah! VVD: 5:38

  • Maggie Fraser
    Maggie Fraser 3 hours ago

    best team ever

  • Hacktastic Jeste
    Hacktastic Jeste 3 hours ago

    If you're a Malaysian fan, you can see Adam Caruthers there. 😁

  • Lars Lekkas
    Lars Lekkas 3 hours ago

    I remember this soooo good, it was the first time during the game that we sang Mo Salah, and what happened? He scored. BOOM!

  • Hesham Abdo
    Hesham Abdo 3 hours ago

    The connection between Salah and Mane is intact. All rumors are just media hype

  • isma disini
    isma disini 3 hours ago

    I give 5 star to fermino.he really fantastic

  • 電波時計チクタク


  • Ismail Rehman
    Ismail Rehman 3 hours ago

    i was there what a game to go to

  • Sessiz Kahraman
    Sessiz Kahraman 3 hours ago

    Salah hayranı bir tek ben değilim heralde turkiyeden

  • Sessiz Kahraman
    Sessiz Kahraman 3 hours ago

    I think firmino the best.

  • bjoning
    bjoning 3 hours ago

    Why can't people just learn english in school? And why do they need to do the translations in the room? Air it with delay so they can add subs.

  • Thanis oyee
    Thanis oyee 3 hours ago

    Kloop is best coach in the football history. I mean just look at the beggining no one knows Who is salah? Who is mane? Who is firmino? Who is van dijk? Who is fabinho? Who is allison? Who is matip? Who is robetson? Alexander arnold? Even origi??? He can wake a giant sleep that liverpool. Well... pep even couldnt do that without bilions money lol.

    KlONIGAMES 3 hours ago

    Just found Salahs superstition 3:58

  • OwenYouNothing 1
    OwenYouNothing 1 4 hours ago

    Henderson is quality, had the job to take over the captaincy from Stevie. A lot of English players would of shy'd away and signed for the likes of west ham after a few years. My guys got a CL medal and played a part in both journeys to the finals. Put some respect on hendos name

  • RedEx
    RedEx 4 hours ago

    Sadio Mane, i love you 3000

  • Heinz Schenk
    Heinz Schenk 4 hours ago

    He does it again and again: On ze otha hand zide! ;)

  • Joel Olsson
    Joel Olsson 4 hours ago


  • サラーモハメド・

    Shaqiri 😂

  • Aloha
    Aloha 4 hours ago

    July 28, 2019 = Napoli vs LFC 3:0..

  • kililik jlk
    kililik jlk 4 hours ago

    4:35 virgil and gomez like twins

    • Lupus1444
      Lupus1444 Hour ago

      lol Sure...Like arnold schwarzenegger danny de vito

  • RedEx
    RedEx 4 hours ago

    Cameramen, i heard you wishpering

  • David12 gaming
    David12 gaming 4 hours ago

    who is better like: salah and mane comment: sterling and sane

  • thanawat kk
    thanawat kk 4 hours ago

    1:58 เข้ามาดิ้ รอไรอะ อย่าล้อคนะ 55555

    EDY SAPUTRA 4 hours ago

    The best pokoke

  • Anong 0102
    Anong 0102 4 hours ago


  • Hadi Habibi Wiranata Siregar

    Mohammad salah dan Firmino dan mane is the best 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Hadi Habibi Wiranata Siregar

    Prediksi saya Liverpool 4-0 Napoli

  • Erol Ben
    Erol Ben 4 hours ago

    Tempo Murto, Farto Klima Parto Karto Farto Luto Ripeto Caso Palo

  • Steven Kiyingi
    Steven Kiyingi 4 hours ago

    Salah and Lovren are the stars of this show

    TIVMOVIEStv 4 hours ago

    The thumbnail just got me thinking Where did mane got the long hair?

  • Rehan raza khan
    Rehan raza khan 4 hours ago

    Owen playing as Liverpool legends do fans approve it

  • ejoyi israel
    ejoyi israel 4 hours ago

    am liverpool and liverpool is me........hahahaha

  • J HM
    J HM 4 hours ago

    @8:00 their joint celebration lool

  • Wycliffe Waweru
    Wycliffe Waweru 4 hours ago

    11.56 Sinama Pongolle

  • Muhammad Razi
    Muhammad Razi 4 hours ago

    Replay yes

  • gle goo
    gle goo 4 hours ago

    캬 리밥풀 로또풀이 이렇게 강해질줄 누가 알았을까