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SAA posts historical profit
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Rand hits a new low
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  • Shelby Davis
    Shelby Davis 14 hours ago


  • Caine Stadler
    Caine Stadler 14 hours ago

    Cannot understand why DA has become so woke. Ukrainian issue nothing to do with SA

  • Madeleine Donaldson
    Madeleine Donaldson 14 hours ago

    ANC trying to do damage control .Like a massive elephant trying to tip toe through the tulips.ANC must go😢Its a well known fact that the more guilty they are, the louder they cry

  • Moses Sekele
    Moses Sekele 14 hours ago


  • Ziyanda Sharon Msebele

    What an evil witch

  • Alves Goeieman
    Alves Goeieman 14 hours ago

    , this guy is a true Cain , lucifer, corrupt at his core

  • John Mugabe
    John Mugabe 14 hours ago


  • Back Kile
    Back Kile 14 hours ago

    Russia is not a member of ICC, neither are the U.S. Israel, and others. It's simply kidnapping!!!

  • Mdumiseni Hlophe
    Mdumiseni Hlophe 14 hours ago

    DA is our own enemy. DA represents Western Europe and U.S, that must sink in South African people. DA is a modern National Party the father of apartheid period

  • Do you have your Toothbrush?

    May his soul pass in peace and love. Sad day for us all. Condolences to his partner family friends and loved ones.

  • subzero midnight
    subzero midnight 14 hours ago

    Kanti government allowed this😢. They shouldve stayed and fight for their country

  • Stabele Piet
    Stabele Piet 14 hours ago

    They can do whatever thing is they must go back to their country our south African citizen are struggling staying without jobs while Zimbabweans working in our country this is rubbish even that advocate I think he must go back to his country as well

  • Africa ---
    Africa --- 14 hours ago

    Reason why I laugh seeing DA on African soil

  • N Spocter
    N Spocter 14 hours ago

    I don't like DA,their leadership and the ideology however they are 100 percent correct on this matter.

  • Clayton Mark Naik
    Clayton Mark Naik 14 hours ago

    We can not risk our economy and reputation because of one man and the ANC, we need to unite and stand against Putin coming to SA and the BRICS summit can move to another country if needs be!

  • Island Wanderer
    Island Wanderer 14 hours ago

    Well.....Zimbabwe belongs to Putin now...

  • Henry Graham
    Henry Graham 14 hours ago

    They're saying fk off yank, clear enough..

  • espo espo
    espo espo 14 hours ago

    Africans. We go from one colonizer to another. Seems as if we're in the state of perpetual childhood, always needing someone to hold our hand and show us the way. It was the French and the British a few centuries ago, now it's the Chinese and the Russians colonizing us and it seems as if we don't know it's happening. Next it's going to be aliens from out of space that will colonize us. This is sad. Nice birds.

  • Noel skopzn Mahlatse
    Noel skopzn Mahlatse 14 hours ago

    They can pull out..... don't care anymore... They us south African media for their own benefit

    AFRIQUE LIBRES 14 hours ago

    LGBT is not in are culture

    AFRIQUE LIBRES 14 hours ago

    We don’t want gay

  • Micheline Burgett
    Micheline Burgett 14 hours ago

    It is not only white who are L.G B.T in the Continent of Africa , Black Americans and other Black from for example in Caribeans and Latino Americans are L.G B T. in Africa even you see them with women it is to hide it .

  • Jack lee
    Jack lee 14 hours ago

    The DA are puppets of the West and trouble makers.

  • GreatnessMD X
    GreatnessMD X 14 hours ago

    DA said nothing when President Bush slaughter people of Afghanistan without a cause, No country condemned Bush . Now Ukrainian blood is better then Afghanistan? Apartheid times are over, DA needs to get that reality. Putin will never be arrested here in SA, as long as ANC is still government .

  • Nilo luthers
    Nilo luthers 14 hours ago

    I happy that she's out on bail and being there for her kids. This matter is still for the court to make a decision ill keep my fingers crossed for you girl. Australia 🇦🇺 is Watching

  • keith francis
    keith francis 14 hours ago

    Drop affirmative action, get rid of regulations around trading like having many free places where stalls and markets are held, let people build own homes instead of relying on RDP homes to escape expensive red tape around the expensive building plan procedure, make getting drivers licenses easier, jail corrupt leaders, make it easier for people to make things safely at home to sell, MANAGE BORDERS....SHOW THAT THERE IS A GOVERNMENT RUNNING COUNTRY EFFICIENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY..

  • Gopaul Angappan
    Gopaul Angappan 14 hours ago

    Stupidity of DA

  • Micheline Burgett
    Micheline Burgett 14 hours ago

    Congratulation to President Yowein Museven of Uganda I hope all African Leaders will do as President Yowein Museveni from Uganda are Africans knows that most the Westerns who are in the Continuing of Africa are real L.G.B.T = Lesbians , Gays , Bisexuals , Transgenders . Even the Western Doctors , Militaries , Missionaries ,Blacks or White People etc ... from Western who are in African Continent are LGBT .

  • Dominic Simpson
    Dominic Simpson  14 hours ago

    Oh dear me . . Banning something doesn’t work, as history clearly demonstrates, so essentially this is just stupid, as well as retrograde, and simply barbaric . .

  • christy mogale
    christy mogale 14 hours ago

    I say start with Nigerians and pakistanians and zims will be last please😂😂😂

    • nodaemane mashea
      nodaemane mashea 14 hours ago

      You still think this is a joke until many Zimbabweans die because you are too disrespectful mthr fckers

  • corruption is corruption

    People are scared of challenges and change, #Malema, #eff is a hard worker and if Malema becomes president of this country things will change some they are scared of equality 😭.

  • Tracy
    Tracy 14 hours ago

    And worryingly Crime would increase too And a not so Green Energy economy either 🧐

  • Jethro
    Jethro 14 hours ago

    When you have a matriculant for a leader. They couldn't arrest the recently murdered Bulgarian fugitive in Cape Town. 😂

  • Sifiso Cyprial
    Sifiso Cyprial 14 hours ago

    Anyway this government is not new in controversy of helping criminals, Albashir, the Guptas, bulshir , bester, the the list goes on so yah ANC is a shame

  • Sifiso Cyprial
    Sifiso Cyprial 15 hours ago

    Blacks will always be blacks & thats why everywhere in the world we never taken serious bcoz of our backwards thinking just yesterday u were being crashed by boers in yo own country but today u don't care when putin crashes Ukrainians unprovoked in their own country u busy wanting to protect this monster this ANC government is nothing but a joke anyway let's see come 2024

  • kyle pratt
    kyle pratt 15 hours ago

    They are wrong. They are stocking up for war

  • Quinton Saayman
    Quinton Saayman 15 hours ago

    No American President was issued a arrest warrant not even Tony Blair for the Iraqi people murdered due to that illegal invasion for weapons of mass destruction that was not even found.. why don't the D.A do that first have them arrested first

  • Mike Echo
    Mike Echo 15 hours ago

    THIS IS FANTASTIC NEWS! It is WAY OVERDUE for the capitalist FOR PROFIT HEALTH INSURANCE BIG CORPORATIONS to stop PROFITEERING off the back of SICK PEOPLE! The only CONCERNS is these BIG HEALTH INSURANCE CORPORATION that are concerned about their BOTTOM LINE MASSIVE PROFITS for the SELECT FEW, and these corporations will now say ANYTHING to ensure they remain in the 1% SELECT RICH! NHI is successful ALL OVER THE WORLD, but it is BAD NEWS for those CAPITALIST CORPORATE PROFITEERS! The only CRISIS HERE is the SELECT FEW PROFITEERS that will no longer be able to financially rape the sick and working class PEOPLE OF SOUTH AFRICA!

  • Kalas Atwater
    Kalas Atwater 15 hours ago

    That will make the US more divided than is already is

  • king
    king 15 hours ago

    The can never be a CJ that speak his mind and stand for the truth like JC Mogoeng. Thats a leader there

  • Giju Varghese
    Giju Varghese 15 hours ago

  • Fh Clappen
    Fh Clappen 15 hours ago

    Really, you only see it now. It was clear 25 years ago. No one will invest in a country to be a total fail state. They will wait till it is declaired a Failed state, when everything is worth nothing. Then they'll move in and get control of everything. Total control over the country, population, all businesses, land,and eccomic zones. Those in power for the last 29 years have stollen enough to retire comfortable in other countries, leaving South Africans in dept for the next 200 years, with no way to pay the back the dept. South Africa became a thead back in the 80, 90's with its strong economy, excellent milletary and strategic location on the world stage. World powers used the race card to stop that. All as planned. Let them destroy themselfs. We the World powers won't have any resitance to taking, "STEELING" it all.

  • Giju Varghese
    Giju Varghese 15 hours ago

  • Giju Varghese
    Giju Varghese 15 hours ago

  • Son of NOK
    Son of NOK 15 hours ago

    Those fake AIDS should go anyway. Those so called AIDS are a front through which these Western countries loot Africa.

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris 15 hours ago

    HIV AIDS kills but homosexuality is a mass destruction it's ok let them take there drugs of AIDS we shall eat Silva fish 🐠🐠🐟 (omena)and fish to sustain the virus in the body

  • Something Esoteric
    Something Esoteric 15 hours ago

    In SA, all goes. Be as gays as you want and indoctrinate kids in the process. Its all fine. Recolonisation of Africa , through reproductive declination in next generation coupled with genetically modified sustenance aids. Its jus a matter of time. Luckily for most of us , we will be long death and we wont get to take the blame.

  • The Nops
    The Nops 15 hours ago

    Why does the DA act like they gonna do something? They ain't gonna do sh#@!!

  • Joe
    Joe 15 hours ago

    What's to consider ? Saudi buy shares in NDB. Get a director seat or 2 depending on how many shares and done. BRICS want Saudi for sure.

  • Gardener Rasengane
    Gardener Rasengane 15 hours ago

    SARS discovery of a Worker earning R1000 000 eack month as a Security Officer, while working at the Highest Office in the Land. Please investigate!