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  • Legit Muffin
    Legit Muffin 24 minutes ago

    Its ight he prolly got raped in jail

  • random man
    random man 25 minutes ago

    okay, sounds great❗️ your so amazing ❗️ your sooo Awesome ❗️ i love you soooo much ❗️ your the best ❗️ you light up a room just by walking into it ❗️ everyone on the planet adores you ❗️ you bring joy to everyone you meet ❗️ everyone loves you❗️ you look amazing, are those new shoes❗️

  • Shane Hobbie
    Shane Hobbie 25 minutes ago

    what is that knecklace round that dudes kneck

  • lilmacc 19
    lilmacc 19 25 minutes ago

    But yet a MURDERER gets 10 years and a hug for COLD BLOODED KILLING.

  • Starr R.
    Starr R. 26 minutes ago

    He does not mean it, he has always been that way, and this is a backhanded apology, he still believes and will continue to do this.

  • Right to Record
    Right to Record 26 minutes ago

    Any 7th grader who had read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights knew stop and frisk was a huge violation. And this clown wants to be President? Holy sh!t!

  • Kaptain Sn
    Kaptain Sn 26 minutes ago

    500 I.Q move by the tech savvy youngings leaving traces of the discussion on the Internet.

  • Mike Cziraky
    Mike Cziraky 26 minutes ago

    I find it refreshing that the officers agree which the father.

  • Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf 27 minutes ago

    The four not young boys took their own lives when they got together and threw a rock into the freeway. Case closed.

  • jwooten1085
    jwooten1085 27 minutes ago

    Thats what thay get

  • Joseph G.
    Joseph G. 27 minutes ago

    How are you going to give adult penalties to people who're not allowed to vote, move freely, own property, sign contracts, or have the privacy of adults?

  • Michael Hunziker
    Michael Hunziker 28 minutes ago

    Focus on ruining New York, leave the rest of us alone

  • Carol Grooms
    Carol Grooms 28 minutes ago

    Trump will dust biden in a dabate.

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker 28 minutes ago

    Steve Kerr is a wimp and a disgrace. Talk about disingenuous.

  • illusionary visionary
    illusionary visionary 28 minutes ago

    Kenny was one of my childhood friends and he is missed by many. He made it easy to like him with his hilarious personality and caring nature. RIP kenny.

  • BILL randell
    BILL randell 28 minutes ago

    Bloomberg..Alabama...LMAO!!! Anybody who votes for Impeachment will NOT be re-elected!!!

  • Luke Fanders
    Luke Fanders 28 minutes ago

    More proof that White Democrats are the most racist people in the world.

  • Carrie Johnson
    Carrie Johnson 28 minutes ago

    Forever trying to find a way to blame men for something,anything. He removed himself from an opportunity.She wasn't denied a thing.Fastforward a few years,Cathy Newman asks Scott Peterson why men dont just let women have a chance......Fast forward 2019 Connecticut.Two H.S. trans athletes hold 15 female state championship titles.Girls cant even qualify to compete and three have filed a Title IX discrimination complaint. Women need to wake tf up,its us who will lose in the long run.

  • Just Relax
    Just Relax 28 minutes ago

    Those teens are stupid to think something that puts another life in danger is entertaining

  • mike swiental
    mike swiental 29 minutes ago

    all fake news because THEY KNOW comrade hilary will steal their campaign donations and run for 2020

  • Joseph G.
    Joseph G. 29 minutes ago

    Yeah sure, kids who throw rocks at cars are clearly as smart as adults

  • Cast Boldly
    Cast Boldly 29 minutes ago

    Anyone know what this dark line in the sky is? I filmed it last month in the early morning

  • Cat Tac
    Cat Tac 29 minutes ago

    This same thing has been happening in 90%of every single county in Georgia... The problem is that judges and police either control the the local media of have an vacuum tight wall around them. It's worse here than any 3rd world country. Low level "criminals" are only arrested to post numbers. But if you are like me and have a wealthy family you serve 0 days in jail for an obscene amount of felonies... At the low low cost of 10,000$, 5k cash and 5k to a certain local judges re-election campaign...

  • I'm right you're wrong
    I'm right you're wrong 29 minutes ago

    Isn't that convenient?

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime 29 minutes ago

    Why you do not report about the 57 years old man who was set on fire by these rioters or the 70 years old man these rioters killed with a brick?

  • bling0023
    bling0023 29 minutes ago

    Good Lord another apologizer just to get votes........NEXT!!!!

  • Jeff Hall
    Jeff Hall 30 minutes ago

    Ummm... Bye 👋!

  • rc51rider300exc
    rc51rider300exc 30 minutes ago

    School yard rules....eye for an eye! Save our tax dollars!

  • Norris Freedman
    Norris Freedman 30 minutes ago

    Maybe now they will be able work on a rock pile, chipping rocks for a long time, or death penalty

  • manuel Jarquin
    manuel Jarquin 30 minutes ago

    Hi Jinpin waiting too much curfew time the world is crazy , climate changed , White House climate changing , Ave Maria , almighty God and Jesus christ we need you help !!! Hurry. ? .

  • Jim Sigs
    Jim Sigs 30 minutes ago

    Just about every major media youtube videos have more dislikes than likes 😂😂 Trump really did start a war on PC culter and the dems cannot stand it

  • Ryan Dude
    Ryan Dude 30 minutes ago

    Stop all this apologizing and enabling criminals to have their way!

  • Leon Salazar
    Leon Salazar 30 minutes ago

    trump is a fa

  • Shingen Fujiwara
    Shingen Fujiwara 30 minutes ago

    Either HK police are wimps/wussies or on the side of the protesters because if they wanted to stop the violence, vandalism, rioting, they could've done so a long time ago. All HK police do is fire off some tear gas, play video games, watch tv while the protesters are shooting arrows, stone slingshots, killer petrol bombs.

  • Miller Time
    Miller Time 31 minute ago

    So telling the truth about a situation is consider bashing by MSM now?

  • LunarJane Global WarmingIs Real

    Trump’s going down hahahahaha

  • Anthony Lockley
    Anthony Lockley 31 minute ago

    I careless about having kids

  • J Library
    J Library 32 minutes ago

    Can you get some new guys I be ok with that

  • house2homeplus
    house2homeplus 32 minutes ago

    We want full voting democracy in hong kong

  • Andrew Peters
    Andrew Peters 32 minutes ago

    Excellent statements of truth by Mr. Nunes

  • Gustavo Gonzalez
    Gustavo Gonzalez 32 minutes ago

    Bernie !

  • rustydog0329
    rustydog0329 32 minutes ago

    Yes, a crucial step in securing the minority vote and winning the Democratic presidential nomination is distancing yourself from law enforcement, and any policies that reduce crime.

  • Ned Labarbara
    Ned Labarbara 32 minutes ago

    New policy Shoot all you want.

    PINKY PONY 32 minutes ago

    the world's largest collection of fighter jets...?.........................i guess they should have said the was nice.............................but i have been to Davis-Monthan Air Force Boneyard in Tucson

  • William Lim
    William Lim 32 minutes ago

    Unless the opponent is a transgender I would forfeit too.

  • Tate Craft
    Tate Craft 33 minutes ago

    Awwww Mikey ain’t that sweet!!

  • Jeff Gazetti
    Jeff Gazetti 33 minutes ago

    Just remember Ohio. You voted for this fanatical zealot.

  • Abe Hong
    Abe Hong 33 minutes ago

    hope they rot in prisob

  • Tom Porgy
    Tom Porgy 33 minutes ago

    Weather modification programs/warfare (including chemtrails) is the main driver of climate change!

  • Keba Harris
    Keba Harris 33 minutes ago

    TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  • Confederate Rooster
    Confederate Rooster 34 minutes ago

    This is simply Bloomberg pandering to the black / Latino vote. Simply more evidence that he is nothing but a class A politician. Stop and frisk was / is a wonderful thing. It should be implemented the world over.

  • robert f
    robert f 34 minutes ago

    You do the go to jail..?

  • Tom Meyers
    Tom Meyers 34 minutes ago

    CBS News poll: Poll numbers for Retards.

  • Joshua Maldonado
    Joshua Maldonado 35 minutes ago

    There is no one better in the country than this people? SMH 😣

  • Y H
    Y H 35 minutes ago

    Michael Bloomberg is a hide racist he can't apologize

  • P A
    P A 35 minutes ago

    Bernie is in Front !!!!!!!!

  • Ocean City
    Ocean City 36 minutes ago

    Now you sorry foh, he's a Republican spy trying to disrupt the democratic process

  • Tom Porgy
    Tom Porgy 36 minutes ago

    #epsteincoverup abc/cbs collusion Boycott Disney’s abc fake news! Boycott those who advertise on fake news networks! Prince Andrew aka mr. no sweat 😓 pizza 🍕

  • P A
    P A 36 minutes ago

    Bernie 2020

  • TZ
    TZ 36 minutes ago

    What do you mean? Stop and frisk is great! No need to apologize

  • P A
    P A 37 minutes ago

    Bernie is leading .... Wrong ...

  • Tom Meyers
    Tom Meyers 37 minutes ago

    Italy is fed up with the low IQ races showing up in boats. It won't let them land anymore.

  • Kristin Gallo
    Kristin Gallo 37 minutes ago

    Unfortunately she did that and rendered her speech pretty much useless. She did that for internet fame and now it's going to be memed instead of taken seriously. She's 25 not 15. This is not how you get heard. This is how you end up a meme.

  • Bella Marley
    Bella Marley 37 minutes ago

    The frauster lives in London now.....aaaawww.

  • kyle silie
    kyle silie 37 minutes ago

    i saw it as pregnant teacher used body to shield kids from tomado

  • Joshua Chauncey
    Joshua Chauncey 38 minutes ago

    Mexico's government is a joke

  • William Walkup
    William Walkup 38 minutes ago

    Stop and frisk without a probable cause of permission from the person being frisked is unreasonable and most likely unconstitutional.

  • Trajan Trajan
    Trajan Trajan 38 minutes ago

    The gay mayor in the lead in Iowa

  • Chuck Lotro
    Chuck Lotro 38 minutes ago

    The 1 time, THE SINGLE TIME you want the pigs to be on a donut break.

  • Love Love
    Love Love 39 minutes ago

    Homes must be cheap...

  • Mr Popeye
    Mr Popeye 39 minutes ago

    Its normal, grow up world, queers..

  • ps4rulez
    ps4rulez 39 minutes ago

    Cant wait until trump wins 2020. In your face. Oh wait theyll say russia hacked it again. 🤣🤣🤣 VOTE TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  • BallTistic Screecher
    BallTistic Screecher 39 minutes ago

    Ugh. Aint gonna save him from the outrage mob

  • bingo_fuel
    bingo_fuel 39 minutes ago

    "now that i'm running for president...i'd like to change my platform" lol

  • John Smith
    John Smith 39 minutes ago

    NYC can easily go back to being as violent as the 1970s. Just keep electing leftist corporatist. Between mass immigration and crime as an entitlement you'll be there soon.

  • SoNotDown
    SoNotDown 39 minutes ago

    “The Bernie folks have had a long-running belief that the media doesn’t take him seriously enough. As I’ve watched him sort of climb in the polls and show a lot of strength in a lot of these early state polls and national polls of the last couple of weeks, I looked at it and I was like ‘You know what? THEY’RE RIGHT.’” -Tommy Vietor, Pod Save America, Nov. 7, 2018.

  • Tom Meyers
    Tom Meyers 39 minutes ago

    Hillary won the popular vote until you correct for voter fraud... then she had only about 13% of the vote.

  • Erroll Aaron
    Erroll Aaron 40 minutes ago

    Laughing @ Bloomberg. Bloomberg your apology won't work we are never ever going to vote for you.

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 40 minutes ago

    FAKE NEWS!!!! Buttigett is leading the race, with as many as 15 points, Pocahontas is in second, with Bernie and Biden, tied for 3rd place... not that it matters, because TRUMP WILL WIN BY A LANDSLIDE VICTORY!!!!

  • Elaine Teut
    Elaine Teut 40 minutes ago

    Will he go grovel at the feet of Al Sharpton, the little corrupt criminal, honoured at the White House many times by Obama. I saw all the rest of the Dem candidates, except Tulci Gabbard do it, how humiliating.

  • Heysus Christo
    Heysus Christo 40 minutes ago

    Fruck outta here. I don't accept your apology.

  • Richard Levarn
    Richard Levarn 41 minute ago

    I thought he was going to apologise! Bloomberg is deep state anyways who wants to take our guns so we can't fight back.

  • Beast Titan
    Beast Titan 41 minute ago

    My grandmother always says "The devil finds work for idle hands"

  • Craig Bigelow
    Craig Bigelow 41 minute ago

    No their not!😰

  • C M
    C M 41 minute ago

  • manuel Jarquin
    manuel Jarquin 42 minutes ago

    Some bodies is behind that subversion too much co - incidents those chinese they dont understand their position chanched as goberment and cultures if they want to keep British colony leave Hong Kong and not destroying Hong Kong that belong to china . Wacht young people .

  • MrWakeupUSA
    MrWakeupUSA 42 minutes ago

    No child left behind...

  • JTcomments
    JTcomments 42 minutes ago

    So, Pete it is!

  • George Vera
    George Vera 42 minutes ago

    So... they had worse more than 50 year's ago I'm guessing?

  • Matt Clark
    Matt Clark 42 minutes ago

    Castor seems unprepared, ineffective, and generally unimpressive

  • Hey Now
    Hey Now 42 minutes ago

    Apologize for what Mike,...making the city safer? Not doing anything wrong, you got nothing to worry about

  • Steven L
    Steven L 42 minutes ago

    Was a bad idea 10 years ago, and it's bad now. Apologizing for it in front of a presidential run? Just about as stupid. He hung himself 10 years ago, what makes me think he isn't full of stupid decisions today?

  • doug field
    doug field 43 minutes ago

    Peter Stzok thinks , no knows he is above the law and he was in a position to use everything at his disposal to undermine an elected president within the FBI but nothing is going to happen to him for using his power to do so

  • David Last
    David Last 43 minutes ago

    Lol the leaches Of America.

  • Jayy 2greed
    Jayy 2greed 43 minutes ago


  • Mr Popeye
    Mr Popeye 43 minutes ago

    Why didn't he apologize before he decided to run is what everyone needs to think about..

  • Jamie C
    Jamie C 43 minutes ago

    "Protestors"? still you guys call them "protestors" after they set fire, killed an old innocent citizen and shot a policeman with an arrow? you should call them "angels" and bring them to your country!

  • Zweihander
    Zweihander 43 minutes ago

    If these were black kids they would've got off with slap on the wrists with that black privilege.

  • George Vera
    George Vera 43 minutes ago

    I just wanted to apologize for everything I have ever done on my own free will. Please don't hate me.

  • Warren Goss
    Warren Goss 44 minutes ago

    But he doesn't apologise for making fun of victims of Alzheimers.