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  • Kamado
    Kamado 2 hours ago


  • Dylan S
    Dylan S 2 hours ago

    the first opening is by far the best

  • Bym
    Bym 2 hours ago

    Finally getting the wind master animated and they're GORGEOUS

  • Virginia Miranda
    Virginia Miranda 2 hours ago

    Ado & Vaundy lets go!!!

  • Miyu
    Miyu 2 hours ago

    Day 744: I'm progressively getting more unhinged in public, help... I mean, nice that I'm feeling comfortable enough to be *me* around others, but I feel like people start to get scared of me because the way I act is so unhinged, I'm probably a menace by now. Also I didn't get A2 in Nikke. Sad day. But I got a genius idea for the architecture project at school

  • brawl2063
    brawl2063 2 hours ago

    I finally figured out what Luffy’s dream is. He wants to create a world everyone can eat as much food as they want. If someone wants to eat as much as he does, he allows them. Anyone who gets in the way of that, he teaches them a lesson.

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 2 hours ago

    Too much power of friendship in Boruto even Twilight was summoned and embodies such great power

  • Pom pom12
    Pom pom12 2 hours ago

    Wait this is both a demon slay reference and a FMA reference!! XD

  • shinobixa4
    shinobixa4 2 hours ago

    0:23-0:25 Yor's face!!!😂

  • Pax_Trick
    Pax_Trick 2 hours ago

    Isnt there ar version with shiome in it?

  • Trâm UwU
    Trâm UwU 2 hours ago


  • OSK Q
    OSK Q 2 hours ago

    damn i only like the first 21 seconds

  • Benjamin M
    Benjamin M 3 hours ago

    This arc to end the whole anime was very ballsy but paid off so damn well. Possibly the best arc of the whole show

  • jetkirby
    jetkirby 3 hours ago

    Here for the Pellek collaboration

    • Sayoraem
      Sayoraem 2 hours ago

      Hahahah same. Surprisingly never heard this ending

  • József Kiss
    József Kiss 3 hours ago


  • Max C
    Max C 3 hours ago

    well i'm currently watching initial D, i guess i'll watch this right after

  • A W
    A W 3 hours ago

    Bon Clay isn't even a rubber man, yet he is so bendy and noodle-like compared to Luffy

  • Peter Shmurgle
    Peter Shmurgle 3 hours ago

    Actually crazy sasuke could been wiped right there

  • Mr Aun
    Mr Aun 3 hours ago

    Thanks to kawaki boruto became more interesting than it was

  • Athena Cheeks
    Athena Cheeks 3 hours ago

    I don’t have time to watch any other anime but this one is like comfort food, can't wait for season 2

  • puregameing
    puregameing 3 hours ago

    lets go!

  • Renzo Yangali
    Renzo Yangali 3 hours ago

    gaby u are the biggest dog in the world

  • aleks
    aleks 3 hours ago

    чет ненасытный берсерк уже выходит и он куда лучше по первой серии чем Solo Leveling который еще выйдет не скоро уже пропал интерес к Solo Leveling а он еще даже не вышел

  • PaperChaseRese
    PaperChaseRese 3 hours ago

    Is this show worth watching someone lmk ?

  • And Crafter
    And Crafter 3 hours ago

    hjis mom has the same voice actress as neco arc

  • Gengars Lair
    Gengars Lair 3 hours ago

    SHE is not a son, SHE is clearly a woman, the fact that they all go along is just annoying when it is clear as day she's a woman.

    • Matthew
      Matthew 3 hours ago

      @Gengars Lair Oda (the creator of one piece) seems to disagree with you

    • Gengars Lair
      Gengars Lair 3 hours ago

      @Matthew you can't identify as something that you literally cannot be

    • Matthew
      Matthew 3 hours ago

      I think you are getting too mad about the fictional characters respecting a characters identity as a man

  • Darkrai110
    Darkrai110 3 hours ago

    Shes got such a good design

  • Dupe
    Dupe 4 hours ago


  • rai0729
    rai0729 4 hours ago

    I like this one and now i hope TBATE will have an anime adaptation one day.

  • halaevalu
    halaevalu 4 hours ago

    once again the opening and the closing are absolute BANGERS

  • ROXANA KballeroAguero

    Really loving this series. It exudes classic supernatural anime vibes, it haves that touch of mysticism that reminds me of Inuyasha, D Gray Man, Mushishi, Natsume Yuujinchou and Tenrou: Sirius the Jeager Too bad probably this will stay as a hidden gem of the season since there's Mashle (idk what's so good about this shonen, i don't get the comedy at all and the characters feel plain for me)

  • EireHammer
    EireHammer 4 hours ago

    Brook and Sanji together are great!!!😍 my favorite trio is the pervert trio Sanji,Franky and Brook! Men,Bots and Boney boyz of culture!! *SUPER!*

  • Nusrat Karim
    Nusrat Karim 4 hours ago

    i am waiting for this anime anxiously please release it as soon as possible

  • akif eren şenel
    akif eren şenel 4 hours ago

    I love usopp so much. This guys always beats the most op devil fruit user or do something nobody else can do in every arc eventhough he is one of the weakest if not the weakest one in the crew

  • aryana reyna
    aryana reyna 4 hours ago

    I find it funny how kin'emon says that momonosuke looks nothing like Oden when he grows up to look exactly like him

  • AlcremieEnjoyer
    AlcremieEnjoyer 4 hours ago

    Yay gojo defeated sukuna, but it sure was close! *why are they talking about gojo dying*

  • KOPI-BIJI 2020
    KOPI-BIJI 2020 4 hours ago

    Oh, Naruto was Onizuka, right?

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake 4 hours ago


  • Dot
    Dot 4 hours ago

    how do people don't know who Sasuke is? he served such a big part in the great ninja war and he's literally Naruto's rival

  • TheToaprimezilla
    TheToaprimezilla 4 hours ago

    You could say Nobara was so angry that she kept her “eye” on the ball. Get it. Ok I’ll see myself out

  • TIzeX Tezing
    TIzeX Tezing 4 hours ago

    Thnk god Japanese version ☺️

  • Angelo Aguila
    Angelo Aguila 4 hours ago

    Hey if Sakura becomes a hokage does that mean (clears throat) Naruto will be traveling and be spying im not accepting that offer just yet

  • Mojahamza
    Mojahamza 4 hours ago

    [yonko caliber combatants] ◇ imu ◇ Marshall d teach ◇ kuzan ◇ fleet admiral sakazuki ◇ Mihawk ◇ shanks ◇ Monkey d dragon ◇ Monkey d luffy ◇ kaidou ◇ charlotte linlin ◇ admiral borsalino [admiral caliber combatants] ◇ admiral issho ◇ admiral aramaki

  • Valmorian
    Valmorian 4 hours ago


  • Adam Sanchez
    Adam Sanchez 4 hours ago

    Toon power!!

  • Kinda
    Kinda 4 hours ago

    The episode was great, yet it irks me to witness the relentless promotion of this nonsensical notion of gender confusion. Yamato's inability to acknowledge her femininity is exasperating, and it seems utterly ridiculous how everyone unquestioningly embraces and respects her choice to be addressed as a man, including Kaido, of all people - a supposedly merciless individual. Such stupidity! l and it's so funny when they gotta emphasize her gender by constantly calling her a "man"or "boy" blatantly promoting Igbthdtvq+ nonsense.

  • Yerofey_ Khabarov__Iz Us_tyuga [apx- iz us

    Ok i want to listen soms Casiopea now

  • Kvnz.
    Kvnz. 4 hours ago

    One piece couldn't 😂

  • Yat Sum Leung
    Yat Sum Leung 4 hours ago

    If Soul Solid were a meiro, what grade would it be?