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  • Elmo G
    Elmo G 53 minutes ago

    I’ve been a Moment customer and user for 4?years now. Have been super happy with their case, strap, lenses, and photo processing software. THANK YOU for bringing them up!!

  • Lindsey Zimmerman

    My first phone was an iPhone 4s. I currently have an iPhone 8. Hoping to get an iPhone 11 Pro soon!

  • Dennis Gailey
    Dennis Gailey Hour ago

    Android for life!

  • Cyn Dad
    Cyn Dad Hour ago

    Wow I love that ZeeHoo wireless car charger!!

  • Karen Pratt
    Karen Pratt Hour ago

    You rock!

  • Richie Rich Son of money


  • Redonna Leckie
    Redonna Leckie 2 hours ago

    Have a blessed day!

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    That’s a cool gadget

  • Yarn addict aka K lo

    Android all day

  • Vernon Prevatt
    Vernon Prevatt 3 hours ago

    Samsung for me!

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 3 hours ago

    Thank you for mentioning if the cable is MFi certified because that was my biggest concern. Now I can purchase it without worry. :)

  • Kostas Pappas
    Kostas Pappas 4 hours ago

    Matt, Thank you for the detailed weighted blanket - I like how you explained the cheap knock off ones verses the best ones!

  • Karen C
    Karen C 5 hours ago

    What are your recommendation for sound bars. I have a new smart tv and the sound is not good.

  • This is Lasybonez
    This is Lasybonez 5 hours ago


  • Mitchell Babey
    Mitchell Babey 5 hours ago

    Thanks Matt!

  • C Burgess
    C Burgess 5 hours ago

    iPhone user but it is no longer IOS 13 compatible. I REALLY need a New iPhone Matt. Please help me out. I love all the enthusiasm and energy that you have in your videos. BTW your baby girl is a sweetheart!!!!❤️👍🎄🇨🇦

  • Zombie Plague
    Zombie Plague 6 hours ago

    I just bought the iPhone controllers that turn it into a switch.

  • grace reyes
    grace reyes 6 hours ago

    Thank you two are Great together

  • Hajar B
    Hajar B 6 hours ago

    Do you think it’s a great deal to get the 2018 IPad Pro 12.9 ‘’ 256gb for 1.097 bucks ? Been wanting to get it for months and there’s this deal now in my country 🤔

  • Streaming Junkie
    Streaming Junkie 7 hours ago

    Glad you like the Zeehoo phone charger. I ordered one for a friend on Cyber Monday without knowing much about it. They love it. I am glad it wasn't a dud.

  • Rohit Tawani
    Rohit Tawani 7 hours ago

    really helpful bro love mattsdailydeals alot ❤️🔥 thanks for taking out your precious time for us ❤️🔥

  • Jen Hale
    Jen Hale 7 hours ago

    Loved these deals.. grabbed a couple car mounts for the cellphone

  • Michael Teitelman
    Michael Teitelman 8 hours ago

    Thank you for what you do to educate me. I'm an Android user, my wife is an iPhone user.

  • Cynthia Burmeister
    Cynthia Burmeister 9 hours ago

    I worked for the USPS for twenty years. I always helped the customer save money on shipping

  • purna karanam
    purna karanam 9 hours ago

    Android is great

  • Michelle Francis
    Michelle Francis 9 hours ago

    Great final product.

  • Jill Johns
    Jill Johns 9 hours ago

    Android pixel 3a

  • Donna Battles
    Donna Battles 9 hours ago

    Thanks Matt !!

  • Debbie Swindell
    Debbie Swindell 9 hours ago

    Android Samsung

    BAMA FAN 9 hours ago

    ANDROID Note 10+ FTW 💪

  • Tim TimTim
    Tim TimTim 9 hours ago

    Keep in mind that certain brands will not release your phone when you turn off car. I had to return my zeehoo.

  • KC Kara
    KC Kara 9 hours ago

    I bought the cord when you last advertised it and it is great!

  • TheIronTiger
    TheIronTiger 9 hours ago

    iPhone user

  • Babybug's Ma
    Babybug's Ma 9 hours ago

    Android! My feelings are almost hurt because my hubby keeps trying to get me to use an iPhone 7 he happens to have. 😑

  • Frank B
    Frank B 10 hours ago

    One cable to rule them all

  • Bri Escobar
    Bri Escobar 10 hours ago

    I am a android girl!

  • Andrew
    Andrew 10 hours ago

    Do they have a toothbrush that plugs into an iPhone

  • Jason Parker
    Jason Parker 10 hours ago

    First smartphone was the first iPhone. Used it for years then switched to the Droid when it came out and haven't been upset with my decision.

  • patrick cadette
    patrick cadette 10 hours ago


  • Floyd DeShazo
    Floyd DeShazo 10 hours ago

    Hi Matt, we use LG, Samsung, Amazon Fire in our home.

  • Deb Morton
    Deb Morton 10 hours ago

    Android s7

  • Team Chris
    Team Chris 10 hours ago

    Android 4ever

  • AceUp88 1
    AceUp88 1 10 hours ago

    Android and iPhone....personal and work phone.

  • laurie31304
    laurie31304 10 hours ago


  • Larry Boggs
    Larry Boggs 10 hours ago

    I have used 3 type of phones, Blackberry, Android and Iphone. Now on an Iphone

  • Susan Muniak
    Susan Muniak 10 hours ago

    Android S-10 now was S-6

  • Cz cZ
    Cz cZ 10 hours ago

    I am Moto Z

  • Kevin Powers
    Kevin Powers 10 hours ago


  • Aaron D
    Aaron D 10 hours ago

    Android (Note 9), just bought a case and it looks/feels new again. Great to accessorize.

  • suzanne storey
    suzanne storey 10 hours ago

    Iphone girl here! Upgrading today from 7-11 Yea me!

  • bytchzilla
    bytchzilla 10 hours ago

    Multifunctional accessories are great because i have to carry two phone one for work (iPhone) and my personal phone (Android) and having one setup is great.

  • Caprice Guarino
    Caprice Guarino 10 hours ago


  • Joan Blodgett
    Joan Blodgett 10 hours ago

    Thanks again Matt!

  • Jeff Alger
    Jeff Alger 10 hours ago

    Android. Have been for years.

  • French Bulldog Coco Bean Chanel


  • Tina Lamm
    Tina Lamm 10 hours ago

    Hi Matt! iPhone here! 6s-Plus showing its age but still looking new. Thanks fir the deals!

  • GuilhermeMarques
    GuilhermeMarques 10 hours ago


  • Punch Party
    Punch Party 10 hours ago

    iPhone user

  • Barb Foss
    Barb Foss 10 hours ago

    You guys make such a cute couple!!

  • micro hackers
    micro hackers 11 hours ago

    Thankful to maskoffaid,com for the $17,000 added to my PayPal account again this morning

  • Cristians.
    Cristians. 13 hours ago

    I was looking for Lenovo s145 i5, and Clip-Share brought me here. This has nothing to do with S145...

  • Cristians.
    Cristians. 13 hours ago

    was it so difficult to use the actual laptop name? instead of this title?

  • G. Fox
    G. Fox 16 hours ago original comment has mysterious disappeared?!🤨

  • Ash Swensen
    Ash Swensen 17 hours ago

    Thanks I never knew there was the cubes!

  • purna karanam
    purna karanam 18 hours ago


  • Carson B Wagner
    Carson B Wagner 19 hours ago

    Daria looks like she’s really loving the holiday season. Y’all’s smiles are contagious. 😊

  • scotty thompson
    scotty thompson 20 hours ago

    cool video tech talk the deal guy matt

  • jeffmurnahan
    jeffmurnahan 22 hours ago

    Beats tablet Compliments tablet Makes tablet tell him pickup lines He treated that tablet like he’s it’s abusive boyfriend 🤣

    • jeffmurnahan
      jeffmurnahan 22 hours ago

      Alexa tell me I’m pretty or else

  • Jen Hale
    Jen Hale 22 hours ago

    Loved the video.. thanks again!!

  • jeffmurnahan
    jeffmurnahan 22 hours ago

    I have the newest 2019 kindle fire (not hd). As far as browsing the Internet, using social media, and watching movies, it works great, but I’d you need to play games, even games like bingo, it will crash the apps sometimes. You can also install the google play store on the kindle fire and download any google play store app that the kindle can physically handle If you don’t play games but screen size is an issue, you’re better off getting the amazon fire hd 10. It has a 10.1 inch screen No kindle takes good pics or video. But it is good enough for live streaming to family and friends. Wouldn’t use it for making someone Clip-Share video unless you had to.

  • Streaming Junkie
    Streaming Junkie 22 hours ago

    I like the tablet deal. Kinda gives me buyer's remorse for getting a Samsung Tab A 10.1 from Best Buy on Cyber Monday.

  • Streaming Junkie
    Streaming Junkie 23 hours ago

    I guess the vacuum cleaner and blender aren't good gifts anymore? 😂

  • cornell 749
    cornell 749 Day ago

    love the vid :)

  • Jude
    Jude Day ago

    It's cool and doesn't take up that much space. How large of an area does it heat?

  • MrVazquez84
    MrVazquez84 Day ago

    What is the battery life on this before you recharge?

  • Karen Pratt
    Karen Pratt Day ago

    Hi you guys!

  • Antwan Reynolds

    The Ford Escape is not a freaking SUV.

  • Vanessa Hearn
    Vanessa Hearn Day ago

    Daria you should make a commercial for the Pur-Wel gift set. You look soooooo young!

  • Jason M
    Jason M Day ago

    Interested to see what your wife purchased for my gift this year

  • Louella Jewett


  • Richie Rich Son of money

    Good job! You to make an adorable goober couple. And I absolutely love it! Keep it going 😎😎😎

  • Hannah Goodson

    Would the iPad fit in that front pocket?

  • Tammy D
    Tammy D Day ago

    Lol, don’t give your significant other ANY age defying cream unless they ask for it!

  • JG Harts
    JG Harts Day ago

    Matt, that previous photo of you and your wife was a very handsome photo of you both! Great pic. I hope you and your family are doing well. Thanks for all your hard work. It’s very much appreciated.

  • patrick cadette


  • Aaron D
    Aaron D Day ago

    Thanks for the deals - esp tech.

  • Sherry Hall
    Sherry Hall Day ago

    Any tv was in hospital missed the others

  • Steve Mecka
    Steve Mecka Day ago

    Matt & Daria, Thank you... Any deals or feedback on SMART GLASSES????

  • Sandy Kirk
    Sandy Kirk Day ago

    What was the upgrade on the leveno on tablet?

  • Sherry Hall
    Sherry Hall Day ago

    Looking for a E300 scooter sale

  • Sherry Hall
    Sherry Hall Day ago

    Hi Guys

  • His_SongGirl: Mon.C

    I think I’d take the skin care recommendations more if someone I’ve 40 said it worked. Your wife is super cute though.

  • Sandra Tanner
    Sandra Tanner Day ago

    It’s time to check out those diamond earrings

  • Michelle Crouch

    Thanks for the black friday/cyber monday deals guys! The cooling pillow is awesome for this hot and flashy momma. LOL

  • Hooded One
    Hooded One Day ago

    i looked up the Lenovo smart m10/p10 in Canada, guess no sales here :(

  • Cyn Dad
    Cyn Dad Day ago

    Thanks for the ideas, I haven't started Christmas shopping yet so I need all the help I can get!!

  • Rideshare Source Driver

    You look like a great couple is what a think every time I see you both at the same time

  • Sherry MacLennan

    any iPad Pro's?

  • Karen Schevikhoven

    Hi Matt! Love your enthusiasm!

  • Thomas Bryson
    Thomas Bryson Day ago

    Any ver unusual gift suggestions for”her.”