Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077
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  • Tristan Edwards
    Tristan Edwards 4 hours ago

    Reminds me of Grinspoon

  • Echo 7450
    Echo 7450 6 hours ago


  • Nacho After'Panic [!]


  • J Miles
    J Miles 6 hours ago

    [Everyone Liked that]

    SCP [REDACTED] 6 hours ago

    Can't believe it's been this long since this trailer.

  • Ryan Sullivan
    Ryan Sullivan 8 hours ago

    This gameplay demo from 2108 is still better than the crudely cut demo we got this year. Be nice if you guy's had of given us the demo you promised at E3 2019.

  • Sebsta88
    Sebsta88 8 hours ago

    could we delay the release by 4 days that would be epic thank

  • Sebsta88
    Sebsta88 8 hours ago

    2:16 u probably came here for this

  • FranKey AdeL
    FranKey AdeL 8 hours ago

    The game Ubisoft envisioned for the first Watchdogs game.

  • Daryl
    Daryl 8 hours ago


  • Heyesy Dude
    Heyesy Dude 9 hours ago

    I wonder if those 2 people shown here are going to be enemies. Unless the game is way more in-depth than I thought, and you can choose to become part of the police at some point instead of an outlaw. Oh my god, now I've just added another entry to my own personal list of "crap that could maybe be part of the game that never will be."

  • Mark Kendal
    Mark Kendal 9 hours ago

    Song at 1:34?

  • Ben K
    Ben K 10 hours ago

    Game difficulties: 1. Easy 2. Medium 3. Hard 4. Cyberpsycho Mode 5. John Wick Mode

  • Seth
    Seth 10 hours ago

    I would love for CDPR to re-release this exact gameplay footage, only this time showing the most recent build of the game. Who's with me?

  • kina02.
    kina02. 10 hours ago

    PLS BACK 2018 VERSION GAME PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sky loverMC
    Sky loverMC 10 hours ago

    I need! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Igor Marques
    Igor Marques 12 hours ago

    I played this on the Amazon rainforest... Huh

  • Unsoundrook
    Unsoundrook 12 hours ago

    God I hope the civilian npcs behave like actual humans and not just walk around

  • LexieAssassin
    LexieAssassin 13 hours ago

    So, you can upload a video with female toplessness and it's fine... but if any of us do it, we're likely to see YT comes down on us harder than the asteroid that took out the dinosaurs. Seems legit.

  • black deserttt
    black deserttt 13 hours ago

    nice game about future. satanic planet

  • Nediler
    Nediler 14 hours ago

    They shouldn't have incorporated the female leads. Very unrealistic. Very SJW.

  • Warlord Lu Bu
    Warlord Lu Bu 14 hours ago

    You guys put more effort into this one trailer, than EA, Activision Blizzard, Bethesda and Ubisoft put into their entire GAMES.... how is that even possible?!

  • random person
    random person 14 hours ago

    Is it just me or does he kinda sound like Jesse pinkman

  • Victor Poulain
    Victor Poulain 15 hours ago

    Audio background and musics looking fresh to death

  • Emma Stone
    Emma Stone 15 hours ago

    I love RPGs so this got me so excited! But I'm pretty sure I'll use half of my time on earth making a character lol

  • Invis GIitch
    Invis GIitch 15 hours ago

    even if the graphics ain't gonna be super special, and gun play ain't gonna be the best, Keanu is gonna make this the best game of 2020

  • Blank
    Blank 17 hours ago

    Techie/net runner hybrid for me perhaps.

  • Ap0c
    Ap0c 17 hours ago

    What is with your left nostril girl?

  • TaidaDave
    TaidaDave 18 hours ago

    0:49 HELL YEAH. Overall looks like something familiar adapted from many games and joined well together but I hope that they are playing on medium graphic settings because I don't see it being ultra/very high.. then again they are playing on 4k display and it's console version I think so I still think pc version's better

  • Czar Clown
    Czar Clown 18 hours ago

    7 more months! We got this

  • Yasin Bozkurt
    Yasin Bozkurt 18 hours ago

    This game is hyped too much. That means it will most probably suck.

  • Yousif Habib
    Yousif Habib 18 hours ago

    I hope there is a third person shooter option available ..

  • Yëgg
    Yëgg 18 hours ago

    well they are putting srs effort, even tho it will be scripted a lot, hopefuly it will at least be as random as possible

  • FlatExpert886
    FlatExpert886 19 hours ago

    wake the fuck up samurai we have grapichs cards to burn

  • Voldy356
    Voldy356 19 hours ago

    I just want to go outside the city into a, hopefully, dystopian-esque environment.

  • ChrisiTornado
    ChrisiTornado 19 hours ago

    letss gooooo

  • BottledBanana
    BottledBanana 20 hours ago

    It's almost harvesting season

  • Cursed
    Cursed 20 hours ago

    I swear to god if this game is shit I'm gonna be flipping more than tables.

  • Snakeyio
    Snakeyio 20 hours ago

    I want to be cryogenically frozen, so that I don't have to wait for Cyberpunk 2077 to be released.

  • Glen G
    Glen G 21 hour ago

    So sad Keanu still have to wait for 7 months to burn down night city with me. I feel bad for him. 🤪🤪🤪

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy 21 hour ago

    This will fry my gpu

  • Glen G
    Glen G 21 hour ago

    7 months before I burn down night city with Keanu and still waiting.

  • Marc Andrews
    Marc Andrews 21 hour ago

    Our main hero’s voice acting is atrocious. Great idea to decide therefore to have her chime in so often as well.

  • Fergguson Samy
    Fergguson Samy 21 hour ago

    This is the same band that did the song used in the DOOM cinematic trailer, fucking badass!

    • The Crow of Yharnam
      The Crow of Yharnam 4 hours ago

      @belgium mary it's very casual lmao nothing hard-core about it lmao

    • belgium mary
      belgium mary 6 hours ago

      @The Crow of Yharnam it's not for casual gamers sorry 😂😂

    • The Crow of Yharnam
      The Crow of Yharnam 17 hours ago

      @Fergguson Samy it is garbage its nothing but a wave shooting horde mode trash piece of shit

    • Fergguson Samy
      Fergguson Samy 21 hour ago

      @The Crow of Yharnam and you're the worst enemy in the game lmao, good bait

    • The Crow of Yharnam
      The Crow of Yharnam 21 hour ago

      Doom is garbage

  • VKA_CarvedSix09
    VKA_CarvedSix09 22 hours ago

    Who will cross play ?????

  • 901hardsouth
    901hardsouth 22 hours ago

    No hate but they could've show this at E3 , gamescon give us at least 40-50 minutes of some real gameplay with little narrator. But I already pre order the game so it's all g !!!

  • Пиня Гофман
    Пиня Гофман 23 hours ago


  • Kalipso
    Kalipso 23 hours ago

    Dobra gra się szykuję

  • Gaymar Omar
    Gaymar Omar 23 hours ago

    Refused is the band, consists of woke male feminists.

  • Vadimir Po
    Vadimir Po Day ago

    It's looks like *BREATHTAKING*!

  • Fir Uth
    Fir Uth Day ago

    эх, ждееем

    Andy TOSKOVIC Day ago

    The trailer came put when I was in 6th grade elementary, last year I graduated in high school. Lmao

  • MiR3K
    MiR3K Day ago

    I don't think my Haswell-era Pentium and decade-old GeForce 9600 GT will handle this game well...

  • James Bond
    James Bond Day ago

    music is awesome

  • Александра Васильева

    0:46,май Литл пони.ссылка на поньк

  • Mat K.
    Mat K. Day ago


  • Sub or GTFO
    Sub or GTFO Day ago

    R.I.P Vocal cords (2019-2077)

  • privacy first
    privacy first Day ago

    God damn I need to upgrade my PC so bad! I WANT THIS GAME!

  • m4nuz
    m4nuz Day ago

    looks boring :)

    • Deen Brasco
      Deen Brasco 18 hours ago

      cyberpunk universe is never boring

  • Trip on Tube
    Trip on Tube Day ago

    This is GTA : 2077

  • Golden Apple
    Golden Apple Day ago

    Three things this game got me interested: RPG, Open-World and Cyberpunk theme.

  • CMDR Boom
    CMDR Boom Day ago

    Somebody's been living in XYZ hell in the animation department. We're still with you CDPR, and from us to you, Hack the Planet! (circa 1995)

  • Vega Music
    Vega Music Day ago

    4:11 NANI!? - You bet my cybernetic ass cheeks I'm gonna wear a red jacket with that shiny babe on day 1!

  • Stefan Weiberg

    Who would be crazy enough to be enemies with Keanu Reeves?

  • faisal habibi
    faisal habibi Day ago

    Any game who released along this game are gonna dead on arrival, this game is like huge fucking star, that really really bright, that cast a shadow even to the nearest star...

  • 族 Bryan Lee
    族 Bryan Lee Day ago

    If Placide sees what V sees , does he see John Wick?

  • Alewitch
    Alewitch Day ago

    #Cyberpunk2077 is a love you! S2

  • Jip Jackson
    Jip Jackson Day ago

    Christ the slow ass moving un-organic controller type movement is so ... hard to watch. Like a rusty robot with a neck-brace on. Sorry everyone but dual analogs is NOT AND HAS NEVER BEEN meant for FPS control. It's as much an abomination as using a KEYBOARD for a racing game or a side-scroll platformer or an airplane or Dark Souls. Horrible! Just horrible. One of these just doesn't work like the other as the song goes. Long story short FPS is for M&K period, get over it or innovate! Sony and Microsoft haven't even tried to innovate in like 2 decades! It takes a PC game company, Valve, to even attempt this (steam controller) this is BULLSHIT as it doesn't have to be this way. Just cuz you own a console and want to sit on the couch shouldn't mean that a HUGE library of games are borderline unplayable to you (that is you know the difference). Humans are crafty and could have dealt with this by now (someone actually has in their basement but ran out of money) but here we are in 2019 looking at...IDK what this even is. I mean c'mon look at this movement! It's HORRIBLE. Look how ssslllloooowww and unnatural all because of analog sticks. Fuck that master race crap let's move forward and figure out a solution to this very real problem and stop fighting, we get enough of that crap in every other aspect of modern life.

    • The Crow of Yharnam
      The Crow of Yharnam 17 hours ago

      Gtfo pc cocksucker nobody gives a fuck about graphics its the games and who the fuck is valve get real lmao

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex Day ago

    FF7R gets game of the year EZ

  • Jip Jackson
    Jip Jackson Day ago

    SWEEETT...although unfortunately there will be a ReShade incoming A.S.A.P...WTF is the deal with every game nowdays and the washed-out colors look? The weird un-contrasty filter over everything? Just give me a red that LOOKS RED. Blacks that look black and so on. I don't want reds to look like a washed out sun-bleached pink FFS! I just don't get it, anyway thank god there is something like ReShade to set everything back to normal. Shouldn't have to though.

  • hoodie 225
    hoodie 225 Day ago

    41:45 why we keep coming back to watch this

  • Default User01


  • alex 193
    alex 193 Day ago

    my mom say that im gona get metro exodus (mom where is it ?) now i say my mom "can i have cyberpunk 2077" Mom - "yes".

  • Over Clock Motors

    Thank you.

  • Goes Hidayat
    Goes Hidayat Day ago

    stand up for heavy headbangers

  • Dilean
    Dilean Day ago

    Bunch of soyboys hire drunkard, coalburning hard core feminist and remove gender in the hopes to get laid. Cybertranny 2077.

  • R.E.D Music
    R.E.D Music Day ago

    Dude... I’m ganna be MIA when this game comes out😂

  • TheDude
    TheDude Day ago

    I hope this has just as much sex as the Witcher did.. haha

  • Leonardo Leite

    16/04/2020 we have city to burn

  • Fakka
    Fakka Day ago

    I hope this game sucks, i really hope it fails. Because if it doesn't i'll never leave my home ever again.

  • Buzztronic
    Buzztronic Day ago

    2:06 - Ah, a HowToBasic video :P Very cool BTS video, the track playing in the background is fookin dope as usual! Sounds like a remix of a song used in another trailer? Will we be able to buy this and other tracks we heard so far somewhere, possbly a CP77 OST ? <3 :]

  • ItzzzErl
    ItzzzErl Day ago

    This game looks sick and dope.. Cant wait. Love CD Projekt Red

  • Syn Stark
    Syn Stark Day ago

    Is Lord Keanu still going to look like a potato on launch day like in the last gameplay ?

  • Cathy Gnik
    Cathy Gnik Day ago

    Can you make cyberpunk 2077 also 3rd person please and please make more restocks of your collector's edition

    • Mark Watcher
      Mark Watcher 18 hours ago

      @G G Yes it does! Because in this game the player is the main character, and we cannot look at ourselves from the side. It is this kind of game that the developers conceived, and we cannot require them to redo the basis, just because someone wants something. 3rd person doesn't make sense and adding a new perspective is very difficult at this stage of development, it had to be laid from the very beginning of development, but both perspectives would then be made just disgusting, such as in Fallout. If they start to do this under the pressure of stupid schoolchildren, they can ruin the game.

    • G G
      G G 19 hours ago

      @Mark Watcher no it does not but that would take way too much time and resources to make so nah

    • Mark Watcher
      Mark Watcher Day ago

      A 3r person contradicts the concept of the game

  • unbridledenthusiasm

    I cannot wait for this. This is everything we have been waiting for

  • 멘넹멩
    멘넹멩 Day ago

    i want to the 3rd view, cock suckers

  • Андрюс Закутаускас

    Thank you CDPR.

  • Asbjørn Olsen

    What's going on with the omnimous music in the background?

  • Angry Karakuri

    WE GET IT CDPROJEKTRED! *You're pretty good.*

  • Michele Manfredi

    now we can see the game and not the dream...i hope in the last months they can increase the quality in npc movement, texture and IA ....i hope in a great story ..but for now i not see the witcher 3 magic....uff cmon cdproj you have months for build a great game :)