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  • Erin C
    Erin C Minute ago

    Don’t feel bad one bit that you’ve been able to monetize your passion. It’s still work, but work you love. Keep your integrity and please keep in the USA!!!! I will pay more for that and the quality control.

  • Alaa Takache
    Alaa Takache 2 minutes ago

    I'm sick your getting over dramatic and making 'poor me' videos after every one of your launches.

  • Lorena Ferreira
    Lorena Ferreira 6 minutes ago

    Love your dark hair

  • Kiana
    Kiana 6 minutes ago

    Yes, thank you Tati! I also feel pretty passionate about this. I won't buy make up or skincare even from Amazon - only from the direct brand or Ulta/Sephora.

  • Mary Rougeau
    Mary Rougeau 6 minutes ago

    “I hope you have better anxiety next time and get in line” Dang felt that to my core, love that Tati knows how it feels to be that consumer and doesn’t play that game 💛💛

  • Alaa Takache
    Alaa Takache 7 minutes ago

    I've bought counterfeit makeup many times. I'm still alive. When you overprice your products, customers are gonna look for cheaper options. Get over it and stop fear mongering.

  • Viki V.
    Viki V. 7 minutes ago

    So how safe or unsafe the glitter eyeshadows are, and what makes them unsafe?

  • *TailorandMakeup *
    *TailorandMakeup * 7 minutes ago

    Saving my dollars for this or the next one

  • Alaa Takache
    Alaa Takache 8 minutes ago

    Lots of makeup gets copied. I didn't see why this is so special. Get over it.

  • Desi Stamper
    Desi Stamper 9 minutes ago

    Absolutely love watching you and how honest and inspirational you are!

  • sidehatch69 -
    sidehatch69 - 9 minutes ago

    Thats china for ya.

  • Ana Lucia Chaves Barquero

    You should have "Chase yourself" merch.

  • Erin C
    Erin C 12 minutes ago

    I watched that episode of Broken last week and it was eye opening! That poor girl with the super glue lipstick. It makes me only want to buy makeup made in the USA, like Colour Pop, and smaller indie brands like you.

  • Stacy Bahr
    Stacy Bahr 12 minutes ago

    Tati, I did buy your palette from your site about a month ago but you were backordered. Do you know when I will be getting mine shipped??? Thanks.

  • karanique’s korner
    karanique’s korner 13 minutes ago

    First of all, Tati. Teach me your ways lol I like money too.🤣

  • Karrie Hordyk
    Karrie Hordyk 14 minutes ago

    you rock!!!!

  • sushmita jonko
    sushmita jonko 15 minutes ago

    Wow , loved the tips are tricks❤️ you're the best Tati ✔️

  • Hope Warrick
    Hope Warrick 17 minutes ago

    For you I’ll ring the bell.

  • jess
    jess 19 minutes ago

    totally off topic from the video but I LOOOOOVE her sweater!! anyone know where she got it?

  • Jade Madden
    Jade Madden 21 minute ago

    The palette cost me $100 😅 with shipping & conversion to AUD but in all honey it’s worth it! Sucks that people do this! Wait for the real deal guys it’s worth it!

  • yueguong
    yueguong 21 minute ago

    Im confused I thought there was eye safe glitter?! Am I wrong ?

  • Bordeaux Rose
    Bordeaux Rose 24 minutes ago

    Did Tati get her lips filled?

  • Katie Pecotich
    Katie Pecotich 26 minutes ago

    Wondering how big the counterfit biz is? Look at the dislikes ...yowza 😱

  • Vanessa Freitas
    Vanessa Freitas 31 minute ago

    I love her sweater anyone know where it’s from?

  • David Escalera
    David Escalera 33 minutes ago


  • saraellen88
    saraellen88 44 minutes ago

    Could you please do a paula’s choice review?!? I trust your opinion so much, especially in skincare!!!

  • Victoria Saldana
    Victoria Saldana 45 minutes ago

    This is why I love Tati! You’re so inspirational! ❤️ i trust your brand because you have prove time after time you’re genuine ❤️

  • Kathleen Sztropkalyi
    Kathleen Sztropkalyi 45 minutes ago

    WOW COULD NOT AGREE MORE..... money is not the problem it’s HOW U GO ABOUT GETTING IT 👏🏼 Ur honesty is endearing and so spot on true 😊

  • Ivan
    Ivan 47 minutes ago

    Why is her voice annoying ? Also the I’ve seen the pallet and it’s not even that great

  • Harrison Baker
    Harrison Baker 50 minutes ago

    YAY USA MADE !!!

  • Victoria Morrison
    Victoria Morrison 51 minute ago

    A few days ago I was recommended this at Sephora... So I bought it, and I love it! Glad you gave a good review too.

  • Voltanary
    Voltanary 54 minutes ago

    Who gives a fudge about makeup let alone tati...

  • Melissa Liming
    Melissa Liming 55 minutes ago

    *queen* LITERALLY QUEEN. Love you Tati. <3 You are great to us, and thank you for coming forward with this.

  • Natalee Leslie
    Natalee Leslie Hour ago

    Tati can you offer after-pay or sezzle? It's easier, at your price point, for people like me to afford it if it was split up in like 2 payments of like $25

  • Adriana Newberry

    Not going to lie this wasnt what I was expecting 🙄🙄 but still a great message 👌

  • The Boi
    The Boi Hour ago

    I encourage buying it bootleg you wanna be stupid enough to get a hundred dollar product that costs 5 buck at most to make then oh well

  • iiiElxxa
    iiiElxxa Hour ago

    Idk y but this is giving me Jessica Rabbit vibes lol Is it just me though?

  • Jamie Struthers
    Jamie Struthers Hour ago


  • Jamie Struthers
    Jamie Struthers Hour ago

    Everyone saw Not pole right

  • jusdyann
    jusdyann Hour ago

    Mi daughter Charlotte is 🤗 fan. And give a 🎁 to me. Está brutal. Gracias 🙏

  • Melisa
    Melisa Hour ago

    Poor, poor pitiful you. Is this supposed to be something people take time to care about? Kids are DYING, there’s basically a Holocaust happening in China but... you’re bitching about makeup. GTFO 🙄

    • banana mcdonald
      banana mcdonald 28 minutes ago

      What's that supposed to do with the message of the video? She's talking about counterfeit products and how they are made without FDA approved ingredients which could cause medical issues leading to cancer. This is an important issue consumers need to know and it's just not about makeup, it's happening even in food and dietary products.

  • Janine Clark
    Janine Clark Hour ago

    Tati WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

  • Moon Princess
    Moon Princess Hour ago

    I leaned from a very young age (10) about counterfeit items and buying off of ebay/Aliexpress/Amazon And I learned it from things like contact lenses, what started as "some countries don't have the safety standards America does" is obsolete. Now that ANYONE can sell almost anywhere there are NO safety standards. I totally wasn't shocked that that lipstick had superglue in it, but I was shocked that it wasn't common knowledge. Thank you for talking about this issue! TLDR: DON'T BUY MAKEUP FROM UNOFFICIAL SITES! DANGER! (danger will robinson)

  • Alexa Mann
    Alexa Mann Hour ago

    For once a Clip-Sharer not pretending they love doing everything for free!! It is about money and it IS a job

  • AzPharizon
    AzPharizon Hour ago

    Don't feed that monster, feed this number.

  • Fouloul
    Fouloul Hour ago

    Most of Amazon stuff and all of Wish and Aliexpress products are made this way. Influencers are promoting it all the time!

  • Sweet Vicky
    Sweet Vicky Hour ago

    Thank you for this video!! Transparency is key and I love the messages in this video 👏👏👏 I think we need more makeup influencers on Clip-Share like you. (now I just wish that getting you palette in Europe was easier and cheaper with less taxes and import fees 😭)

  • Pj2457
    Pj2457 Hour ago

    I doubt you will see this, Tati, but please watch, Bernadette Banner's, "I Bought A Knockoff Of My Design," video. It touches on a similar thread, and you might find it interesting.

    • banana mcdonald
      banana mcdonald 26 minutes ago

      It was upsetting to watch how someone's creativity and hardwork was sold without their permission.

  • Lynn Skaggs
    Lynn Skaggs Hour ago

    I burn circuit boards on my channel, and get various things wrong.

  • Lulu Tube
    Lulu Tube Hour ago


  • Alejandra Polo
    Alejandra Polo Hour ago

    I loved this video. I know your purpose was to discuss counterfeit and safety. But, it was an incredible message of empowerment. Thank you, I’m watching your video really early as I’m getting ready for work and now I have a new set of batteries on to pursue the woman I want to be. Thank you

  • Irina Kan
    Irina Kan Hour ago

    Omg! You girls are just the prettiest!

  • Madi Kreck
    Madi Kreck Hour ago

    Small rant: nutritionist is not a profession and requires no credentials, the proper name is registered dietitian. (Just a tiny pet peeve from someone currently in their internship to become an RD) thanks for coming to my TED talk

  • Amanda Nelson
    Amanda Nelson Hour ago

    My friend bought counterfeit makeup and she got a horrible eye infection from it

  • Angela Smith
    Angela Smith Hour ago

    More people need to talk about this. Loved the video.

  • Lauren Issabelle

    I need that comfy thing it looks amazing and so warm 😂

  • Nishka Nand
    Nishka Nand Hour ago

    “This needs to stop” You need to stop Tati or is it tit-

  • Mubin Noor
    Mubin Noor Hour ago

    The 3.7K dislikes are from AliExpress employees. Some current, some future... lol

  • Sakisunification

    Sure, and than offering a ton of dupes for “luxury” makeup mit high quality ingredients 🤔🙈

  • Bunnydrum Crimblefinch

    Jessica Alba is one of the most beautiful women on Earth. Possibly top 5.

  • Elaine Aizah Baltazar

    Not just a beauty guru but also a life guru 😊❤️

  • Prod By Barnabas

    Damn she’s wild for saying that she’s all about the money, but I understand her point. Just that I know people will slam her for what she said which is the problem.

  • Odin31b
    Odin31b Hour ago

    Wow they grow them gorgeous in that family.

  • Rory
    Rory Hour ago

    Why can’t everybody be like you 😭💕 you’re so genuine I love you so much Tati!

  • Joanna
    Joanna Hour ago


  • Melanie DeRochie

    Well said

  • Just Alex
    Just Alex Hour ago


  • Secret Soto At Creativebirdie


    • Joanna
      Joanna Hour ago

      know that you are EXCELLENT at what you do. ❤❤❤ xoxo

  • Thehillsarealive Withthesoundofmusic

    I just want to say as a wife of someone who works in the fight against International Organised Crime I am applauding anyone with a public following to support this movement. Because it’s not just about the unhygienic and potentially cancer causing products that are used to manufacture these goods. It’s the people behind them. Believe it or not Terrorists actually use counterfeiting goods as a way to fund their organisations lol over the world as well as Mafia type organisations too. When you’re buying from Karen in your office or from the Internet she’s at the bottom of the chain and the further you go the more horrified people would be if they actually saw who was getting your money. International Terrorists actually go to places like China and have products made so don’t be thinking that oh I’m just buying from a Chinese factory it’s no biggie. People need to watch Broken on Netflix it’s good but even that doesn’t delve into it all. Any person that makes a stand can make a difference! 😄

  • Renae Re
    Renae Re 2 hours ago

    It’s on Netflix fellow Aussie’s ❤️

  • Anum Wasim
    Anum Wasim 2 hours ago

    What is it on your eyes! Love it ♥️

  • Jae min John
    Jae min John 2 hours ago

    I'm so sorry for being off topic, but Tati your lips, they are so gorgeous!! Can't take my eyes off of them.

  • Mr Sarcasm
    Mr Sarcasm 2 hours ago

    Ayy here we have this Thoti on the trending again

  • Alicia Dye
    Alicia Dye 2 hours ago

    When I first got REALLY into makeup and Clip-Share 3 years ago all my makeup I naught off WISH. I had no idea they were fakes. So scary

  • S M
    S M 2 hours ago

    that's whyyy I do not buy your makeup bccc I need money for important things and if i by make-up I will by from brands that are long enough in this business and not from youtuber 😉

  • Nathalie Bank
    Nathalie Bank 2 hours ago

    I'm the most into a healthy and balanced Tati so please do what you can manage and makes you happy not crazy. I'm most loyla to your youtube but I do watch your insta stories as well.


    I watched it too, in some of those items they have horse urin !

  • Stephanie Knapp
    Stephanie Knapp 2 hours ago

    You are amazing and my palette just shipped!! I can't wait to get it!!!🥳

  • Liz 27
    Liz 27 2 hours ago

    What about dupes? So many influencers promote them!! Temptation for the public.

  • Couch Potatowedge
    Couch Potatowedge 2 hours ago

    You should def make your own podcast! Your voice is soothing and a lot of people really look up to your wisdom

  • Paula Murphy
    Paula Murphy 2 hours ago

    *not pole 😂

  • 89muffylab
    89muffylab 2 hours ago

    You and Bunny did a similar video, same content, and mentioned the same docu-series... and posted it at the same time.

  • Carl Sagan’s Left toe

    Yea butttt I’m a broke boi and an adrenaline junky so counterfeit products really do call to me

  • Jenny Friedman
    Jenny Friedman 2 hours ago

    Watching you on the plane made my ears pop..LOL

  • Cecylia Piskorska
    Cecylia Piskorska 2 hours ago

    You are amazing, I hope all you are dreaming of comes to you❤️ You would be the best mom

  • Tammy St. Jean
    Tammy St. Jean 2 hours ago

    If you cant afford it either save up or wait 6 months a FDA regulated dupe company will have a dupe that's safe yeah it's "Makeup Revolution" or "BH Cosmetic's" or something but when it's on your eyes it's look like Tati and no ones the wiser and you don't get pinkeye.

  • Natalie Mcmillan
    Natalie Mcmillan 2 hours ago

    Can I just point out that you are an actual angel Tati! I trust you 100% and have bought HUNDREDS of the products you have reccomended over the years and have NEVER been dissapointed because you always keep it real. I find you to be the most trustworthy person in the beauty community and I always root for your continued success ❤ I hope you know that you are EXCELLENT at what you do. ❤❤❤ xoxo

  • John
    John 2 hours ago

    I dont care about make up *I lover her soothing voice!* 💕

  • Subah Hasan
    Subah Hasan 2 hours ago

    "Sorry we're sold out forever, you missed your opportunity. I hope you BEHAVE better next time and have More Anxiety And GET IN LINE" 9:18 The way she said that had me laughing so hard🤣🤣🤣 I Love her so much!!!

  • Caitlin Hollamby
    Caitlin Hollamby 2 hours ago

    This was amazing knowledge Tati absolutely an eye opener I’ve never bought counterfeit makeup and this just proved why you shouldn’t thanks for sharing this Tati much love from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 xxxx

  • Loren B
    Loren B 2 hours ago

    Well said!

  • Анастасия Кох

    Thank you Tati for this video, it's very important )

  • makeupbysheduly
    makeupbysheduly 3 hours ago

    Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed!! ❤ P.S. notificationsquad!

  • Cara DC
    Cara DC 3 hours ago

    I love you Tati ❤

  • Selena Guzman
    Selena Guzman 3 hours ago

    She just makes you want to listen

  • Radhiya Van Gobel
    Radhiya Van Gobel 3 hours ago

    THIS. this is queen you guys

  • caitlin etzel
    caitlin etzel 3 hours ago

    Just an idea- I think some people will buy counterfeit because it's cheaper. I know that it isn't maybe the best for your brand, but if you did a video of a possible dupe for your palette that is a little more affordable for people who love your color story but aren't able to spend the money to buy your palette. That would be another way to combat this counterfeit bullshit.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 hours ago

    What's wrong with her upper lip?? THIS needs to stop. Abusing lip fillers. You will end up with fibrous lip tissue in 10 years.

  • Jane Reid
    Jane Reid 3 hours ago

    Seriously though. Who tf unlikes this video 😂

  • G H
    G H 3 hours ago

    The last time you said something needs to be stopped tho