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  • Travis Graham
    Travis Graham Hour ago

    I took my earphones out haha

  • MiaChanz
    MiaChanz 2 hours ago

    Everyone in the ring who’s seen these videos: *doesnt realize that the others know*

  • Carlo D
    Carlo D 2 hours ago

    I didn't think he killed tethered Josh with the flare gun. I thought he overpowered him with scissors/force after wasting the round. No?

  • Milly Torres
    Milly Torres 2 hours ago

    Oh wow. *I just played jeopardy in my school yesterday.*

  • James Emerson
    James Emerson 2 hours ago

    The darth Vader wiggle

  • L. .Poser
    L. .Poser 2 hours ago

    You counted the words in the emoji script ? Man... could have just copy and paste it into word and it would show you the number of words 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Plague Wolfy
    Plague Wolfy 2 hours ago

    Wait, if the highschool was under galactic federation, and they already said that they count time different maybe even years

  • Fake Bobby Hill
    Fake Bobby Hill 2 hours ago

    Yeah, he made Batman.

  • Woofles
    Woofles 2 hours ago

    Matpat ruining memes since 2015!

  • Tiana Chum
    Tiana Chum 2 hours ago

    You probably don’t watch movies like this but there’s a movie called “Zohan” on Netflix can you do a theory about it if whatever he is doing is illegal

  • Kevin Proton
    Kevin Proton 2 hours ago

    Toothless is just a giant fire-resistant flame breathing CAT (that has wings)

  • Manawa Kapoor
    Manawa Kapoor 2 hours ago


  • Scarlett Feist
    Scarlett Feist 2 hours ago

    Film theory’s intro sounds cursed as heck on 0.25 as playback speed-

  • shivers7766
    shivers7766 2 hours ago

    Wasn't there an episode where SpongeBob became so dull that he lost his edges and became more oval shaped like its parents

  • Brigg
    Brigg 2 hours ago

    lol How the heck did you get Vader to dance like that! LOL

  • •Little Miss Infinity•

    baby yoda: the problem is that his eyes are blank. which makes him adorable

  • The Joker
    The Joker 2 hours ago

    The problem with Baby Yoda? Disliked. (Just kidding)

  • Taim Farhat
    Taim Farhat 2 hours ago

    You idiot a septillion is a real number

  • Will Challoner
    Will Challoner 2 hours ago

    “You need a little bit of” AD: “Google Fi”

  • Reinhart Akio Sanjaya

    Bruh u watch dub not sub

  • BadKarma
    BadKarma 2 hours ago

    Wow that's like A list depth.

  • Marcus Kian
    Marcus Kian 2 hours ago

    do you sing the intro to your baby? just wondering

  • Steph Oudendyk
    Steph Oudendyk 2 hours ago

    Forgot about far from home?

  • cat see
    cat see 2 hours ago

    Love you sientist cool

  • Kyle Alex
    Kyle Alex 2 hours ago

    Lol it started on a disney on ice ad on mine lol

  • CAB's Awesome Things

    He’s the cutest!🤗🤗🤗😬😬😬🤗🤗🤗😭😭😭

  • Melissa Doughty
    Melissa Doughty 2 hours ago

    What if a babie sees it

  • Fake Account
    Fake Account 2 hours ago

    Can we just talk about how he spent 1/3 of the video advertising and saying the same thing in different way and just hyping himself up? It pissed me off or maybe I'm just irritable today

  • ibrahim Ahmed
    ibrahim Ahmed 2 hours ago

    Dude i think this is the best theory he's ever made. It makes so much sence

  • Ethan Huang
    Ethan Huang 3 hours ago

    Baby Yoda really isn't a baby... :(

  • Danboyman Gaming
    Danboyman Gaming 3 hours ago

    Shouldn't his healing factor be repairing his cells

  • LightningLily Animates

    I AM A LION!

  • Snort Hot Dog Water
    Snort Hot Dog Water 3 hours ago

    Me when I saw the intro: I’m 15 years old, I’m not ready to date!!! Also I can act like I’m possessed by a demon and can scream or screech like that too so who would want to date me...

  • titlewave
    titlewave 3 hours ago

    MATPAT??? more like MatPAD....because goddamn, there's *NO* Yubtuber who can pad a videos runtime like this fvckinguy...

  • 4syth
    4syth 3 hours ago

    That intro was painful

  • Lucas Zach
    Lucas Zach 3 hours ago

    sorry but there is no problem with baby yoda

  • Overly_Caffeinated_Ace

    Mat Pat and Jacksfilms; cinematic parallels.

  • Decomissioned Unit 24 N-TECH

    Well. Lonsdaelite or Lonsdaelite is harder than diamonds

  • Ramla Aden
    Ramla Aden 3 hours ago


  • Gravity Falls Clips Deutsch

    no matter how serious gravity will go if bill survives in stanley and controls him or bill returns with a handshake, many fans will be disappointed or upset. you will be curious to see how the series will end. I personally hate the theory that bill survives in stan (film theorys theory) stan is stan and bill is bill I like and many others much better. in any case there will be so many fans who will not like it as it comes. and not every backward message has btw. what to do with bill there will probably not be a 3-season either because alex hirsch "works" on netflix and there is disney + and wants to do disney + netflix competition as well.

  • Cole Belcher
    Cole Belcher 3 hours ago

    Have you ever considered doing theories on “The Community”?

  • Zachary Watson
    Zachary Watson 3 hours ago

    Which side of the war would Pinocchio fall on?

  • spector JZ
    spector JZ 3 hours ago

    The prob is that he just tstes delicious

  • Twilight Rxose
    Twilight Rxose 3 hours ago

    MatPat: It's in Canada Me: It's in the unknown My friend: *Starts singing the song repeatedly*

  • Zdragov
    Zdragov 3 hours ago

    *but no one came*

  • Bantu Waikhom
    Bantu Waikhom 4 hours ago

    Can we break his neck a cut his head of

  • Goose Gang
    Goose Gang 4 hours ago

    Finally someone agrees with me that bakugou is an asshole

  • Zachary Watson
    Zachary Watson 4 hours ago

    Toy Story: we must hide our existence from the humans at all costs Owl City: *RaVe TiMe*

  • Dark Bekfast
    Dark Bekfast 4 hours ago

    Matpat this has been addressed in non canon spider man shows thought they are non canon

  • Jyelan Games
    Jyelan Games 4 hours ago

    Me who has watches film theory instead of sleeping until 1 Am Me: I dont need answears, i need sleep

  • Catgirl9167
    Catgirl9167 4 hours ago

    妈妈骂马因为马吃麻。 A sentence that demonstrates the tones. Translation: Mum scolds the horse because the horse ate hemp. 我不喜欢这个句子…

  • Lone Wolver
    Lone Wolver 4 hours ago

    One of the trailers of season 4 you could see both Rick and Bill chatting

  • Joshua Hoare
    Joshua Hoare 4 hours ago

    are you saying that because in an anime it costs 10million it will cost 10 million in real life? nice one.

  • LilyofftheValleyFX FX

    LMFAO I love this <3

  • Venjix Vlogs
    Venjix Vlogs 4 hours ago

    Yanny vs lureal the trick it says yammy and omg my boy dosm rider is on a theory

  • MAsterr Serch
    MAsterr Serch 4 hours ago

    0:51 Yep, that voice is still pretty terrible, all these years later... it’s not so much the actual voice, it’s the put-on parts, like when you sign off. You should change that. I have spoken.

  • Jovan Jevtic
    Jovan Jevtic 4 hours ago


  • [ERROR] PurE ProP- _TIDe aBsoLuTe [ERROR]

    I come up with a lot more original stuff then just copying people.

  • Jason Dominguez
    Jason Dominguez 4 hours ago

    I made one with baby yoda playing a song u will never would of guess check it out on my page

  • Kaden Cr
    Kaden Cr 4 hours ago

    the light energy can also be converted to heat energy causing air to expand and push everything away

  • Wango Bango
    Wango Bango 5 hours ago

    SO you really think a year in Star Wars is measured as the time it takes the Earth to circle the sun? Really??? Duh!

  • MactheMinion
    MactheMinion 5 hours ago

    You forgot Master Vandar Tokare from Star was Knights of the Old Republic, he was a Yoda species too

  • Joz
    Joz 5 hours ago

    "__ years living in your parents' basement before finally getting your own apartment" Oof, I skipped all that and went straight into being a homeless vagrant. Weirdly enough I ended up getting my first leased apartment around the time most people with normal lives do. I don't know if that's something to be proud of or it meant that I spent an entire 4 years falling down the stairs before I got on my feet

  • Electric Dingus
    Electric Dingus 5 hours ago

    Like if that tiger is the creepiest part of zootopia

  • Robo Highlights
    Robo Highlights 5 hours ago

    Can only imagine what someone would be thinking about the intro if they just stumbled upon this channel.

  • Maverick5588
    Maverick5588 5 hours ago

    I think the biggest issue is we all thought yoda was 900 years old because he was so powerful and at one with the force. A shame that that isnt the case.

  • Orisit
    Orisit 5 hours ago

    Did he just say Wookiee-pedia

  • Rydwan Fee
    Rydwan Fee 5 hours ago

    I think the biggest problem with baby Yoda is that he is not strong at all. There aren't any fighting scenes or scenes where Yoda uses the force or uses a lightsaber in battle.

  • Roseanna Emery
    Roseanna Emery 5 hours ago

    Could we be combined!?

  • JODA9395
    JODA9395 5 hours ago

    I need to get this off my chest. It should be " Do your laundry, I will not"

  • Luna The Oddball
    Luna The Oddball 5 hours ago

    I’m still waiting for the Frozen 2 theory

  • ben parrish
    ben parrish 5 hours ago

    The Joker defeats Superman 7/10 times! Batsy isn't the only human that can beat Supes.

  • Nandini Bhatnagar
    Nandini Bhatnagar 5 hours ago

    but how do you produce electromagnetic waves from your body?????

  • Optimus prime885
    Optimus prime885 5 hours ago

    Those toys cant reproduce

  • MeMe Merchant
    MeMe Merchant 5 hours ago

    The rebels are terrorists

  • Jarrett Nesta Antonio

    #spiderman 3 cause his in infinite war miles doesn't count

  • iSeeYah
    iSeeYah 5 hours ago

    BRUH Remember. Brave is from Pixar! Pixar always says no musical numbers! GRRR Edit: I love it. I said rememner. Edit 2: Before raging on, there is an exception. Then again there are absolutely no princesses in Coco. Hmph. Edit 3: Two exceptions. I forgot Moana I need a 👋.

  • Midnightgirl10
    Midnightgirl10 6 hours ago

    heres my theory call this movie the clown and not have it be related to the joker or batman and it wouldn't be so popular, in fact people wouldnt care about it....... yeah this movie was my second least favorite movie of the year boring unoriginal piece of garbage that you couldnt even pay me to see it again

  • kill switch 101
    kill switch 101 6 hours ago

    Danny phantom is timmy Turner grown up

  • Lisa Ledingham
    Lisa Ledingham 6 hours ago

    But... what if the secret ingredient is crab meat just think about there are no other crabs in town so does that mean carbs is a killer

  • azhar haris
    azhar haris 6 hours ago

    At 15:04 one of them were yellow I don't understand why

  • Jillian Prescott
    Jillian Prescott 6 hours ago

    Everyone is covered but sandy, she's wearing a suit

  • Amanda Mckernan
    Amanda Mckernan 6 hours ago

    Okay but the new jumanji wasn't awful. It was actually kinda funny

  • Crimson Black
    Crimson Black 6 hours ago

    I love Christmas theories like this hope the rest of the theorist community has a safe and happy Christmas and baby patt has a nice one

  • ROFL
    ROFL 6 hours ago

    0:00 full version please

  • Arvid van Slooten
    Arvid van Slooten 6 hours ago

    Missed it by this much.

  • JLight2r1
    JLight2r1 6 hours ago

    Actually the record fir the fastest helicopter in the world as of Jun 4 2019 is the CH-47F Chinook. Ungoverned of course. Plus its litterally the most powerful helicopter currently in the world.

  • Astoria Storm
    Astoria Storm 6 hours ago

    aweemba womba wae-

  • Ethan InAus
    Ethan InAus 6 hours ago

    You have a baby!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3 Bouarki
    3 Bouarki 6 hours ago


  • Dweet Fairfield
    Dweet Fairfield 6 hours ago

    Mat: toddlers are weak and helpless The FNAF 4 kid: u w0t m8

  • Daily_Vibes
    Daily_Vibes 6 hours ago

    Omg why

  • Franz Leinders
    Franz Leinders 6 hours ago

    "Produces inorganic compounds" goes on to say methane which is an organic compound...

    LITTO 6 hours ago

    Next week he says

  • Sonata 788
    Sonata 788 6 hours ago

    I sat with my dad yesterday and started this anime at 2:30pm... we finished it at 12:30am it is really good and now I’ve started the Manga

  • Dumbdumb Boi
    Dumbdumb Boi 6 hours ago

    I'm in high school right now and I am new to salad fingers and when I watched it just right before I watched this video I have to say that salad fingers isn't that scary it just weird and kinda disturbing but not creepy or scary....or am I just immune to creepy things since I watch alot of snarld and buzzfeed

  • Mayara T.
    Mayara T. 6 hours ago

    "I currently own a toddler" got me giggling in my kitchen at 4 am for about 3 minutes straight. Dunno why it's so funny. Maybe cause it's 4 am and I'm awake. Either way, can't stop giggling.

  • Cliché Much?
    Cliché Much? 6 hours ago

    Wow okay, that makes sense. Even if that's just a theory. Imma go subscribe

  • Smohkey
    Smohkey 6 hours ago

    sorry not here for a bullshit evolution story. LMFAO I guess Imma watch a different video. If evolution truly existed, answer me Why is there still Monkeys, Gorillas, Chimps, why haven't any of them Evolved? Also why do we still have Alligators and Crocs? Since they're are believed to be around since the dinosaurs. Why haven't they evolved in to anything else? Just didn't need too? Okay sure...

  • Breeanna Benton
    Breeanna Benton 6 hours ago