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  • Curly bish
    Curly bish 2 hours ago

    Puberty didnt hit Vincent,Vincent hit Puberty lmao

  • Franzi Black
    Franzi Black 2 hours ago

    Bist du schon der Freund von Naomi ?

  • ninni a
    ninni a 5 hours ago

    Are you gay?!

  • ufson
    ufson 8 hours ago

    I love for awkward u are

  • Giulio Barbieri
    Giulio Barbieri 8 hours ago

    No one: Naomi's socks:⚪⚫

  • Hellissou xg
    Hellissou xg 13 hours ago

    10:05 EXO-Ls???

  • Maddie Cottone
    Maddie Cottone 15 hours ago

    This is so pure I'm crying

  • Sarah Woodward
    Sarah Woodward 17 hours ago

    Vincent’s intro is literally my favorite of all times❤️

  • Mar Teumar
    Mar Teumar 21 hour ago

    Didn’t know you gays are friends for soo long omg soo cute 😢

  • Shayko
    Shayko 21 hour ago

    Wow! Steht dir mega gut :) Ich habe mir meine Haare auch auf eine sehr kurze Länge abgeschnitten allerdings vor längerer Zeit. Mir hat es so gut gefallen, dass ich sie so gelassen habe xD

  • Caroline Mäske

    As a photographer it sometimes hurted to see that you created a photoshoot done in a professional studio at your home with one fucking ring light hahaha but you did well. Especially with that equipment you had!

  • Sky Angelic
    Sky Angelic Day ago

    Wie kann man nur so photogen sein???

  • sarah a.h
    sarah a.h Day ago


  • Marie Horynová

    im deeeaaad :DDDDDD

  • Piplup Bond
    Piplup Bond Day ago

    When your 2 aunts are called Gina and Yvonne like Vincent's plants 😂

  • Idgaf Smh
    Idgaf Smh Day ago

    naomi with long blone hair is a YES

  • Dennielle Pollock

    I Loved it. All your videos

  • H0rr0r Child
    H0rr0r Child Day ago

    you’re both so photogenic

  • Merit Wolf
    Merit Wolf Day ago

    Yes, i can hear the Church 😂😂

  • Basoo G
    Basoo G Day ago

    Are they couple or brother and sister????

  • Soraya ranya
    Soraya ranya Day ago

    Why does he look like Dan Humphrey, from gossip girl to me?? 🧐

  • Entrée en scène

    You're so fucking awesooooome

  • P KJ
    P KJ Day ago

    ich kann nicht mehr...das mit dem Glastisch zum Schluss...ich will das auch machen

  • F Cana
    F Cana Day ago

    I love how on the asos bag theres always a warning that you shouldn‘t play with the bags and that they aren‘t good for you an vincent puts it on its head and breathes it in😂😂😂😂

  • G
    G Day ago

    i will never have a friendship as strong and as cute as this 😭😍

  • samxrrr
    samxrrr Day ago

    are they in a realationship?

  • Emilie Mia
    Emilie Mia Day ago

    Ich kack komplett ab😂😂😂😂Naomi sieht am Ende einfach aus wie ein Teletabi😂😂👼🏼 (Beim Glastisch)

  • Katharina A.
    Katharina A. Day ago

    Ok omg i fucking lost it at the last Video 😂😂 i can't hahaha

  • Kimmy Rodgers
    Kimmy Rodgers Day ago

    Ur sexy Vincent

  • Morrison Gronau
    Morrison Gronau 2 days ago

    7:00 that jacket tho 💯

    Happy BUTTERCUP 2 days ago

    I forgot that naomi dyed her hair and when the video started i got schoked 😂😂

  • Sierra Moore
    Sierra Moore 2 days ago

    Recreate Demi video

  • yugi bear
    yugi bear 2 days ago

    So like are they German or Spanish, so confused

  • Paola Pacheco Perez

    Dios mio me encanto el video vicent ustedes me hacen reir saludos

  • Mor Elkayam
    Mor Elkayam 2 days ago

    I CRIED at the mirror photoshoot 😂😂I want a full length 15 minutes video of you two with the glass table doing your makeup or something

  • Soraya r
    Soraya r 2 days ago

    Ihr schaut aus wie Albinos 😂

  • Vanessa Yo
    Vanessa Yo 2 days ago

    17:52 not me :D

  • Tam O
    Tam O 2 days ago

    Omfg hahahahah I need more of the glass table shenanigans 😂😂😂

  • Tam O
    Tam O 2 days ago

    this was VERY professional

  • amo b
    amo b 2 days ago

    Wo hast du deine Ringe her?

  • Neslihan Neyis
    Neslihan Neyis 2 days ago


  • Neslihan Neyis
    Neslihan Neyis 2 days ago


  • Lara
    Lara 2 days ago

    love ur eyebrows

  • jackie dlt
    jackie dlt 2 days ago

    pls do more videos like this!!!!

  • Carrie Davis
    Carrie Davis 2 days ago

    Such a fun video 😂❤️

  • Alejandra Santos Mosquera

    At the beginning of the video, you look like Patricia of the movie "Split" :)

  • Valerie Keyser
    Valerie Keyser 2 days ago

    The photos are beautiful - seriously. They look amazing.

  • Mercedes Howard
    Mercedes Howard 2 days ago

    Hey Vincent, I’m a photographer and I also use Pinterest as inspiration. You’re video make me question some things about art theft. Do you believe in art theft? I know no idea is original. But I believe it’s important to make the photo you’re own and play around from the inspiration. As an artist, I’d love to hear your opinion on art copying / stealing. Love you❤️

  • Abigail Summers
    Abigail Summers 2 days ago

    This was the best video youve done so far😂

  • Vice Queen
    Vice Queen 2 days ago

    You have such an amazing talent. You take breath taking photos. Keep it up, I would love to see more videos like this. Have a good day :)

  • Chiara C.
    Chiara C. 2 days ago

    the singing videos I died!😂😂😂

  • L. S.
    L. S. 2 days ago

    Can we just take a Minute to appreciate how beautiful Naomi looks with this wig👀

  • Siennna Burciaga
    Siennna Burciaga 3 days ago

    Are they dating

  • Priscila Ely
    Priscila Ely 3 days ago

    what's your pinterest?

  • Fatou Smg
    Fatou Smg 3 days ago

    vincent remind me zayn..

  • Aliyah Marie
    Aliyah Marie 3 days ago

    drink every time Vincent says "Shabby Shalloon" 😂

  • manuela Robbe
    manuela Robbe 3 days ago

    That moment when you realize that Vincent lived his first 5 years 7 Minutes away from your home?! I mean what the fuck?

  • megan chairil
    megan chairil 3 days ago

    You are such an artwork of God omg

  • Katja Dullin
    Katja Dullin 3 days ago

    Laughed so hard at the end

  • Sabrine Fraoui
    Sabrine Fraoui 3 days ago


  • raffaella sauter
    raffaella sauter 3 days ago

    Love this Video Idea!!!😍🦋

  • Kpopper
    Kpopper 3 days ago

    it's so weird to hear Vincent talk for so long

  • Marita Mariel
    Marita Mariel 3 days ago

    Thanks for the table stuff, I needed that laugh😂 Also please credit the photographers you get inspiration from❤️

  • Mariana Gallardo
    Mariana Gallardo 3 days ago

    OMG VINCENT!! You look sooooo GUAPO on each photo!!!

  • hansinini
    hansinini 3 days ago

    Du bist so wunderschön und fotogen!! Aber es sit krass du erinnerst mich so an Bill Kaulitz 😅

  • Sarah White
    Sarah White 3 days ago

    Please, change your name into Vinsanto😂😂😂 In Italian it means litterally "saint wine" (sort of a special spicy wine southern Italian people makes for special occasion)

  • Sara M
    Sara M 3 days ago

    No one:... Vincent: firstly___, secondly____!

  • Stephie Dua
    Stephie Dua 3 days ago

    I'm a big fan of you and naomi. I admire your friendship. Love from the philippines. ❤❤❤

  • Ayla Christoffels
    Ayla Christoffels 3 days ago

    When yoi said i hope you have a great day i thought no ive got a horrible day thats why im here because your and Naomi's videos always cheer me up

  • Andrea Hernandez
    Andrea Hernandez 3 days ago

    So cute :((

  • EvelynListing
    EvelynListing 3 days ago

    It's really interesting to see how you do things for the great result you have. The pictures are amazing, you both are stunning !!!

  • Lauren IsŁost
    Lauren IsŁost 3 days ago

    I love that I’m all the way in Australia and I can still relate to those old school photos 😂

  • Smoore M
    Smoore M 3 days ago

    I loved the length the first time you shaved it before you shaved it all off! Should grow it to there again!!!!! I always wondered when you were going to change your hair, I love it!

  • Teagan Jade
    Teagan Jade 3 days ago

    11:58 looks like a piece of art I would actually pay a lot for.

  • Olivia McLaren
    Olivia McLaren 3 days ago

    when Vincent mentioned the vampire diaries i nearly died

  • Uli Reinhart
    Uli Reinhart 3 days ago

    The pictures that you guys did together are amazing omfgggg we need to sign them to a modeling agency I swear

  • Gab Rose
    Gab Rose 3 days ago

    Why he kinda look like miss Patricia

  • Ангелина
    Ангелина 3 days ago

    With the red rectangle though😍

  • Valeria García
    Valeria García 3 days ago

    I just can't stop seeing ur jawline It's perfect

  • Cassie Lynne
    Cassie Lynne 3 days ago

    WAIT AN ACTUAL MODEL OMG 😍 I want to do creative shoots like this but I can’t find models willing to lol (also when he said “was that German” I died laughing 😂 I love fellow germans)

  • mitachiuchiha1426
    mitachiuchiha1426 3 days ago

    Wie kann man nur soviel Comedy mit einem Glastisch machen? Ich kann nicht mehr X'D

  • LilSoul
    LilSoul 3 days ago

    Toner will be enough after first bleaching

  • Valyncia Manheimer
    Valyncia Manheimer 4 days ago

    Holy shit thoS are so AWESOME

  • Marie
    Marie 4 days ago

    Du siehst voll aus wie Tom kauliz😂

  • Gabriela
    Gabriela 4 days ago

    You are such a great model. I love those photos ❤❤❤

  • Rosa Mond
    Rosa Mond 4 days ago

    naomi sieht so schön aus mit langen blonden haaren

  • Naomi Cawley
    Naomi Cawley 4 days ago

    Loved the way naomi looked in this with the blonde hair wow

  • Hizzle shizzle
    Hizzle shizzle 4 days ago

    Why aren’t you modelling?

  • ok gurl
    ok gurl 4 days ago

    Ich sterb noch wegen euch hahahahah ihr seid soooo lustig!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • LoveMachine :]
    LoveMachine :] 4 days ago

    Omg yes , yesss... YESSSSSSSS!! Plz do more !! So entertaining 😊😁

    TΔCDΔM 4 days ago

    Me: okay that’s not gonna work out. Results: *stunning* Me: •Δ• ! Well, I guess my face is the problem.

  • Kathrine
    Kathrine 4 days ago

    12:15 my last 4 brain cells which turned out to be 2

  • phen0mena
    phen0mena 4 days ago

    i’m stunned you guys are so beautiful inside and outside 😮

  • Holy Hoe
    Holy Hoe 4 days ago

    as he whipped out the glass for the last photo i got flashbacks to "mh ha ha ha" and kinda spaced out for a minute as it started playing in my head welp

  • Snowball
    Snowball 4 days ago

    Naomi always looks so gorgeous, but she stole my breath with that blonde wig OMG! 😍. Also, love all the photos, you’re so talented and definitely should be a model. ❤️

  • Amber Donoho
    Amber Donoho 4 days ago

    You should hang the photo of you and Naomi in the living room so everyone who walks in sees it as the center of your home 🤣 it really is beautiful though ❤

  • Patricia Kraft
    Patricia Kraft 4 days ago

    They all turned out really good! You're so photogenic!

  • Karlynn Kay
    Karlynn Kay 4 days ago

    Yes please recreate old photos of u and Naomi !! Loved the video !! Sending love from Canada 🇨🇦

  • Shanne Cay
    Shanne Cay 4 days ago

    I couldn't stop laughing with the glass table part!

  • Larissa Dinkel
    Larissa Dinkel 4 days ago

    Du siehst aus wie Bill Kaulitz😍