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  • T Love
    T Love 9 minutes ago

    She Cartel..go look up pics of her and Guzman disgrace everything she says Republican are doing, IS WHAT'S ACTUALLY GOING ON with Deep State take over!!! Just listen read between the lines fork tongue😝 of her deception to US AMERICANS CITIZENS!!👎👎😡😡😠😈😈😈😈💩💩

  • iggy082
    iggy082 31 minute ago

    It is common for the U.S. gov't to ask assistance from foreign countries in the gathering of facts relevant to an ongoing investigation. It is illegal for anyone in the U.S. gov't to ask a foreign nation to target an American citizen for criminal investigation/prosecution who is not at the same time in legal jeopardy in the United States.

  • Ella Presley
    Ella Presley 40 minutes ago

    WHAT'S wrong with these people?? Trump is CRAZY and everybody knows it!!! HE SETTING THE WRONG KIND OF EXAMPLE FOR PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY!!

  • Name Withheld
    Name Withheld 53 minutes ago

    Buttigieg, *You don't need my vote either,* bud

  • jbcomics
    jbcomics 59 minutes ago

    No thanks Mayor Pete. #Bernie2020

  • Mike Turner
    Mike Turner Hour ago

    Hey Lady on "face the nation" You need to get a clue and face the facts that Adam Schiff is a Liar! Joe Biden is on VIDEO admitting to what these A$$holes are trying to blame Trump for!! Try facing the facts..Trump will be president in 2020!!

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S 2 hours ago

    Sobriety tests and terms limits are urgently needed. How does someone like Pelosi remain in a position of power? There are literally tens of millions of better people available.

  • Stew L
    Stew L 2 hours ago

    F. AC. Reduce to . Add Health Food S

  • Marc Bell
    Marc Bell 2 hours ago

    Sounds like the creepy LBJ wanted to date Jackie. LBJ would have gone to prison from a pending corruption investigated if he hadn't landed the whitehouse when he did. Never believe the mainstream media on anything. LBJ loved JFK so much he stressed out JFK's secretary demanding that all items of JFKs be removed from whitehouse in 24 hours.

  • Lo Ro
    Lo Ro 2 hours ago

    Let me be in charge and tell you what questions to ask.

  • Don Alires
    Don Alires 3 hours ago

    filed a motion to vacate the chair which would challenge the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and call for a new election for the speakership.

  • Don Alires
    Don Alires 3 hours ago

    filed a motion to vacate the chair which would challenge the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and call for a new election for the speakership.

  • Don Alires
    Don Alires 3 hours ago

    filed a motion to vacate the chair which would challenge the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and call for a new election for the speakership.

  • Roboman
    Roboman 3 hours ago

    Beto aka the communist infiltration Manchuria candidate. No thanks tyranny we will keep our right to self defense , democrats really are not even secret about their plans to destroy America anymore

  • Benjamin Murray
    Benjamin Murray 3 hours ago

    Not into politics but I have to appreciate and respect this guy! He is so articulate, intelligent and smart. But it's more than that: He has a heart; compassionate, decent and all-rounded. His stance on the major issues driving the WORLD is excellent. Overall he is the kind of guy you want to make the tough decisions. Looking forward to seeing what he brings to the table

  • Jake R
    Jake R 4 hours ago

    Makes a lot of sense as to why he withheld the aid to Ukraine.

  • Water Ski Lake Austin

    Presidential! My vote!

  • James Carbone
    James Carbone 6 hours ago

    I recommend that we impeach Nancy Pelosi for impersonating a person who truly stands for justice and the truth.

  • AKI
    AKI 6 hours ago

    20:34 "long before I thought we had the right case to make to the American people." Tells are subtle and in politics, yes of course, "civil service" that subtlety facilitates quite an alibi. She makes it sound like impeachment has been the goal since the beginning of this president's term. So much double talk too, 24 minutes and 24 seconds of it here. This didn't go well for Congress-WO-man Pelosi, and I'm NOT for having a capitalist dictator as a president. Then again I'm not going to swallow some little blue pill and wake up believing whatever someone told me to believe, I know the difference between WHAT and HOW... baby, especially as it pertains to thinking. Logic dictates: and not as a synonym for rationale. Unfold that in your 2 cent origami class while I chill in my 10 dollar lawn chair. Yeah it folds and unfolds too. :)...o Not what you came to hear? I'm not sorry.

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  • JanusAtTheGate
    JanusAtTheGate 7 hours ago

    Trump is a sick little baby.

  • jake pryor
    jake pryor 8 hours ago

    Not going to happen ! Number 45 for the win in 2020

  • Johnny Deplorable
    Johnny Deplorable 8 hours ago

    Let their argument stand, they are in quicksand. That is PROJECTION 101!!!! HAHAHA!

  • Johnny Deplorable
    Johnny Deplorable 8 hours ago

    Its not a DEMOCRACY!!!! WE HAVE A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!!!! She's like, "I'm speaking about Latin, uhhh, ummm, uh Quid Pro Quo, you know." Unbelievable dribble.

  • Johnny Deplorable
    Johnny Deplorable 8 hours ago

    Oh, my GOD. She really believes what she is saying, that is very scary.

  • Johnny Deplorable
    Johnny Deplorable 8 hours ago

    Oh, my GOD. She really believes what she is saying, that is very scary.

  • JanusAtTheGate
    JanusAtTheGate 8 hours ago

    Going to another country is Constitutionally illegal.

  • Edmund Singleton
    Edmund Singleton 8 hours ago

    Wow, some calling it ‘progress’, four women moderating a Democratic presidential debate, but not me, here’s why, these women’s range in age from thirty-seven to seventy-three with two in betweens, all will be ‘hair dyed’, not because they are journalists appearing on television, that would be reason enough, but because they are women and culturally, that means it’s a certainty they would be hair dyed, however, there is one question that will only be answered after they put in an appearance; how many sets of greasy lips will there be?

  • Fabio Dodgin' it
    Fabio Dodgin' it 8 hours ago

    Not sure if I support hanging the portrait of Andrew Jackson in the oval office. That man did horrible things.

  • Wilby Dun
    Wilby Dun 9 hours ago

    🎶 Pounding the world, like a battering ram! Forging the fire, for the FINAL GRAND SLAM! Judas Priest

  • Ronnel Ricafrente
    Ronnel Ricafrente 10 hours ago

    Very smart answer!

  • Andrew Douglas
    Andrew Douglas 10 hours ago

    "People don't insult people especially when they're..." A President democratic elected! Impostor?! The lady must be insane. But look the reporter, how conveninent to let the fault pass clear... Corrupts! Go home sew socks!

  • IsIs Poseidon
    IsIs Poseidon 10 hours ago

    Investigate Nancy’s finances.

  • Richard Davies jr
    Richard Davies jr 10 hours ago

    What Nancy really means is that Trump can't face his accuser,because the lead clown in the circus can't take his makeup off.

  • True Facade Pictures
    True Facade Pictures 10 hours ago

    Why are there repetitions at 1:37/1:45 and 3:55/4:02 and freezing when Rubio is saying something against message for Trump administration?

  • Trish Vincent
    Trish Vincent 11 hours ago


  • Trish Vincent
    Trish Vincent 11 hours ago


  • Trish Vincent
    Trish Vincent 11 hours ago

    This is truth! clip-share.net/video/Iw1yuv1OY6U/video.html pleasee all who read this share!!! This video,

  • Trish Vincent
    Trish Vincent 11 hours ago

    He already released the scrip everyone read it!!!! Theres nothing there, its been released before she did this interview, She lies to the american people, she repeats herself alot to brainwash you!

  • Trish Vincent
    Trish Vincent 11 hours ago

    All lies, they want to take our guns to have control, You dishonors your oath of office, Joe Biden committed birbery!!! not Trump!

  • Mike Nike
    Mike Nike 11 hours ago

    To me it looked like she cant even walk and talk at the same time

  • beyondcleon
    beyondcleon 11 hours ago

    She hit him with so many facts and he just dismissed it. “We’re talking about things you shouldn’t know about”

  • stop the madness
    stop the madness 12 hours ago

    when JORDAN hit with facts he calls them leak

  • HairyTurds
    HairyTurds 12 hours ago


  • Jon C
    Jon C 12 hours ago

    The best plan

  • Steven Dx
    Steven Dx 13 hours ago

    But that would require throwing Obama and Biden in jail for giving Ukraine a do not prosecute list as though Biden and Obama were running MS13 gangs and organized international crime rings? My bad, that's not the two second feel good sound bite you were looking for?

  • Bev Nair
    Bev Nair 13 hours ago

    You are a evil evil witch...

  • Valentine Carstensen
    Valentine Carstensen 13 hours ago

    There is an cheap and predictable auto response to declare any opposition to Pete to be stemming from Anti-Gay sentiment. Please allow this rebuttal to this absurd distraction..... fromme93 taking campaign contributions in exchange for ethnic cleansing of the south bend police force is real reason, flip flopping on M4A continuously is reason, lying to the people of South Carolina about having the support of the most successful and influential African American in the region is reason. Allowing himself to be utilized by the Oligarchs to divide the gay vote from the rest of rational thinking Americans is reason..... Yes, there are myriad reasons to see that sweet talking Pete is interested in his own trajectory more than representing America or even his own identity criteria for that matter.

  • R V A
    R V A 13 hours ago

    The dems are going to take it in their buttigieg

  • Lauren Bray
    Lauren Bray 14 hours ago

    These jokers man hahaha! "Pete's surging!" while Bernie surges to the top in Iowa!!!

  • Lauren Bray
    Lauren Bray 14 hours ago

    If Bernies too liberal then how come he's polling in first in Iowa?????

  • Antonia Fu
    Antonia Fu 15 hours ago

    We love you Margaret You have beautiful eyes!

  • Deborah Formosa
    Deborah Formosa 15 hours ago

    GYM Jordan you are not honest you are betraying the Nation just like you betrayed the Boys in the GYM showers Do u even know how to keep your Oath of Office

  • Kenny Wilson
    Kenny Wilson 15 hours ago


  • Acid Acid
    Acid Acid 15 hours ago

    Tea Party Pete.

  • rex wall
    rex wall 15 hours ago

    He got punched in the face when he tried to rape a little boy who was stronger than him and got away.

  • Robert Kurtz
    Robert Kurtz 15 hours ago

    This lady is what’s wrong with this country , yes the tweet wasn’t the best look even though they picked it apart and read it how they wanted to sound but that doesn’t change the fact that this is obviously a huge waste of time and tax dollars , there are no facts to find lol facts are there was no linkage , pressure or anything , really shows this lady’s current state that she can’t grasp what all these 5th party witnesses have said in their testimony lol

  • Robert Kurtz
    Robert Kurtz 16 hours ago

    No you don’t think it should be up to the American people lol this but job thinks America is dumb to buy all this bs , this lady and a few other top Democrats have done absolutely nothing since Trump took office , well besides blow millions of tax dollars on pointless investigations- pretty clear on what’s the problem in America , it’s not the big orange bad man

  • Jennifer Robinson
    Jennifer Robinson 16 hours ago

    You Demrat fools are a bunch of stupid racist scumbags. You have no brains. Lol

  • Bee Ready
    Bee Ready 16 hours ago

    You guys suck at your jobs Bernie all the way 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Jennifer Robinson
    Jennifer Robinson 16 hours ago

    Jim Jordan is the best!!!! Trump 2020

  • passtime for civilwar
    passtime for civilwar 17 hours ago

    So Obama sent blankets to protect Ukraine and Trump sent missiles. Unless Russians were just having a sleep over you trolls lost this one. 111219

  • ShawnZe Star
    ShawnZe Star 17 hours ago

    Yesss pete #teampete #Pete2020 #Wintheera #Changethechannel #petewave #peteforpresident

  • ORClimber
    ORClimber 17 hours ago

    Wow! Again and again, this guy nails it. Thoughtful, stable, brilliant.

  • Bird Man
    Bird Man 17 hours ago

    Jim is doing a terrible job representing the buckeye state. He’s always attacking democrats

  • Eis Vogel
    Eis Vogel 17 hours ago

    Please, Mr. Gowdy...whether you are or aren't a supporter of Trump this Schiff is a creepy crook who needs to have a worthy opponent. It's one big freakshow again.

  • Laudy Dah
    Laudy Dah 17 hours ago

    You don't create a national treasure from a few years of rambling in a Senate Chamber. Next you 'lol be screaming George Bush is a National Treasure. Look up "treasure" idiot. You're looking for a hero.

  • Levon McClam
    Levon McClam 18 hours ago

    I'm voting for Donald Trump

  • recon dad
    recon dad 18 hours ago

    The Democrats wouldn't understand something being done in Americas best interest, if president trump did delay Ukraines aid its because he wanted Britain, France, Germany to pay their fair share to take the burden off the American taxpayer

  • Rhonda D
    Rhonda D 18 hours ago

    Any concern about the Biden’s

  • Rhonda D
    Rhonda D 18 hours ago

    Pelosi is a politician who used her position for personal gain like her VISA insider trader while on the finance committee. These bribery talking politicians must be removed sooner than later.

  • patr70
    patr70 19 hours ago

    Nancy CAN'T even look at her becuase she is so traumitized by making the mistake of backing the complete morons in the Democratic party. 😎😎

  • Michael El Choppo
    Michael El Choppo 20 hours ago

    So all the REPUKES got together AFTER 2017-18 release of ONE BILLION in aid to a CORRUPT GOVERNMENT and said AFTER a regime change NOW we're worried about where our money is going....depending on USELESS IDIOTS like this your better off voting for a DOG.....ROTFLMAO

  • Lee King
    Lee King 20 hours ago

    More dis likes than likes on this video.

  • Jennifer Nickel
    Jennifer Nickel 21 hour ago

    Can't we impeach Pelosi and finally get her out of there?

  • Pipo Pipo
    Pipo Pipo 21 hour ago

    You guys are so out of touch with the voters!!!!

  • Sinister1 -
    Sinister1 - 21 hour ago

    Wtf are they talking about? Sanders is faaaaar more liberal/progressive than Warren. Lmao

  • bjfdog
    bjfdog 21 hour ago

    Notice, Jim Jordan's voice is JUST like the car salesman weasel criminal from, "Fargo."

  • Jeanine Wiggins
    Jeanine Wiggins 22 hours ago


  • Joyce Ben-Israel
    Joyce Ben-Israel 22 hours ago

    Nancy needs stop lying

  • Pin Head
    Pin Head 22 hours ago

    Margaret performing a Lewinsky on Pelosi. Soft ball Q & A and Pelosi controlled the interview. Typical fake news CBS.

  • Robert Clawson
    Robert Clawson 23 hours ago

    Zzz.. changing the channel. There is an 80% failure rate that would hand Trump the election. Lose/lose.

    LISA PUCHTA 23 hours ago

    Right on Nancy. Who cares what republicans say, they are enablers of a corrupt idiot

  • angel calica
    angel calica Day ago

    Stop your Schitt Pelosi no one is listening, blubber mouth.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Day ago

    Great speaker

  • rose anderson
    rose anderson Day ago

    She always talks hypothetical never facts! Now watch the republicans interview with LT Vindman. A lot of interesting facts! Pay attention

  • Ownage Zizou
    Ownage Zizou Day ago

    No way these journalists are that dumb. They are paid to lie and act tough

  • Illegal Alien
    Illegal Alien Day ago

    America will you CONsider leaving the corr0pt U.N. and END the FED and buy GOLD instead??

  • Scalawag
    Scalawag Day ago

    They forgot why America was established. They forgot why the republican party was created. They have no discipline, hence liberal. Leisure, lazy.... 2019

  • Stifuk Cleiton

    We move around forward. Go trump never stop back you make me funny

  • wadcpo2
    wadcpo2 Day ago

    Have another drink Nancy so we can hear your lies between all the stuttering and slurring. Can't wait till your teeth fall out in front of the camera you so love!

    • deathstar 77
      deathstar 77 22 hours ago

      Are you Russian? Go Russia! I love Russia. Hate USA.

  • jo-jo volkswagen

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  • melanie lecompte

    NOTHING similar about nixon and Trump. GET a GRIP! SAD pelosi IS resorting to THIS. Face the Nation YOU should BE ASHAMED of yourself!

  • jo-jo volkswagen

    You know what if u could read or predict these two boys the future how it end .. you prefer the see their suffer more and painful struggles with the answer that they don’t answers to each other and to the public ? I know I don’t make from metal .. my skin is fresh ... I can not swimming in the hoTTT boiling water for so long or living without real human who speak or can trust forever .. I don’t do or hurt other people intention before from any reason hateful or anyone benefit or country this country or any countries.. but i am living like punish from my own stupid misunderstand human in the world also misunderstand about the love ..and life .. big mistake about the love and thinking that other people would have the same meaning about the love .. until I wake up .. seeing the true love that make me keep going and going to get the truth from him .. but not the love issue but I think .. it is about about the untold thing that used and stone people

  • Melody Carriere

    You need to do everything you're telling everyone else to do. What a liar!