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  • Kenny
    Kenny 7 hours ago

    japierdole do cipy trailer nie realne

  • Jon Ericson
    Jon Ericson 7 hours ago

    Not sure what's more badass about the ending, that the sorceress basically summoned a giant robot, that it brought a bunch of Spartans dressed as knights, or that SHE WASNT DONE YET.

  • verde miau
    verde miau 7 hours ago

    Garena: eso se parece a i'am on fire Fans de frie fayer: se copiaron alv

  • Kefir!
    Kefir! 7 hours ago

    Pls make a movie riot ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 卡農
    卡農 7 hours ago


  • Dreamiinq Summer
    Dreamiinq Summer 7 hours ago

    Am I the only one who came from beat saber- I actually love kpop and just realised it’s Korean and I’m now in love even more-

  • Angel Padron
    Angel Padron 7 hours ago

    Putos furus

  • not benjitax
    not benjitax 7 hours ago

    paren de poner tantos anuncios uso la caga de youtube y me salen como 991 anuncios

  • dey aquino
    dey aquino 7 hours ago

    as a metal listener, it really makes me wanna play this game more

  • Andrius B.
    Andrius B. 7 hours ago

    Darius 1v9

    STEEL BALLS 7 hours ago

    It's such a shame that LoL don't make movies.

  • Kittems
    Kittems 7 hours ago

    This champ is pure bs. 100% ban

  • Atrens
    Atrens 7 hours ago

    C̶a̶n̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶a̶l̶s̶o̶ ̶m̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶m̶a̶p̶?̶

  • cecilia guzman
    cecilia guzman 7 hours ago

    This is the most epic song in the world xb!!!!!!

  • Hj Kim
    Hj Kim 7 hours ago


  • Krxsty zxz
    Krxsty zxz 7 hours ago

    Report lux afk

  • remy yale
    remy yale 7 hours ago

    1:12 all i see is a support Vi taking CS

  • ༺Moɴicaღ 17
    ༺Moɴicaღ 17 7 hours ago

    Me encanta 😍😍😍

  • Sofia Palma
    Sofia Palma 7 hours ago

    1:13 omg look at that, just in time

    • roouit patan
      roouit patan 7 hours ago

      A riot podia fazer um filme de 3 hrs, a animaçao ta mt boa e a musica tmb

    FABRICIO H 7 hours ago

    Tive que recorrer a essa musica para ler o capitulo 158 de Minamoto-Kun Monogatari

  • Draco Born
    Draco Born 7 hours ago

    I know the meaning of the song, but like, if legends can’t die, I would not want to be one.

  • DarkadYT
    DarkadYT 7 hours ago

    The best music ever

  • slauhh
    slauhh 7 hours ago

    2020 ?

    QUENTON RACHEL 7 hours ago

    Probably the only ad that I have ever watched fully on a video

  • Shadow Zera
    Shadow Zera 7 hours ago

    I'm on fire chora KKKKKKKKKKKKK

  • Mark Hills
    Mark Hills 7 hours ago

    The cylinder lamps appeared once Girls:Oh yes, lets put them everywhere!

  • 이인
    이인 7 hours ago

    갈리오 마렵네

  • ZoNKeD_1403
    ZoNKeD_1403 7 hours ago

    porque atacan a neeko?

  • Luveera
    Luveera 7 hours ago


    • roouit patan
      roouit patan 7 hours ago

      Bota no cinema isso que todo mundo grita

  • Christy Harsen
    Christy Harsen 7 hours ago

    i swear if mundo doesnt get a rework here in early 2020 im finna start a riot and storm Riot headquarters.

  • Hj Kim
    Hj Kim 7 hours ago

    와 우리소연이 미칫따♡♡♡♡

  • Lil Carlus
    Lil Carlus 7 hours ago

    Assisti logo quando lançou, e tô assistindo de novo agora, nas duas vezes me arrepiei.

  • Ade Pérez monsivais

    Y si mejor ponen Warriors de imagine dragons

  • Benjamin Xpe
    Benjamin Xpe 8 hours ago

    Con auriculares se escucha mejor

  • PopyGamer350 LosGatos

    like si siempre te aparese anuncios por video :v

  • Andres Landinez
    Andres Landinez 8 hours ago

    Cuando antes podias bloquear a la Morgana :v

  • Vainas Serias
    Vainas Serias 8 hours ago

    I love every cinematics they release! BUT i just don't like the new font :(

  • hoaaiww
    hoaaiww 8 hours ago

    No one: Sylas: Balanced Lux 10 sec ult

  • reyco08
    reyco08 8 hours ago


  • Cosmo the blue peashooter

    A certain Clip-Sharer (The Act Man) once said we like seeing hot women in video games because we wish we had girlfriends. I can totally agree with this.

  • _xSrViictor 炎
    _xSrViictor 炎 8 hours ago

    Udyr need's a rework please and thanks

  • MsClin Play
    MsClin Play 8 hours ago

    1:31 Ahri pants I’m leaving

  • strdst
    strdst 8 hours ago

    Ezreal is so handsome

  • Lety Berazaluce
    Lety Berazaluce 8 hours ago


  • Kytetiger
    Kytetiger 8 hours ago

    00:01 the guy with the mouse in the background. Reminds me of my early lan parties, playing AoE2, Warcraft3 and Counter Strike 1.5 ... Some pc could freeze and reboot if someone unpluged the mouse because it was PS/2

  • Jet Moua
    Jet Moua 8 hours ago

    I want to play this game just because of these characters.

  • Honeyisbeebarf
    Honeyisbeebarf 8 hours ago

    when dads sneeze: 0:01

  • Ahmad Aburahma
    Ahmad Aburahma 8 hours ago

    I feel like I need to play LOL. Although I have never played it

  • Zona de Solidão
    Zona de Solidão 8 hours ago


  • Светлана Тэн

    I like this broken sword, whish reminds me of sword that cuted off Sauron finger with...... WAIT THATS ILLEGAL

  • Kalvyn Luiz
    Kalvyn Luiz 8 hours ago

    Ainda tem neguinho que fala que "I'm on fire" é melhor do que True Damage

    • Kalvyn Luiz
      Kalvyn Luiz 7 hours ago

      @Snake444 não tem como mandar print se não eu mandaria '-'

    • Snake444
      Snake444 7 hours ago

      Me de uma prova de que alguém falou isso meu caro frufru

  • 킥킥킥
    킥킥킥 8 hours ago

    Best song ever

  • ramiroamurua
    ramiroamurua 8 hours ago

    jajaja de una bro, es por ahi, saludos a la tia

  • є вαcк
    є вαcк 8 hours ago

    Real:Xayah dead Cinematic:ZED Leave

  • Dule Plavi
    Dule Plavi 8 hours ago

    Its 2020 pls rework this

  • Sebastian Kretiuk
    Sebastian Kretiuk 8 hours ago

    How good cinematics are? Awaken: Good Old wariors: Amazing New wariors: Yes

  • Pete
    Pete 8 hours ago

    Depressing design and is actually not the hardest champion in the game

  • Jauen
    Jauen 8 hours ago

    Nice 👍🏻👍🏻

  • RainbowStray
    RainbowStray 8 hours ago

    Anyone remember when Lux was remembered for being semi-incestuous with Garen?

  • Alexandros P
    Alexandros P 8 hours ago

    Falcon Puuuunsh

  • Serzinjo lameme
    Serzinjo lameme 8 hours ago

    Pls nerf

  • aladár kiss
    aladár kiss 8 hours ago

    garen looks kind of like Jamie Lenister sometimes

  • suki -chan
    suki -chan 8 hours ago

    Keke Palmer me pone la piel de gallina con esa potente voz 💓✨

  • Pan Lis
    Pan Lis 8 hours ago

    You can tell he was having fun when doing this one

  • Hanzo Rockerz115
    Hanzo Rockerz115 8 hours ago

    Ok how about fixing the client cuz I've got the same messages from my friend like Everytime when I open my client

  • Sadece Şanıser Dinleyen

    Graves i kaptan Price a benzeten tek ben miyim?

  • NickmaL
    NickmaL 8 hours ago

    I keep on shattering time I might just leave you behind Homie you stuck on rewind You should quit sleeping on mines You got your back on recline When i damage your delicate spine Please don't act all shy and surprised They be like... They be like! What you mean What is your winning scheme? I got a giant team Big as my self -esteem Run It back, run It back, running man They think they go hard I'm like come again You run out if time when I'm bustin' in While you stumbling I got this Blade in my hand For your punishment

  • Mapache Fly
    Mapache Fly 8 hours ago

    Nadie: Cabros chicos aweonaos: esTo sE pARceCe aL viDEo dE Fri fAI, sE eStaN cOPianDo lOs voY a aCUsAr cON Fri fAI ComPaNy

  • louis nguyen
    louis nguyen 8 hours ago

    Did anyone else hear kda at the start of the song?

  • mastalive
    mastalive 9 hours ago

    My favorite song .. underrated one

  • Semra Arslan
    Semra Arslan 9 hours ago

    Galio report

  • Ayazaki Yagami
    Ayazaki Yagami 9 hours ago

    É só impressão minha ou o yasuo se parece mais o Alan walker?

  • Marcello Ferrara
    Marcello Ferrara 9 hours ago

    Who would win? -A team of True Damage Over Powered Champions OR -A boi with a *LÄMP*

  • Victor Aravena Leal
    Victor Aravena Leal 9 hours ago

    4 years after his release .i play him mid in rankeds.

  • Dulltooth
    Dulltooth 9 hours ago

    this VA is cursed to voice cats

  • Isaiah Grider
    Isaiah Grider 9 hours ago

    I love league of legends

  • Bruno Pascal
    Bruno Pascal 9 hours ago

    Pensé que el video sería mejor. _.

  • j'ai pas d'idée donc

    Helo there !

  • Jochu
    Jochu 9 hours ago

    league of twerk, twerk, twerk :v

  • dog dobber
    dog dobber 9 hours ago


  • Issam Jokhal
    Issam Jokhal 9 hours ago

    we won't a film riot

  • MHZiN FF
    MHZiN FF 9 hours ago

    LoL: A Garena: temos que copiar

  • Данил Дородейко

    Galio looks really BADASSS HERE, YEAH BOIIII!

    BELINHA G 9 hours ago


    TEΞMO 9 hours ago

    “each team has 5 members” laughs in blind pick with 2 team afk

  • Ariane Figueiredo
    Ariane Figueiredo 9 hours ago

    geeenteee essa música é muuuuiiiito foda pqp 😍😍😍😍

  • Dardy Ramer
    Dardy Ramer 9 hours ago


  • johnnyloksss
    johnnyloksss 9 hours ago


  • Mario Mikael
    Mario Mikael 9 hours ago

    Melhor clip