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  • Dreckiger Dan
    Dreckiger Dan 3 hours ago

    That Faker is Karma is just not good for my brain

  • Asia Stanley
    Asia Stanley 3 hours ago

    So when Senna comes back, it’ll pick up from the end of this video. Dope

  • 김미미
    김미미 3 hours ago

    가사 좀 알려줘

  • Raul Sauceda
    Raul Sauceda 3 hours ago

    The mini teaser that people have been getting in spawn at the start of games looks awfully similar to the mist in the shadow isles here. They said it's a teaser for the next non traditional adc. Then they release this. Could the champ be senna?

  • MrMattaYoMr
    MrMattaYoMr 3 hours ago

    Why it gotta be dark?

  • Asia Stanley
    Asia Stanley 3 hours ago

    She’s baaaaaaaack!! :D

  • Garrick Chong
    Garrick Chong 3 hours ago

    Looks like Morde's deathrealm

  • Abimael Reyes
    Abimael Reyes 3 hours ago

    "It Ends now" Rito: *twisted treeline has been removed from the game*

  • Caio Moraes Amorim
    Caio Moraes Amorim 3 hours ago


  • Lucas de Carvalho Andrade Maza

    riot always surpass the expectatives. since warriors in 2015 , always ...

  • Noob Game Gaming
    Noob Game Gaming 3 hours ago

    Như cakkk =}} good

  • hariz amin
    hariz amin 3 hours ago

    This song have a deep meaning and i like it

  • Sraitama
    Sraitama 3 hours ago

    All, go sleep now!

  • Games FTW
    Games FTW 3 hours ago

    Lucian is the Batman of League of legends now he's gonna be the guy who doesnt have any goal if Senna is gonna be released unless she's bad

  • dayne bryan flores
    dayne bryan flores 3 hours ago

    yess it senna :>

  • Xambrinha Geymer
    Xambrinha Geymer 3 hours ago

    Lucian: **Revenge** Thresh: Sorry, you wife is in another lantern.

  • Jay Morgan
    Jay Morgan 3 hours ago

    Dark Passage... Ppfft!! 😬

  • ThatTastedPurple
    ThatTastedPurple 3 hours ago

    Does Thresh have an N word pass?

  • Oni Renkai Gamer
    Oni Renkai Gamer 3 hours ago

    It would be so nice if Senna comes with Thresh to hunt Lucian for some greater purpose.

  • JustineGamer Studio
    JustineGamer Studio 3 hours ago


  • Helmuth Bonilla
    Helmuth Bonilla 3 hours ago

    This is for all the times I Lucian e’d into a thresh hook..

  • Mini Hamg 2017
    Mini Hamg 2017 3 hours ago

    amazing song!!

  • LioKilleR{Gaming}
    LioKilleR{Gaming} 3 hours ago

    vivimos en una sociedad.

  • Gabrielle Merces
    Gabrielle Merces 3 hours ago

    A new version of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

  • Kath Cakes
    Kath Cakes 3 hours ago

    They said senna is the new champion? so this video lucian is going to save senna to thresh?

  • Zaad Shadow
    Zaad Shadow 3 hours ago

    i like the beard, oh wait nvm

  • Simon Grigorian
    Simon Grigorian 3 hours ago

    broken af

  • Alohany Ramirez Cacho

    Soy la única latina

  • NeoTron
    NeoTron 3 hours ago

    “It ends now.” *video ends*

  • Zenith
    Zenith 3 hours ago

    Lucian: It ends now... Thresh: DOUBLE KILL!

  • Zed is my main
    Zed is my main 3 hours ago

    aff não consigo escutar essa musica sem lembrar do bronziocre.

  • LuchoFX ㋡
    LuchoFX ㋡ 3 hours ago

    buuuu mucha ropa >:v

  • julio silva
    julio silva 3 hours ago

    1:50: Envy vs brTT, 1st split finals

  • Khada
    Khada 3 hours ago

    The new ryze rework looks lit

  • Music'N'Cars Hub
    Music'N'Cars Hub 3 hours ago

    do a movie !!

  • XyLem HarLock
    XyLem HarLock 4 hours ago

    Thresh took my wife, so I stole his bike...

  • ZK Pedido
    ZK Pedido 4 hours ago

    Lucian: *frees Senna* Tahm Kench W: No

  • tôi nói
    tôi nói 4 hours ago

    HAy quá đi

  • Sinpathy
    Sinpathy 4 hours ago

    1st time listening to it: meh. 2018 was better. 4th time listening to it: well, at least it's kinda catchy. 11th time listening to it: furious tapping of legs. 69th time listening to it: FLY PHOENIX FLYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • vuslat tosun
    vuslat tosun 4 hours ago

    Senna is the new champ

  • hide on bush 2 2
    hide on bush 2 2 4 hours ago

    Song 2019? 😢😢😢😢😢

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams 4 hours ago

    You'd think that with all the money Riot/Tencent made selling Chromas and some generic AF skins (you know, the fast and sloppy ones that look like the artists only got paid $10 per champ), that the parent company would have enough money to get Lil' Nas X to release a track... But that would mean risking an who might speak out about a certain political issue.

  • samir basu
    samir basu 4 hours ago

    Yes, I have been waiting for thresh in one of these cinematics

  • RITO gomes RITO
    RITO gomes RITO 4 hours ago

    Comia foda-se

  • Marcel Marcelo
    Marcel Marcelo 4 hours ago

    I realy want a League of Legends Movie <3 World of Warcraft did it too so pls DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Bn
    Daniel Bn 4 hours ago

    Lucian buffs incoming

  • Rikku
    Rikku 4 hours ago

    Can we stop having animations about this dumb relationship

  • Speckey
    Speckey 4 hours ago

    im calling this is gonna be the halloween event

    GOT AOT 4 hours ago

    People are geting all hyped up for senna but I think this is just a vs event trailer

  • Dávid Dobi
    Dávid Dobi 4 hours ago

    Dark Passage Everyone: heY tHatS rAciSt Meanwhile it is Threshs' W

  • MemeMachine
    MemeMachine 4 hours ago

    So Senna is next champ confirmed???

  • Eighteenk
    Eighteenk 4 hours ago

    New champion?

  • 개미와호랑이
    개미와호랑이 4 hours ago

    Faker experienced failure in 2017. It seemed he would get never back to the Worlds in 2018. In 2019, Faker: Hello EU fans, I'm back. Legend never dies.

  • Von Lotte
    Von Lotte 4 hours ago

    Moontoon is watching

  • Emre Ahmet
    Emre Ahmet 4 hours ago

    progressive house drop ? :D

  • Einfach Skyro
    Einfach Skyro 4 hours ago

    Seems like we finally get a camp deleted. Odd Choice to go for lucian/thresh :/

  • Exile Hunter
    Exile Hunter 4 hours ago

    so just a thought but how about a new champion that can clone as someone on the enemy team full abilities and all making laning a literal skill match up?

  • Jhin17 Ezreal
    Jhin17 Ezreal 4 hours ago


  • Cupcake Wizard
    Cupcake Wizard 4 hours ago

    I was waiting for an animation for this song actually 😢

  • Matheus Ataide
    Matheus Ataide 4 hours ago

    My Play list ♥

  • crazyfight
    crazyfight 4 hours ago


  • The Dovakhiin
    The Dovakhiin 4 hours ago

    Time to end this man's whole career

  • ručníček cz
    ručníček cz 4 hours ago

    Dark passage +This ends now =Fortnite :)

  • Andres Piedrabuena
    Andres Piedrabuena 4 hours ago


  • Eden 08
    Eden 08 4 hours ago

    I prefer the little jaw tresh

  • Lee Ron
    Lee Ron 4 hours ago

    1:55 welcome to overwatch

  • Gal4xe
    Gal4xe 4 hours ago

    Feed Lucian: ”It end now” Main Yasuo : ”fIghT mE noObs”

  • Andy Zhao
    Andy Zhao 4 hours ago

    Too bad Thresh wifesteal

  • Sixon Ximeng
    Sixon Ximeng 4 hours ago

    Since i play with this Song in the Background i derank faster than a politician statement in a blizzard stream.

  • Damn Kast
    Damn Kast 4 hours ago

    Why are these people so good at making music videos?

  • BETA 2.1
    BETA 2.1 4 hours ago

    URF = exp

  • 미현이다
    미현이다 4 hours ago

    So very cute Faker.... My heart.....

  • Imper
    Imper 4 hours ago

    Hey, rito pls at least bring back doombots on halloween. I know you dont care about youre core community, but im sure you can sell skins and make good events at the same time. =)

    XxxSUPERBEASTxxX 4 hours ago

    So is this a movie or?!??

  • BETA 2.1
    BETA 2.1 4 hours ago

    lets rock!

  • Brother Alaric
    Brother Alaric 4 hours ago

    HAHAHAHAHA "Dark passage". . . In my mind it resonate with kinky note . .

  • Withered Freddy 3
    Withered Freddy 3 4 hours ago

    Lucian's wife?

  • Carlos Hira
    Carlos Hira 4 hours ago

    make a movie already!!!

  • Or Doni
    Or Doni 4 hours ago

    can someone explain what this means?

  • regenesi
    regenesi 4 hours ago

    please collab with K/DA. maybe that can resurrect this song and get the hype rising even more

  • DaWasabiHD
    DaWasabiHD 4 hours ago

    Honestly, this video wouldn't be that bad, but they put way too many hitmarkers in it.

  • 원경희
    원경희 4 hours ago


  • Filip Nguyen
    Filip Nguyen 4 hours ago

    Fun fact: If you have lucian on your enemy team you as a thresh actualy starts with 1 soul in your lantern.

  • Michael Lo
    Michael Lo 4 hours ago

    So Lucian represent Freedom Of Speech, Where Thresh represent Communist Party of China ?

  • Nytro
    Nytro 4 hours ago

    Is this a pew pew dash reference

  • Chise Chan
    Chise Chan 4 hours ago


  • Matheus Barbosa
    Matheus Barbosa 4 hours ago

    Ficou brabo 💀👊🔥 sick quality 🔥🔥🔥

  • LoveandAbandon
    LoveandAbandon 4 hours ago

    Still a better worlds song and this isn't even a song

  • Rick Gamer
    Rick Gamer 4 hours ago

    Perfect ♡♡♡'

  • Ambient
    Ambient 4 hours ago

    New champ is Senna??? i can only hope! that would be cool.

  • rudison silva Siqueira


  • Bring red hair mochi back

    Anyone here when they found out about Senna?

  • Idania Sky
    Idania Sky 4 hours ago

    Oh my god

  • Abel18088 septic
    Abel18088 septic 4 hours ago

    Still one of my favorite songs

  • Bigmac2603000
    Bigmac2603000 4 hours ago

    I really hope there is a dramtic spin and it turns out that Thresh has turned Senna into some sort of evil pet and unleashes her on Lucian and its a fight between Senna and Lucian. Thats right, its divorce time.

  • Pedro De Leon
    Pedro De Leon 4 hours ago


  • Squeezed Lemon
    Squeezed Lemon 4 hours ago

    Thresh: Give me your soul! Lucian: Coming!!