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Hermitcraft Grian, Scar, False and Jimmy (Solidarity) | Hermits Leaving Empires Comparison | 4K UHD
Views 1512 months ago
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portal but cringe
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portal but cringe
red bug jumpscare
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red bug jumpscare
Kwebboman opening up astroneer
Views 246 months ago
Kwebboman opening up astroneer
Views 43Year ago
Hermitcraft Grian and Scar AFK Scenes Side by Side Comparison
Views 199KYear ago
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queb blogz goes to the store to get some cereal
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i grabbed some cereal because we kinda ran out
FNF Senpai Sung by me (Short)
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Credits to: José Higgor -
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50 car pileup
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50 car pileup
just standing around
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just standing around
ooooh i wonder what this red rectangular button does
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ooooh i wonder what this red rectangular button does
Why you shouldn’t let robots sort out power cords
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Why you shouldn’t let robots sort out power cords


  • HumanLizard
    HumanLizard 4 days ago

    Seeing both screens is soooo funny😂😂😂😂😂

  • AmxthystGRDN
    AmxthystGRDN 8 days ago


  • Some Jerkbag
    Some Jerkbag 9 days ago

    This is great

  • Sheepshaw
    Sheepshaw 24 days ago

    Fun fact I guess, but moving Grian into the minecart changed his name from gray (AFK) to white (active).

  • Nightcore Princess
    Nightcore Princess 28 days ago

    When both pov’s are playing the same audio is gets really echoey😂😂

  • באני
    באני Month ago

    Still funny

  • The Potato
    The Potato Month ago

    The double speak was a bit weird

  • Gabriel Salahi
    Gabriel Salahi Month ago

    6:04 Scar Jumpscare

  • JoLynnPalm
    JoLynnPalm Month ago

    I like the comparison but I have hearing issues and the echoey/ ringing sounds from it was pretty appalling to say the least. I also noticed part where it cut and needed to catch back up, but I expected it from two differently edited videos anyways 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • JoLynnPalm
      JoLynnPalm 11 days ago

      @Samuel Linn man, they can realign the video, damn

    • Samuel Linn
      Samuel Linn 11 days ago

      There's nothing they can do about the echoes. Remember Grian is muted on scar's side of the video

  • genevevil
    genevevil Month ago

    “did someone drop off a grian”

  • Vortek Gamer
    Vortek Gamer Month ago

    NOTE: if you can hear Scar in Grian video mute Scar. when you dont hear scar in grain you can have audio for scar. THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS FOR THE ECHO!

  • SaraAliciaCaster
    SaraAliciaCaster Month ago

    These two are cute

  • alpha_wolf
    alpha_wolf 2 months ago

    imagine if when grian unmuted, he scared scar, jumped out of the minecart, and elytra away, leaving scar to die

  • CodedHumor
    CodedHumor 2 months ago

    It’s the light switch obviously

  • Retiring Channel (WIP)

    Scar sounded off.

  • Floris
    Floris 2 months ago

    Is it only me ore was scars audio a bit off

  • Jamo H
    Jamo H 2 months ago

    I didn’t know Scott was in a wheelchair until now and how do you partially fall out of a wheelchair??

    • Cassy Shields
      Cassy Shields Month ago

      @Johnathan Johnson I genuinely can't tell if you are joking or not and it's leaving my brain confused

    • Johnathan Johnson
      Johnathan Johnson Month ago

      @Cassy Shields Nah, Scott the wheelchair guy joined a few seasons ago. I think ot was a bug or something but he fell out quite often...

    • Cassy Shields
      Cassy Shields Month ago

      Do you mean Scar? Not Scott

    • NoGameSense
      NoGameSense Month ago

      Figure of speech, man.

  • Rita Winkler Seniors Mann


  • David Jarmon
    David Jarmon 2 months ago

    i fell out of my wheelchair partially lol

  • ♤'Your•Local•Bee'♤

    theyre so chaotic and silly i live laugh and love them both so much

  • iSeeCowz
    iSeeCowz 2 months ago

    scar sounds like bill sypher lol

  • Lot Myle
    Lot Myle 3 months ago

    I really enjoyed this. I check the channel for more HermitCraft side by sides and was sad to find they only have the one video.

    • Kwebboman Media
      Kwebboman Media 3 months ago

      Don't worry there will be more coming next year

  • Mitchell Moffitt-Neich

    That was well done

  • Not Jayden
    Not Jayden 3 months ago

    scar sounds like one of the portal characters

  • LilyRose55
    LilyRose55 3 months ago

    This will forever be the greatest moment in all of hermitcraft. The determination of Scar to finish the prank, his amazing song, and just the way Grian says 'Scar, what are you doing?' Will forever make me laugh

  • Laurenz Fitzner
    Laurenz Fitzner 3 months ago

    thanks for the edit!

  • Derpy doe
    Derpy doe 3 months ago

    were can I watch Grians pov?

    • KlutzySole9
      KlutzySole9 3 months ago

      On the right side of the video

  • Riria Revenna
    Riria Revenna 3 months ago

    "Scar being like "I've fallen out of my wheel chair partially; I need some assistence," has the same vibes as "I've fallen and I can't get up." Edit: cfhair to chair, y'all really let me have that spelling error for two months 💀

  • Flower-hope-Galaxy
    Flower-hope-Galaxy 4 months ago

    Grian seems perfectly fine but scar sounds like he has an echo, or that there’s two of them at once

    • Ben Stone
      Ben Stone 4 months ago

      Because scar was audible in both clips, grian had his mic muted on scar's side

  • TenkoBerry
    TenkoBerry 4 months ago

    Weird Clip-Share recommended but good video

  • +Potatoii San+
    +Potatoii San+ 4 months ago

    *"I've fallen out of my wheelchair partially"*

    • Yorei ch
      Yorei ch 9 days ago


    • EndWarrior
      EndWarrior 12 days ago

      @Cookie Master holy

    • Cookie Master
      Cookie Master 28 days ago

      @Tenzs some resistance assistance?

    • Tenzs
      Tenzs Month ago

      “I need some assistance”

    • Life Like a Frog
      Life Like a Frog 2 months ago

      Grian almost scared his disabilities away. Looks like grian is the cure

  • Brandon Mush
    Brandon Mush 4 months ago

    This is brilliant xD

  • Ramble
    Ramble 4 months ago

    At least you didn’t stretch it out to 8 mins

  • Hello World
    Hello World 4 months ago

    Scar! You can be a robot for your next transformation!

  • OmegaQ
    OmegaQ 4 months ago

    Omg it’s been over a year since these videos. It feels like it’s barely been a few months

  • Unknown
    Unknown 4 months ago

    Bruh with the voices in synch sounds sooo weird xD

  • Cole
    Cole 4 months ago

    It sounds like I’m watching this in a movie theater and I love it

  • Hayden Savard
    Hayden Savard 4 months ago

    i wonder how long it would take if all of herit craft was put side by side so we see all pov it would be lng but entertaining anyway great video

    • E_Lander
      E_Lander 3 months ago


  • N0Bah D
    N0Bah D 4 months ago

    No matter how many times I've watched this, it doesn't lose entertainment value

  • Liara Cochran
    Liara Cochran 4 months ago

    This was the moment that had me sub to scar. Was too dang funny.

  • the great lumberjack King

    7:29 oh I hope he was ok

    • Warpedmine
      Warpedmine 2 months ago

      @Nyerguds sorry thats cool tbh

    • Nyerguds
      Nyerguds 2 months ago

      @Warpedmine Just open his channel and you're immediately given a video explaining that.

    • Warpedmine
      Warpedmine 4 months ago

      @Ronel Vincent Ching oh shit i never really watched his content to know about that dam that must suck

    • Ronel Vincent Ching
      Ronel Vincent Ching 4 months ago

      @Warpedmine yeah, he has a disease that weakened his muscles

    • Warpedmine
      Warpedmine 4 months ago

      @Rady Perry wait he is in a wheel chair?

  • Joseph Eggers
    Joseph Eggers 4 months ago

    1:05 pov: the video stops

  • TheTomas137
    TheTomas137 7 months ago


  • AmxthystGRDN
    AmxthystGRDN 7 months ago


  • Scarybug
    Scarybug Year ago

    I'm glad this popped into my recommendations.

  • SMPandanic
    SMPandanic Year ago

    scar = robot

  • { Kusonoki Masashige }


  • NerdyUnicorns101

    This never gets old lol

  • Raccoon
    Raccoon Year ago


  • Project
    Project Year ago

    For some reason, the echo of voices makes it even better to me!

    • Shenorai
      Shenorai 7 days ago

      It does give the 'Scar on a loudspeaker' effect very nicely XD