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Melanie Martinez - K-12
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  • nina doycheva
    nina doycheva Hour ago

    Wait... Yes or No did she left

  • a.milesy
    a.milesy Hour ago

    I’m so proud of this 😭😭😭😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Alex Green
    Alex Green Hour ago

    She touches on all kind of issues today and I couldn’t love her more for it lol

  • Akisuzu yukono
    Akisuzu yukono Hour ago

    Start every song here♡ 3:56 wheels on the bus 15:30 / 17:45 class fight 20:50 the principal 24:29 show and tell 29:05 nurse office 35:00 drama club 40:20 strawberry shortcake 51:06 orange juice 56:30 detention 1:01:45 teacher's pet 1:06:30 highschool sweethearts 1:17:30

  • Gdrag Profits
    Gdrag Profits Hour ago

    68klike 236dislike Literal life goal!

  • Khayla Melton
    Khayla Melton Hour ago

    I just realized the hairstyles changing represents them moving up a grade

  • _Faithdeclinesyou_

    Is no one going to talk about Felipe????

  • Miguel Vlogs
    Miguel Vlogs Hour ago

    Wait so kelly died??

  • Inky Chan
    Inky Chan Hour ago

    Its like sooooo true you get pregnant with your shoulder t school guys! No its not! A guy shouldn’t just think that and thankfully there are guys who don’t

  • •ιтz anne gacнa•

    28:11 WTF WHAT'S THAT!!!!

  • 常にゲイ
    常にゲイ Hour ago


    DARK NESS Hour ago

    What is this film about????

    • Dl. Fânutz
      Dl. Fânutz Hour ago

      It is about a girl called Cry Baby that goes to a school where the principal and the other teachers control students' minds. Plus it shows some real life problems like bullying

  • Emwws _
    Emwws _ Hour ago

    I have two theories: 1. Is that when Crybaby and her friend (sorry Im not good at remembering names) find the ghosts dancing, its foreshadowing at the end where everyone dances bc of the spell 2. Is that the movie IS the dream Crybaby was telling us about when the movie begins But those are just some theories I got while watching this the 3rd time this week

  • Catherine Sa-a
    Catherine Sa-a Hour ago

    Wishin for my school to have a nap time too

  • ArtStorm
    ArtStorm Hour ago

    damn they did Ms. Harper dirty

  • Ashley Contreras

    I loved crybaby but I don't like these songs she could have done better to me only song I like is lunchbox friends

  • Brincadeiras com a Susu

    Amei o filme

  • Nastya BRILLIANT

    А русские субтитры?

  • Tekken Fan
    Tekken Fan Hour ago

    49:57 she can use her power.. So that she won't be blamed.. Right?

  • Karenina Bigarelli

    Not criticizing but, why she can't summon a tampon ?

  • Ariana Cepeda
    Ariana Cepeda Hour ago

    I’ve loved you since the moment I heard your raspy sexy hypnotizing voice. So proud of this and I need every outfit from every scene. Amazing, everything you stand for is amazing

  • love it or hate it

    You so pretty and kind you have a beautiful singing voice on my likes and my tip tok i have 4.8k followers and i have given about 140 shootouts without to you so all my fans will watch your wonderful movie and know how perfect you are i have been a fan since day ine and i will never stop i''ve been to every show and will go to every show to come my 80th time watching and still i love it more every time Mel you are so pretty you are some one th a inspired me to do things i thought I could not do im great at them now and anti bullying is a big topic and I'm glad you based k-12 on it your a great actor singer song wrighter dancer and much more love you🎤

  • A. ME
    A. ME Hour ago

    Fuck yesssssss!!!🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Mike Drake
    Mike Drake Hour ago

    Just paying my daily visit to the movie lol

  • Luke sims
    Luke sims Hour ago

    Jesus: turned water to wine Melanie : turned oranges to orange juice Like for Melanie comment for Jesus

  • XX Mack Attack XX

    Ngl at first when I heard Melanie fans at school talking about k12 I thought it wasnt very entertaining at first and I got curious and found it ON Clip-Share!! I thought "okay...guess I'll watch it" and I did and now I have most of the songs from the movie on my playlist and...I just loved the movie it totally changed my mind and perspective. I love how she percieved the image of schools today. I give this movie 10000000/10 starts. It was really hard work and effort put into it and I truly admire that. Thank you for this masterpiece Melanie!!

  • Luke sims
    Luke sims Hour ago

    Jesus: turned water to wine Melanie : turned oranges to orange juice Like for Melanie comment for Jesus

  • falishathecat
    falishathecat Hour ago

    wheres the lyrics guy????????

  • macaroni cheese
    macaroni cheese Hour ago

    melanie: damn,, i was expecting a girl. oh well :// keep your friends close, enemies closer. me, screaming: EGAHENAGSJ

  • This is me Reeya

    Why this girl is so talented..(๑≥w≤๑)

  • Jungkook Withlonghair

    I want REAL friends that would come to my house and we’d die together 😭👏👏😤🥺

  • lpb ninilvs
    lpb ninilvs Hour ago

    salah jtm

  • a e s t e t h i c b i t c h

    Does anyone know who the orange juice girl is?

  • Gardenia Torres
    Gardenia Torres Hour ago

    The guys are blue because they are blue bloods (of noble birth) 😯😯 alluding to the privilege these men have

  • mozn
    mozn Hour ago

    Anybody else noticed that they are in first grade?

  • Wolfgirl Skulls2

    love it

  • Emzzy Bear
    Emzzy Bear Hour ago

    I have watched this about 3000 times and still I love it she the best

  • Guilherme Melo
    Guilherme Melo Hour ago

    Pessoas:Não gosto dela,ñ fez nem filme Eu:oia aí meu kirido

  • Luke sims
    Luke sims Hour ago

    Melanie > Halsey

  • just Ali
    just Ali Hour ago

    So awesome

  • joker
    joker Hour ago

    French subtitles pleaasse!!! 😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 《nabel Ebel》

    OMG the second part

    CUDDLE BEAR Hour ago

    If you do not like it your moms a HOOOOOO

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B Hour ago

    As much as I love Melanie and her movie, there is one message I'm sad she made : her promoting marijuana. I know weed is pretty common nowadays but I think people are really misinformed about it : marijuana is a drug and as any drugs you can get addicted to it. It is more toxic than cigarettes and is a cause of cancers as well. But it's not all, it also affect memory, damage the brain and is a source of mental health problem, such as depression and skizophrenia If you are taking marijuana for recreational purpose only, please stop because it is destroying your body and it might harm your mental health, and if you smoke around people who don't remember that you are also exposing them to the risks. If you are taking it because you are not doing well and you think it makes you feel better, just remember it doesn't and it won't solve your problems, it's just going to make you less capable of handling them and might just make it worse. Also, keep in mind that your influence on people around you is bigger than you think, and your actions encourage people to act similar. So, if you are smoking weed it can make them think it's okay and it's not a problem to do it if they are misinformed on it. I'm not here to judge anyone, I just want to make sure people are informed about the dangers of marijuana

  • Princess looking for her Prince

    Why all these comments so negative? No one has ever had a crush on a teacher before🤔

  • Heather Dean
    Heather Dean Hour ago

    Does she come with them!!?

  • Klainey Days
    Klainey Days Hour ago

    “Nah that shits itchy” lmfao

  • darkness blue
    darkness blue Hour ago

    French sub ?

  • Cameron the koala XD

    I love this ❤️🖤

  • Kyla Butterflies

    21:07 how she says Mother-Fuckerr

  • Cranberry Studios

    Why does crybaby have a purple dress and everyone has a pink one?

  • Yuki-San BR and EUA

    Kisses from Brasil

  • Emma
    Emma Hour ago

    to be honest this song makes me want to cry so much, I love it

  • Alexa Andrea Ancheta

    I like it

  • Kurisu
    Kurisu Hour ago

    Бляяяяят мне нужны русские сабы!!!!!

  • Alexa Andrea Ancheta

    Very nice movie

  • Jup Ferris wheel

    Adam Levine must be so proud

  • Dãozinho Paiva
    Dãozinho Paiva Hour ago

    A musica do final do filme é maravilhosa

  • Kuroi Yuki
    Kuroi Yuki Hour ago

    What is this for a song in the outro?😯

  • Linda Browne
    Linda Browne Hour ago

    Melanie: Can't find euphoria Jungkook: You are the cause of my euphoria

  • Tini Natra K
    Tini Natra K Hour ago

    *Are you coming?* Melanie Martinez:...... Me:YEEE

  • Ashley Deardon
    Ashley Deardon Hour ago

    When I first heard this song it sounded like it was about the doctors who slap pills onto kids to “help” them, the ones who we have to listen to and follow what they say but there are some out here killing kids so they can make money off them

  • Ashley Deardon
    Ashley Deardon Hour ago

    I just want to remind anyone lost in the comments it’s okay to find your own meaning behind certain lyrics but definitely give the artist credit for what they are trying to portray

  • Nyomi Brooks
    Nyomi Brooks Hour ago

    Sometimes her dancing gives me shakira vibes.

  • Husam Kathim
    Husam Kathim Hour ago

    Here is a replay you have to like for you 0:00

  • berket allie mohamed

    I love it so much

  • Broken Star
    Broken Star Hour ago

    She spent 7 million dollars on making this and uploaded it for free and I don’t get why there’s still so many dislikes

  • Lola
    Lola Hour ago

    _how many times has Melanie changed her hair? Lmao_

  • Sanura Ezeagu
    Sanura Ezeagu Hour ago

    Written and directed by Melanie. This is so beautiful and amazing and for free 😭😭😭I’m happy she’s back

  • Cønfused Lølí
    Cønfused Lølí 2 hours ago

    Ben x mel

  • Gabriel Andre
    Gabriel Andre 2 hours ago

    Um amoooor

  • 00 fantasy
    00 fantasy 2 hours ago

    Give her the Grammy for best album.

  • Jannyne Graziely
    Jannyne Graziely 2 hours ago


  • Ângelo Lopes Lopes
    Ângelo Lopes Lopes 2 hours ago

    Bom otimo adorei

  • Jannyne Graziely
    Jannyne Graziely 2 hours ago

    I'm cry baby😢💚😢

  • TrashyFischii 69
    TrashyFischii 69 2 hours ago

    anybody out there listen to the last song ,,fire drill"????