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FC Barcelona
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  • Amir Ahmed
    Amir Ahmed 3 hours ago


  • Nick Basumatary
    Nick Basumatary 3 hours ago

    Why is godfather messi not playing vs inter . love from india...

  • Alm Création
    Alm Création 4 hours ago

    Félicitations et courage à toi. T'es l'avenir du Barça.

  • Kevin Zaka
    Kevin Zaka 4 hours ago

    Neymar come back to Barcelona MSM pleaseeee

  • JJ Ryan
    JJ Ryan 4 hours ago

    Understood the video title, even though I don't speak Spanish, cause it's exactly what I felt when he scored it.

  • Gerald Deulofeu
    Gerald Deulofeu 4 hours ago

    it's just me, or he sounds like Messi

  • Correa keba
    Correa keba 4 hours ago

    Félicitation au Barça et surtout Ansu fati

  • Hasanur Z Faruki
    Hasanur Z Faruki 4 hours ago

    Great goal keeper

  • Nour 127
    Nour 127 5 hours ago

    This is the future !! This young man will be the one !!!

  • Omar Mekaoui
    Omar Mekaoui 5 hours ago

    👏👏👏👏👏👏🔥ansu fati🔥entrata 85 buuut 86


    Wesh miss univers elle a pas le temps

  • Koopi Aceh
    Koopi Aceh 5 hours ago

    This should be named Messi Stadium

  • vedo kaya
    vedo kaya 5 hours ago

    Valverde out

  • Daniele Piddiu
    Daniele Piddiu 5 hours ago

    Ansu 17 años y la esta rompiendo sigue así crack llegarás lejos con tus jugadas ❤visca Barça y visca Catalunya Forza barcellona 🙂✌🏻👏🏻

  • Alvin YT
    Alvin YT 5 hours ago

    Ven a suscribirte a mi canal Ayudame Tu me sigues, yo te sigo Por favor *-*

  • ANi
    ANi 5 hours ago

    🔴🔵 🔵🔴

  • M Arfan
    M Arfan 5 hours ago

    Who’s here after he became the youngest UCL scorer

  • حيدر الحنين

    انا عراقي منو يحبني

  • Abhayjyoti Nath
    Abhayjyoti Nath 6 hours ago

    Todibo is the man who played very well and this version of Barcelona without Messi and ter stergen played well

  • hacker hacker
    hacker hacker 6 hours ago

    please bring neymar back I request you barcelona😔😔

  • Dirk Murrnautzky
    Dirk Murrnautzky 6 hours ago

    one should rather think about how to treat the fans of the other team. I was there with BVB and never have to say again. We sat on the top floor, behind 4-meter high Plexiglas walls, every meter of an aluminum pole that disturbed the view. We were not allowed to eat or drink to sit down, everything had to be eaten at the stall. You could not get any mood through the Plexiglas wall, nor could the players of BVB get them from the fans. Last but not least, BVB fans had to wait 50 minutes after the match to leave the stadium. The next bus drove about an hour later again, a taxi was not to get. It was all so bad that I would never do it again. I tried in advance to get tickets for the Barca area, but was not possible. a week before the game Barca then has begged to buy tickets, three emails in a week, stadium was not sold out. Too bad Barca

  • Lemuel Emilio Hernandez Felix

    Name of second song please

  • علاوي السامباء


  • Alberteg 08
    Alberteg 08 6 hours ago

    Xbuyer el que mejor elige jiji

  • Jason Lee Scott
    Jason Lee Scott 6 hours ago

    Habla IGUAL que Messi, increíble!

  • Zafuri Siddiq
    Zafuri Siddiq 6 hours ago


  • Mathias rojas zolorzano

    always your messi the best player

  • Wilhelm Von Leeb
    Wilhelm Von Leeb 6 hours ago

    Why he cant just look to the person he talked to? Is he autistic

    CENTRAL ATK 6 hours ago

    Barca yes

  • Saúl De La Torre Blogs

    Suena igual, exactamente como a Messi

  • Lord Starscream The Bounty Hunter

    "Y joder que he marcado"

  • podre llegar a 500 mil subs

    Habla como messi por momentos o me parece a mi?

  • فؤاد هجري
    فؤاد هجري 6 hours ago

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  • Fahim Abraham
    Fahim Abraham 7 hours ago

    Congress Fati ✌☺🔵🔴😍💋🔥❤ 🇧🇩

  • ambesh karanjit
    ambesh karanjit 7 hours ago

    Our 💎❤️

  • فؤاد هجري
    فؤاد هجري 7 hours ago

    من فظـــل الله عليه حمــدالله رب العــالمين أن الفضـــل بيــــد الله يؤتيـــه من يـشاء الطب الحــديث توصلنا لعـلاج القـذف السـريع و علاج ضعف الإنتصــاب تواصل معانا اعبر الوتساب 💪 WhastApp 00212649557676

  • Mehiar Alsabaa
    Mehiar Alsabaa 7 hours ago

    Super ansu ♥️♥️ until now i can't just believe his at my same age 🙂🙂🤷‍♂️

  • رضوان المكي

    من فضل الله عليه حمــدالله رب العــالمين أن الفضــل بيــــد الله يؤتيه من يشاء الطب الحديث توصلنا لعلاج القذف الـسريع و عـلاج ظعف الإنتصــاب تواصل معانا اعبر الوتساب 💪 WhastApp 00212649557676

  • jobayer hasan
    jobayer hasan 7 hours ago

    love u boss

  • Julio Alexander
    Julio Alexander 7 hours ago

    El prosimo etoo

  • Việt Cương
    Việt Cương 7 hours ago

    Happ👏👏 Barca 💕

  • Fabio Juventino
    Fabio Juventino 7 hours ago

    B R A V O!!!!

  • jas108ful
    jas108ful 7 hours ago

    Vamos Ansu 👏🏿

  • Shubh Maheshwari
    Shubh Maheshwari 7 hours ago

    *Bruh its messi inside I think* 😂😂😂

  • Leon GamingTV
    Leon GamingTV 7 hours ago

    Thank you

  • AGENT 357
    AGENT 357 7 hours ago

    Ansu Fati's number should be either 9 or 11....id say 11

  • 10 Leo
    10 Leo 7 hours ago

    1:47 🤣 Haha

  • 10 Leo
    10 Leo 7 hours ago

    Bussi 🤣 ❤️

  • 10 Leo
    10 Leo 7 hours ago

    Futuro brillante en Barcelona 🔵🔴🔥

  • God’s Child
    God’s Child 7 hours ago

    Ansu Fati saved Dortmund's @$$ somehow 🙏🙏😎😎😎

  • 10 Leo
    10 Leo 8 hours ago

    😍 the family of the GOAT 🐐

  • Jonathan Vargas
    Jonathan Vargas 8 hours ago

    Fati o Dembelé? Ah quién prefieres arriba?

  • Gregory BLIN
    Gregory BLIN 8 hours ago

    Vamos Fati

    LISANDRO JIMENEZ 8 hours ago

    No parece q ansu fati tiene una voz parecida a messi

  • Sibbir official
    Sibbir official 8 hours ago

    My new Islamic Clip-Share channel subscriber to Our channel

  • Sergio Marley
    Sergio Marley 8 hours ago

    Ansu Fati is the FUTURE of Barcelona 💯🏆🔥💃 Ansu Fati es el futuro de Barça ‼️🚀

  • Alan Kerjakeras
    Alan Kerjakeras 8 hours ago

    Lukaku jercy barcelona lebih mantap lagi semoga lukaku diboyong club barcelona mntap

  • Charly XD
    Charly XD 8 hours ago

    Ni con los ojos descubiertos puede ahora imagínate tapados nmms jajajaja

  • Tomasz Wisniewski
    Tomasz Wisniewski 8 hours ago

    por fin algo de ilusión, la cantera es el Barça. no los fichajes multimillonarios.

  • Aj Styles
    Aj Styles 8 hours ago

    Stay humble lad. More opportunities will come for you and make the most out of them. I want you to succeed in blaugrana colours so badly.

  • Isaac Siquivache
    Isaac Siquivache 8 hours ago

    Lautaro Barca Fichelo

  • lion messi fans
    lion messi fans 8 hours ago

    Welcome lion fans

  • Shane Meehan
    Shane Meehan 8 hours ago

    Worst Commentator ever is he taking the piss

  • Prince Girish
    Prince Girish 8 hours ago

    Please can anyone translate please

  • Aly Khalifa
    Aly Khalifa 9 hours ago

    Watching From Pakistan here for Messi 10

  • 지민김
    지민김 9 hours ago

    Lang korea plz TT

  • Arlette Sanchez
    Arlette Sanchez 9 hours ago

    ?F. f H EDE JV.h.GBgt?ECCEHH?tg mFtijyggyhVvV get gFGVVU, IMGUTCVH

  • Sebastian Rodriguez
    Sebastian Rodriguez 9 hours ago

    Grande Ansu

  • Yeni Debesa
    Yeni Debesa 9 hours ago

    El mejor del mundo messi we love you 😍

  • ByJesusEleven
    ByJesusEleven 9 hours ago

    No dejen ir a este CRACK!! El es el futuro de este equipo!!, VISCA BARCA!!!!

  • Boubacar Diaby
    Boubacar Diaby 9 hours ago

    Congratulation good luck fathi

  • Данияр Койбагаров

    KAZAKHSTAN 🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🖤🇰🇿🖤🇰🇿🖤🇰🇿🖤🇰🇿🖤🇰🇿❤️🇰🇿❤️🇰🇿❤️🇰🇿❤️🇰🇿❤️🇰🇿❤️🇰🇿❤️🇰🇿❤️

  • KLAN
    KLAN 9 hours ago

    Tiene 16 y parece que tiene 20 años

  • Bhouyan Md Mamun
    Bhouyan Md Mamun 9 hours ago

    I love u MESSI

  • VvAbz
    VvAbz 9 hours ago

    I’m a simple man...I hear Messi, I click. I also speak Spanish because I understood that he is very happy😂

  • Guillermo Alvarado
    Guillermo Alvarado 9 hours ago

    He is going to replace messi

  • Nurul Islam Ovi
    Nurul Islam Ovi 9 hours ago

    Our future 💖💖

  • Wolfgang von Bach
    Wolfgang von Bach 9 hours ago

    This boy is dangerous. I hope he has a great future here.

  • manuel villanueva
    manuel villanueva 9 hours ago

    Más minutos a los jóvenes se lo ganaron hoy jugaron bien TODIBO Y ANSU FATI y Neto excelentes !!!! Valverde al fin te hiciste una viejo verde !!!!!!!!

  • Shouvik Roy
    Shouvik Roy 9 hours ago

    Who is the brunette presenter? Anyone?

  • francisco revolorio
    francisco revolorio 9 hours ago


  • Vinay maurya official

    The only one great Messi10

  • israel alvarez
    israel alvarez 9 hours ago

    Ansu fati when he gets old , he’s going to play with Thiago Messi. Watch

  • Alessandro Ramirez
    Alessandro Ramirez 10 hours ago

    Tiene voz de macho

  • elbrunito
    elbrunito 10 hours ago

    que futuro muchacho,disfrute!!

  • Watch& Do
    Watch& Do 10 hours ago

    Great family....

  • eslam geny
    eslam geny 10 hours ago

    With individual numbers for the player Why Mardic won last year? 😡😡😡

  • Watch& Do
    Watch& Do 10 hours ago


  • Ehsan Azimi
    Ehsan Azimi 10 hours ago

    this shows how many people hate liverpool

  • x XxLucasxX x
    x XxLucasxX x 10 hours ago

    Ansu Fati sounds like Messi


    Quien sabe, Ansu Fati podría ser el sucesor de Messi cuando él se retire.

  • Gerald Nongsiej
    Gerald Nongsiej 10 hours ago

    Where is the english version???

  • sharmila ammu
    sharmila ammu 10 hours ago

    Can I get tips from something

  • 123 456
    123 456 10 hours ago

    Barca you all are a true winner

    DANIEL SILVA 10 hours ago

    Rodrygo x3 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Tomeu Oliver
    Tomeu Oliver 10 hours ago

    Vaya crack!!!

  • Panda Gaming
    Panda Gaming 10 hours ago

    Will messi play in 2020 World Cup

    LATTE SHOW 10 hours ago


  • Khadimul Islam
    Khadimul Islam 10 hours ago

    @FC BARCELONA after the retirement of our little magician Barca will fall a part 😭😭😭 Please keep on eye at Luka Romero he is playing Argentine u15 team. I think he can be the missing piece of puzzle after Leo's retirement. He is too quick and his feets dancing like Leo as well. He has everything to become the next pottential football sensation. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Visca El Barça
    Visca El Barça 10 hours ago

    Ansu sounds like Messi so much