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  • Bruno Barreto Flores

    I’m obsessed with these kids

  • Miarah Cabassa
    Miarah Cabassa Hour ago

    @5:09 when he said can I have this dance, I literally screamed yes 🤣🤣. That is like the best HSM song ever🤷🏽‍♀️❤️

  • Tai ThePig
    Tai ThePig Hour ago

    first girl who was out: he gonna find a lot of fans but hes not gonna find a mermaid me: just get one of those mermaid tales from walmart

  • Alex Nieto
    Alex Nieto Hour ago

    Heck yea I still get to see love even when I’ve be lonely for 12 yrs so #Lonely forever ♾

  • WhatDaFaccio E
    WhatDaFaccio E Hour ago

    Can someone please give me the name of kurtis’s shoes

  • Jesse Santos
    Jesse Santos Hour ago

    she reminds me of eleven but with hair

  • Tai ThePig
    Tai ThePig Hour ago

    nah Im cool with bam Brennen and sam

  • KathNielx SethDrea

    I think that Joshua Bassett is fun to be with I'm literally falling right now

  • Animation Geek
    Animation Geek Hour ago

    I prefer the third one of the second one

  • Samantha Rosen
    Samantha Rosen Hour ago

    Does anyone still remember bizaardvark

  • Chisum
    Chisum Hour ago

    The kitchen is calling, take your special stool and go make some dinner.

  • Kimberly McLean
    Kimberly McLean Hour ago

    I love Chantel's energyy

  • The Shovicty
    The Shovicty Hour ago

    1:37 I love how they sing so lazy then they realize at the same time if Disney watches this they gonna be mad 😂

  • EditsBy Peaches
    EditsBy Peaches Hour ago

    I love how Joshua hypes up the two black males in hsm Zeke and Chad

  • cem simental
    cem simental Hour ago

    Is it just me or should John have been eliminated wayyyy sooner

  • AQuinn0630
    AQuinn0630 Hour ago

    I think I’m kind of addicted to the show

  • Arissa Cheo
    Arissa Cheo Hour ago


  • ιм иσт нʋмαи

    raise your hand if you’re also crushing on joshua 🙋🏾‍♀️

  • QueenGacha XD
    QueenGacha XD 2 hours ago

    Im using a pad forever i never will use a tampon

  • Jennifer Calvo
    Jennifer Calvo 2 hours ago

    Dude those white boys 🤢

  • Thais
    Thais 2 hours ago

    Dammit, the guy talking about going go-kart racing is fione

  • Trin A
    Trin A 2 hours ago


  • Avery Harris
    Avery Harris 2 hours ago

    They look like theyd date chads

  • Sophie Jordan
    Sophie Jordan 2 hours ago

    When you're bisexual and can't decide who you like more

  • DankNSpank
    DankNSpank 2 hours ago

    At least the individual with the glasses acknowledges the difference between being misgendered by family vs total strangers.

  • Xaria Life
    Xaria Life 2 hours ago

    why would they make a high school musical show with a whole different cast

  • gabrielab
    gabrielab 2 hours ago

    joshua reminds me so much of my crush ... it's crazy.

  • Angeline Alvarado
    Angeline Alvarado 2 hours ago

    i like cameron , But with what he said about Harry's song , that has no sense , i don't know what to think about that , sorry

  • Pew Diepie
    Pew Diepie 2 hours ago

    I just came here to find out what is means cause I get called it all the time and now I am depressed cause I know what it means now and I don’t want to associate with that, no offense to any but a man can have his own opinion and you can’t get mad at that

  • Brienna Cotie
    Brienna Cotie 2 hours ago

    I'm finally semi-early!!!!!

  • Lorez Walker
    Lorez Walker 2 hours ago

    I can taste the unseasoned baked chicken through this video

  • Michael Sanders
    Michael Sanders 2 hours ago

    Why do trans people have fucked up hair cuts.

  • emily boyd
    emily boyd 2 hours ago

    the fact that neither of them new the rest of the lyrics to some of these makes me sad😓they are so cute though

  • Isabella Blanco
    Isabella Blanco 2 hours ago

    "we need to rewatch the third one" no you got all the third ones right

  • Fanissa Nilam
    Fanissa Nilam 3 hours ago


  • Ms. Panda
    Ms. Panda 3 hours ago


  • Angi lala
    Angi lala 3 hours ago

    Please do a second part 🙏🏻

  • A. G.
    A. G. 3 hours ago

    who else cringed during the roasts

  • Shawna McKittrick
    Shawna McKittrick 3 hours ago

    he semi grew up with Shawn Mendes but he don't know one of his most famous songs??? wow! 💀

  • Radio Days by Sarah
    Radio Days by Sarah 3 hours ago

    If you put your sense of self at the mercy of strangers, you'll always be invalidated. Not everyone is going to agree with the idea of different pronouns. Expect it, accept it.

  • Bethany Mae
    Bethany Mae 3 hours ago

    he honestly sounds like a young zac efron

  • Chelsea Dugan
    Chelsea Dugan 3 hours ago


  • Reilly McGuigan
    Reilly McGuigan 3 hours ago

    Aubrina has downloaded thicc.exe

  • SimplyAlyssa10
    SimplyAlyssa10 3 hours ago

    Who else knew all of the songs? 😂

  • Norma Vargas
    Norma Vargas 3 hours ago

    Girl:I’m an alien Me:AM I AN ALIEN

  • • chasey •
    • chasey • 3 hours ago

    ok i really thought it was going to be bad but i watched the first episode and it's kinda fire ngl 👌🏻

  • li z
    li z 3 hours ago

    Emmet is more their speed ...and why on earth do they have a 20 year old there smh

  • Christina Neubert
    Christina Neubert 3 hours ago

    I live in Parma Ohio

  • Pop5chan
    Pop5chan 3 hours ago

    I love them! Josh is charming and I have so much more respect for Olivia since doing! I wish they would’ve chose a different color background color cause with her eye shadow it’s so much

  • Carlos  Gerhardt
    Carlos Gerhardt 3 hours ago

    taylor swift queen of pop, obv

  • Crizelle Delgado
    Crizelle Delgado 3 hours ago

    My 3 favourite songs from each movie is literally the same as Joshua! 😱😂 HSM1 - Breaking Free HSM2 - You Are The Music In Me HSM3 - Can I Have This Dance

  • munchkin :3
    munchkin :3 3 hours ago

    Honestly people who disliked the video.... just why I don’t get it

  • Carlos  Gerhardt
    Carlos Gerhardt 3 hours ago

    team britney, as she should

  • I Am Weird
    I Am Weird 3 hours ago

    All the videos I watch say: “oh try and relax it’s fine” Me: “HOW TF AM I SUPPOSED TO BE RELAXED!!!”

  • Alyssa Trevino
    Alyssa Trevino 3 hours ago


  • Alyssa Trevino
    Alyssa Trevino 3 hours ago


  • Zerda Pekin
    Zerda Pekin 3 hours ago

    ahhh dang, I felt like Izzy would've been the perfect match for Colby

  • Nicole Vargas
    Nicole Vargas 3 hours ago

    I love these two they are like friends that I never had to talk about HSM

  • Carlos  Gerhardt
    Carlos Gerhardt 3 hours ago

    i see taylor swift, i click

  • BrieXx
    BrieXx 3 hours ago

    I think we all can agree that we falling head over heels for Joshua 🥵✌🏼😂

  • Paola Moscatelli
    Paola Moscatelli 3 hours ago

    The way they look to each other

  • farrah who
    farrah who 3 hours ago

    they're so cute omg :')

  • Kayla Bailey
    Kayla Bailey 3 hours ago

    who else started wearing bras in 2nd grade for fun🙋🏼‍♀️😂 but also literally i’m 12 and couldn’t image not having a bra like what

  • The Captin
    The Captin 4 hours ago

    How is he so cute

  • chris25tian
    chris25tian 4 hours ago

    Isabella the price holy!!!! They wack. They dont want us to make it

  • A.S 18
    A.S 18 4 hours ago

    Cheryl Cole pls have her

  • Clarissa L
    Clarissa L 4 hours ago

    y’all b crushing on joshua when i b crushing on olivia 🥺🤲❤️

  • Meadow Weaver
    Meadow Weaver 4 hours ago

    why do the triplets remind me from the twins from the movie white girls xD

  • Andreina Espiga
    Andreina Espiga 4 hours ago

    Joshua can get it any time of the day

  • Jake Alcomendas
    Jake Alcomendas 4 hours ago

    We can all conclude that the first movie will always be remarkable..

  • Kelsey Lopez
    Kelsey Lopez 4 hours ago

    Ok but when is episode 3 coming?

  • Cinnamon Apples
    Cinnamon Apples 4 hours ago

    I have nothing against this new show, but I honestly hate the description. "Since they're playing the new and improved versions of Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton.."

  • Narancia Ghira
    Narancia Ghira 4 hours ago

    Stfu if you don’t watch anime it’s just culture

  • Jake Alcomendas
    Jake Alcomendas 4 hours ago

    Okay, Vanessa in the thumbnail looks so beautiful ...

  • Zooey Bowie
    Zooey Bowie 4 hours ago

    total babe

  • Rachel Potts
    Rachel Potts 4 hours ago

    2:11 the way joshua says go😍😍😍😍

  • Julia Severo
    Julia Severo 4 hours ago

    I feel like halfway through David just started using the situation to bring himself down so she would compliment him ahahahah don’t know if it was unconscious or not

  • Tony Rodriguez
    Tony Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    Am I the only that noticed that at 5:41 you can hear Joshua almost saying the F word😂😂😂😂😂

  • Skylar Addison
    Skylar Addison 4 hours ago

    I absolutely love them on High school musical the series and as a duo. I would love to see them in another show together.

  • Beautiful Madness
    Beautiful Madness 4 hours ago

    Darrell, i’d choose you don’t worry 🤘🏻😭🤘🏻

  • Brisa Gisell
    Brisa Gisell 4 hours ago

    Joshua Bassett, what a cutie

  • Karen Curtis
    Karen Curtis 4 hours ago

    He is Aladdin in my heart and that’s period

  • ashley
    ashley 4 hours ago

    i’m literally in love with olivia

  • 2braincells
    2braincells 4 hours ago

    Their both so cute but josh is 🥺😍, his voice 🥰

  • Natalie_Bri Rodriguez

    I had one lesson every day Monday through Friday for 5 months in school and it never helped

  • Frεε Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile

    So cutie! 🐱🐾

  • typicalgrecia
    typicalgrecia 4 hours ago

    joshua bassett is the cutest omg🥺

  • Erica Esparza lopez
    Erica Esparza lopez 4 hours ago

    Is there a decenents 4?

  • CalvinIsATrashCan Yee Yee

    I have a crush on Olivia right now.

    • Jonathon Banasiak
      Jonathon Banasiak Hour ago

      She was on Bizaardvark if you are interested in watching it before she was on this show. It has three seasons.

  • Carmela Arrillaga
    Carmela Arrillaga 5 hours ago

    JOSHUA IS MY ULTIMATE CRUSH. And he loves the same HSM songs as me. Can we just marry already?

  • Chris Harris
    Chris Harris 5 hours ago

    Kiki going to show it of

  • Gloria Moran
    Gloria Moran 5 hours ago

    2:15 that synchronized, to say "come on" 😱😍😂

  • Jenna Hoy
    Jenna Hoy 5 hours ago

    Ngl can like zim hmu cuz like 🤤🥵 this mans is FINEEEEEEEE

  • Zac Taylor
    Zac Taylor 5 hours ago

    I need this I’m desperate

  • Flaco Guerrero
    Flaco Guerrero 5 hours ago

    Hello Becky G - call me flaco G. Say did good

  • Broseph Tails
    Broseph Tails 5 hours ago

    God as someone who is trans- I wish they chose people who are actually.... trans. They seemed to just grab any extreme “trans” person. They didn’t grab any transwomen or transman- why? Because any transgirl or transguy understands that if they don’t pass, then they won’t get gendered properly and that’s just how it is. They also, typically don’t openly say they are trans in my experience. I mean for me, I personally hate being seen as “trans” I just want to be viewed as a guy. That’s it. If a person doesn’t see me like that, if I don’t pass- that isn’t the other persons fault at all. I actually pass though, and don’t go out of my way and get so “tRiGgERed” by being misgendered :/ Like if a person misgenders me? Yeah that sucks but it could be way worse, they aren’t trying to kill me for being trans or anything. Honestly if you go by they/them pronouns especially (which personally I believe isn’t a valid identity but to each their own) you can’t expect people to automatically be like “oh yep that’s a they!” Because there’s no “non-binary body” Bleh this video irritated me :/

  • Maite Cepeda
    Maite Cepeda 5 hours ago

    ooo yes my boyfriend

  • Fanboi Trash
    Fanboi Trash 5 hours ago

    My highschools basketball team did the choreography for now or never during the homecoming pep rally. It was pretty neat I guess. Except someone got hit in the head with a basketball at the end 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Olivia
    Olivia 5 hours ago

    This video is my birthday present

  • Natalia Cruz
    Natalia Cruz 5 hours ago

    The way he looks at her is something I need in my life