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My 100 Mil Award BROKE!
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  • Uriel Gutierrez
    Uriel Gutierrez Second ago

    Chair looks dope

  • neexchickenlegs
    neexchickenlegs 2 seconds ago

    me Have to much in common with felix

  • Niico
    Niico 3 seconds ago

    Did I really miss the 12 hours livestream that he was hyping up for a long time? My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined 😒😒

  • Tori Smith
    Tori Smith 6 seconds ago

    Man of Medan???? Please????

  • Kevin Anthony
    Kevin Anthony 11 seconds ago


  • Kalynn Nichole
    Kalynn Nichole 12 seconds ago

    he’s gonna make so much from the ad revenue on this

  • ChrizzMuzzik
    ChrizzMuzzik 12 seconds ago

    It's like an OVA from anime such a good explanation.

  • meme king
    meme king 13 seconds ago

    He's alloud to swore what is wrong with it so everyone stop commenting and annoying pewds

  • Invincible Gaming
    Invincible Gaming 14 seconds ago

    I miss the Livestream dang it!!! My soul will be always be dead

  • Blue Elf
    Blue Elf 14 seconds ago

    youtube: felix post a 12hrs livestream.. me: haller?! Clip-Share... am i a joke to you?! i can able to finish 16 episodes of kdrama in 1day tss! a piece of cake! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ps. no hate but spread love!!!!

  • 眼鏑Megane
    眼鏑Megane 15 seconds ago

    this is just a quick live stream-Felix

  • Hippsthehippo
    Hippsthehippo 16 seconds ago

    *Im watching this 100M times*

    ETHAN XAVIER SCOTT 18 seconds ago

    Pls play terraria

    SENPAI 19 seconds ago

    I joined the stream late and for the longest time, the whole chat was trying to figure out if he was live or if it was a rerun πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Sad part was, it was a rerun ☹

  • Adipta Wahyu Ferdiansyah
    Adipta Wahyu Ferdiansyah 22 seconds ago


  • Ian Blake
    Ian Blake 22 seconds ago

    U have a surstromming in sweden (or how this shit can be written correctly). U cant name any food strange!!!

  • 1k subs with videos lol bruh u suk

    Been long time seince I hear Leeds say f word

  • Brian Bui
    Brian Bui 28 seconds ago

    when pewds dosent brofist at the end ;(*why are we still here just to suffer*

  • TogorConquest
    TogorConquest 29 seconds ago

    But why do you retract poo!?!

  • random person
    random person 30 seconds ago

    i wonder how much addrev this will get i have no idea because yt premium

  • ImSoVeryUnGood
    ImSoVeryUnGood 32 seconds ago

    Pewdiepie Is A MadLad

  • Silver Plays
    Silver Plays 34 seconds ago

    PewDiePie I dare you to stop putting ads in your videos (Like if you agree)

  • Subscribe To Me For No Reason

    I just realized how much of pewds viewers are still kids by all the school comments

  • kiwocolate
    kiwocolate 38 seconds ago

    pewdiepie: no one should ever know that I'm playing this piece of shit also pewdiepie: posts it for 37 million+ people to see

  • Crusty Boi
    Crusty Boi 39 seconds ago

    Now this is *commitment*

  • Alexander Ouellette
    Alexander Ouellette 41 second ago

    I just saw a comment from 4 days ago with 3k likes. Help me beat that

  • rosaa
    rosaa 41 second ago

    Who is man in backround? NANNEE DESKA??!!!

  • echoeee
    echoeee 42 seconds ago

    this is why you should follow pewds on dlive

  • Davis Mahan
    Davis Mahan 46 seconds ago

    Anyone else gonn spend a month watching this

  • Molly Smith
    Molly Smith 47 seconds ago

    Who here is actually gonna watch it? Me.

  • Zombie Teletubbie
    Zombie Teletubbie 47 seconds ago

    Wait is it 399

  • Express Gaming
    Express Gaming 50 seconds ago

    *inhales x10 * SWORE

  • Vanna Tatro
    Vanna Tatro 53 seconds ago

    watching this in the car on my way to the area 51 raid

  • Ryan Dunsford
    Ryan Dunsford 55 seconds ago

    How did his mouse move during his pepe break😱!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Asyikin
    Asyikin 56 seconds ago

    In 10 minutes i gonna go to school why u upload now

  • Apple Cider uwu
    Apple Cider uwu 56 seconds ago

    I have school in an hour lmao

  • Lexy White
    Lexy White Minute ago

    Most of my ads are minecraft ads, it's taking over!

  • Bella The DOGGO
    Bella The DOGGO Minute ago

    0:10 PewDiePie: just a quick little live stream.... * 12 HOUR LIVE STREAM*

    • Jose Mendez
      Jose Mendez 37 seconds ago


  • Kiyan Ozdemir
    Kiyan Ozdemir Minute ago

    0:20 β€œgoing live for a bit” This stream:

  • Flashie
    Flashie Minute ago


  • Gabvolski
    Gabvolski Minute ago

    Bro i just watched 6 hours next day i watch the rest ok

  • Jooply
    Jooply Minute ago

    how #4 on trending why not #1 on trending

  • Toxic Tragic
    Toxic Tragic Minute ago

    Pewdiepie: When I was a kid, no cringe His mom: He dressed up as a girl for his first day at school

  • TrafficCone789
    TrafficCone789 Minute ago

    When you realize that this video is #4 on trending and not #1

  • Chicken Mcfricken
    Chicken Mcfricken Minute ago

    23:01 Vietnamese soldier, 1965

  • IceIsANoob
    IceIsANoob Minute ago

    you need to add mods

  • dreamboyrue
    dreamboyrue Minute ago

    she lowkey looks like my friend megan except megan's nice and not spoiled

  • Hope Critical-Ops
    Hope Critical-Ops Minute ago

    Ha this is nothing just the average time a true gamer plays Minecraft.

  • Qyas
    Qyas Minute ago

    Blip blop...

  • yrtep
    yrtep Minute ago

    Talk about stretching your Videos

  • nickolas leightley
    nickolas leightley Minute ago

    I was in school 😲😠😑

  • Indiana Harlen
    Indiana Harlen Minute ago

    I shall make it my life goal to watch this all the way through

  • : I
    : I Minute ago

    Your a true bro if you’ve watched the whole thing in one sitting

  • Zephryn 24
    Zephryn 24 Minute ago

    One guy in the stream: Is this the 12-hour Minecraft Livestream? Felix: nah imma end this in like 5 minutes. *12 hours and 2 minutes later* Well that was a Fricking lie

  • Portal XX
    Portal XX Minute ago


  • Amateur GG
    Amateur GG Minute ago

    Nice pewds

  • x D
    x D Minute ago

    Guys report it for nudity so one Clip-Share employee gets to have a good day at work!

  • MsKlepy
    MsKlepy Minute ago

    Wow i have been watching for 2hrs and this is already #3 on trending

  • Mediclegend 75
    Mediclegend 75 Minute ago

    Send that women to hell she deserves it 6:54

  • Lancern Greenbard
    Lancern Greenbard Minute ago

    cool now do hundred hour

  • Spawnof vestten.
    Spawnof vestten. Minute ago

    Cscoop challenge

  • JokerAshG
    JokerAshG Minute ago

    When they make Minecraft VR😎

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude Minute ago

    I love classic pewds. β€œNobody can stop me from swearing.”

  • Jaiden Does Random Vids

    I didnt see jackaboy ;-;

  • iTryinz
    iTryinz Minute ago

    Pews use unlimited FPS instead of 60FPS on Optifine. The more FPS you got the frame rate or gameplay. Like so pews can see this (is a fact)

  • Coolklide
    Coolklide Minute ago


  • angus tweed
    angus tweed Minute ago


  • McRandomVillain YT
    McRandomVillain YT Minute ago

    _You are a good man. Thank you._

  • Creamy Cookie
    Creamy Cookie Minute ago

    I'm at 4 hrs now πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

  • chris umbstead
    chris umbstead Minute ago

    *buck grass*

  • Amar Multani
    Amar Multani Minute ago

    The amount of ads in this video are satisfying as hell

  • MMM Smegma
    MMM Smegma Minute ago

  • bello hello
    bello hello Minute ago

    Starts at 17:20

  • noo. bay
    noo. bay Minute ago

    Morgz's 20 min video still has more midrolls than this 12 hr livestream

  • PatMan365
    PatMan365 Minute ago


  • RihannaΡ‚ΠΌ
    RihannaΡ‚ΠΌ Minute ago


  • Itz_axel_yT
    Itz_axel_yT Minute ago

    I was at school 😭😭😭😭

  • Marquis De Lafayette

    It was the end of a class and I brought up something about a dog and my guy friend was like "Sven?" and I just said "water sheep?" and the list went on a nd on Best day ever

  • Ene Efe
    Ene Efe Minute ago

    Felipez circunferencia completa hizo 56 hrs,supera eso amateur

  • HTVL
    HTVL Minute ago

    That's some good sh!t

  • Lets PlayXD
    Lets PlayXD Minute ago

    I watch whole thing in 6 h on 2x speed then i went and watch a normal video it was not normal !

  • Henry Weaver
    Henry Weaver Minute ago

    *sees video length* Me: I’m gonna enjoy it. Very, very much

  • Livv Lush
    Livv Lush Minute ago

    I hate how they look COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the anime

  • Zombie Teletubbie
    Zombie Teletubbie Minute ago

    He says quick 12 houra later Pewds: alright hood night gamers

  • Incinerate .nation
    Incinerate .nation Minute ago

    Pewds: do I still have my hoe? Me:ya marzia is still there

  • BB Brayden
    BB Brayden Minute ago

    I got a pewdiwpie gfuel. Ad

  • Gunner Gaming
    Gunner Gaming Minute ago

    Says a bit... Streams for 12 HOURS

  • YeetBoi69
    YeetBoi69 Minute ago

    Clip-Share: IM ALL EARS

  • Omarions
    Omarions Minute ago

    For the song at the beginning: Pewdiepie - Frick a Creeper (Blip Blop) Remix Upvote so people can see it :)

    • Qyas
      Qyas Minute ago

      Blip blop

  • Ham Marez
    Ham Marez 2 minutes ago

    I was asleep

  • Adam Al-Ali
    Adam Al-Ali 2 minutes ago

    Wow, you guys are really mid school gamers LoL

  • Tarah Snider
    Tarah Snider 2 minutes ago


  • Varvara V.
    Varvara V. 2 minutes ago

    Guys, morgz has like 10 ads in half an hour. Felix has 13 ads in 12 hours.

    GLITCH GAMING 2 minutes ago


  • Like this comment for no reason

    *”Chase after your dreams, nothing is impossible”* Me chasing after my dreams: 8:35:48

  • BatkidkingYT
    BatkidkingYT 2 minutes ago

    Me trying to explain to the teacher why the homework wasn't done: It's quite complicated, but basically for 12 hours straight, I watched over a Swedish man doing dumb things in a game...

  • XXXTenticles β€’
    XXXTenticles β€’ 2 minutes ago

    Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy fiiiiiinnnnnnnnnaaaaaallllllyyyyyyyyy ppppppeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwddddddddddiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeepo

  • Knalodge
    Knalodge 2 minutes ago

    I’m watching this before I go to the dentist/school Best way to start the day πŸ‘Š

  • Jerry Serrato
    Jerry Serrato 2 minutes ago

    Pewds: is plasma another element? Me: Β°_Β°

  • Rizqi Bintang
    Rizqi Bintang 2 minutes ago

    I will back at Sunday