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  • Pancho sanzza
    Pancho sanzza Hour ago

    have you been drinking.... you think the image stabilization is better on a go pro...... have a look at your videos again, when your sober, osmo action kicks the go pro out of the park.

  • tcw00
    tcw00 Hour ago

    Getting this!

  • Federico Lepore
    Federico Lepore Hour ago

    Am i the only one watching all iphone 11 green videos and the color looks different every video!?!?!?

  • PKTV
    PKTV Hour ago

    Finally someone that gets it and isn’t delusional like most Nintendo fans :) well done on the review

  • Nerd Of Steel
    Nerd Of Steel Hour ago

    I have the ten and I do want to upgrade

  • Brandon Carroll
    Brandon Carroll Hour ago

    It's pronounced Mario... Not Mario Geezzzzz

  • OrangeFox18
    OrangeFox18 Hour ago

    I have an iPhone 5s

  • Ivan Onchengco
    Ivan Onchengco Hour ago

    As someone with Low Vision. Font Scaling would be much appreciated.

  • David Korr
    David Korr 2 hours ago

    Using my OnePlus 7 Pro that I purchased September 2019. When you said "hey Google, fix this", around the 4:46 mark, my Google assistant opened. 😂

  • InstantChildBirth
    InstantChildBirth 2 hours ago

    I can’t believe this mans is actually talking trash about the Original Switch

  • Jake Lee
    Jake Lee 2 hours ago

    At least he have courage to do the presentation.💪🏻

  • Zøm ẞîę
    Zøm ẞîę 2 hours ago

    watching this on my nokia 5 i am using it for one year and the battery life is impressing

  • Andrewshadowy
    Andrewshadowy 2 hours ago

    Wouldn’t it be great If Apple gave a watch with a phone!

  • Andrewshadowy
    Andrewshadowy 2 hours ago

    I think many now trade in their old phones when buying a new one but you don’t get much for them! Apple should really think on making a budget phone like the the 5s again as these phones have got way too much expensive to buy

  • Ghost Skywalker
    Ghost Skywalker 3 hours ago

    Hi there Thank you for good video If you don't mind can I ask something? I'm considering to buy Vivo Nex 3 there's one important thing in my considering Does it have 4K 60FPS video recording option? It's really important to me Best Regards

  • Beeble Brox
    Beeble Brox 3 hours ago

    This is not a technical review. At all.

  • Shank Adams
    Shank Adams 3 hours ago


  • Shank Adams
    Shank Adams 3 hours ago


  • Mohammad Shahan
    Mohammad Shahan 3 hours ago


  • Edward Bennellick
    Edward Bennellick 4 hours ago

    Corse it is, PS in a league if it’s own!!

  • eliana yousef
    eliana yousef 4 hours ago

    I have a Samsung s9 plus Android a want a iphone of the size of iphone xs... is the s10e the right choice?

  • امين.عرابي.محمد عرابي

    ٠١٠٢٧٧٤٩٨٨٧ ابحث.عن.مصريه.كبيره

  • Millennium Watcher
    Millennium Watcher 4 hours ago

    I don’t see how joycons can fly off easily from the original switch. Very misleading.

  • SweetPoodle
    SweetPoodle 4 hours ago

    2:44 wtf? ss fold is only foldable phone. that is just bandable phone.

  • Joni Papillon
    Joni Papillon 5 hours ago

    A better camera is only improved thing i need in a phone. My iphone 8 is fast enough for me. But this camera sucks. So 11 pro max is coming.

  • Amat Mulisha
    Amat Mulisha 5 hours ago

    Can’t wait for mine, the pokemon Edition this Nov. First game that i will play is ZELDA and luiggi mansion 😆

  • Lyle
    Lyle 5 hours ago

    asus is killing it with their products, love ROG!

  • mike reyes
    mike reyes 5 hours ago

    Awesome review.

  • Midnight Tornado
    Midnight Tornado 5 hours ago

    Sony: "The PS Vita isn't dead yet." Nintendo: (Releases Switch Lite) Sony: "Okay, now the PS Vita is dead. RIP."

  • B.M.
    B.M. 5 hours ago

    We need more qwerty android phones. Glad to see physical buttons are coming back. You just can't replace a sense of pressing an actual button. Using KeyOne myself btw!

  • eduardo cardona
    eduardo cardona 5 hours ago

    Yu ugly

  • Ben rockz
    Ben rockz 5 hours ago


  • Hardcore Panda
    Hardcore Panda 5 hours ago

    Scam product going to report to consumer watch. you cant switch this console its a lying name.

    • Conrado Fariña
      Conrado Fariña 2 hours ago

      lol? Did they promise that it can be dock like the og switch? its just a name dumbass. Don't buy it.

  • Max Shamin
    Max Shamin 6 hours ago

    I'm ordering papers here *BU Y ESSAY. GQ* (without spaces) for years, their site is wonderfull!

  • Geert Brion
    Geert Brion 6 hours ago

    Nothing new here... Other phone', better and less expensive... 😑😑

  • STFU Gaming!
    STFU Gaming! 6 hours ago

    what the hell is VR VETERAN??

  • Sebastian Swirski
    Sebastian Swirski 6 hours ago

    With the new hold-to-video shortcut on the shutter button, how do you do burst shots? 🤔

  • maryjoy dalagan
    maryjoy dalagan 6 hours ago

    How much?

  • Max Jointoyeur PRO
    Max Jointoyeur PRO 6 hours ago

    Super merci !

  • Sven97Toni
    Sven97Toni 6 hours ago

    Oh man. Now that you've said that the cameras look like alien-eyes, I cannot unsee it :)

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 7 hours ago

    Upgrading from galaxy note 4 should I get the 11 or 11 pro? Don't know if I will like the lcd screen on the 11 since I'm used to oled. Is it worth the 300$ difference?

  • Crveni Limun
    Crveni Limun 7 hours ago

    worst new phone ever

    KVEEZY 7 hours ago

    Just got my 11 coming from the 6s plus and damn it’s wayyy faster and the battery last 100x longer, glad I’ve finally upgraded

  • Kalek Nelson
    Kalek Nelson 7 hours ago

    Ray Tracing is remarkably popular in animation.

  • Lastguytom
    Lastguytom 7 hours ago

    Intel keep the consumer confused, rip "em for more cash, Great model Intel has!! Same thing with testing software and reviewers keeping the masses ignorant GREAT VIDEO...KEEPING IT none bias and showing strength and weakness of both brands

  • Quantum Cookie
    Quantum Cookie 8 hours ago

    I'm willing to pay it, because I know it's worth it

  • Rick Diculous
    Rick Diculous 8 hours ago

    You look like Freddy Kruegar and Rajesh From how I met your mother had a baby

  • John Good
    John Good 8 hours ago

    Antique reconstruction

  • Next Level HD
    Next Level HD 8 hours ago

    this is insane

  • stella
    stella 9 hours ago

    wait so what do you use instead of the usb to print things out if it doesn’t have a usb port???

  • Emily Ann Africa
    Emily Ann Africa 9 hours ago

    Looking forward to moving on from my G a l a x y S 6 ...

  • EleKKtriK _03
    EleKKtriK _03 9 hours ago

    It'll be even better with the included drift!!!!!!!

  • Bogdan Cretu
    Bogdan Cretu 9 hours ago

    "Only Apple can get away with it". Because Apple products are for pretentious douches.

  • DaviL
    DaviL 10 hours ago

    I don’t know about you but I absolutely love the width of the regular switch

  • Anthony Barbera
    Anthony Barbera 10 hours ago

    I'm not the first to say it, but if real women are threatened by these, it says a lot more about females than it does about men.

  • PotatO_Official
    PotatO_Official 11 hours ago

    me: thinking I might get this *it doesn't work well with games* me: qwq

  • Lyam Lexa
    Lyam Lexa 11 hours ago

    Ps vita is totally dead!

  • GlennJJ1993
    GlennJJ1993 11 hours ago

    Switch and lite both runs same type of games?

  • Alexandre
    Alexandre 11 hours ago

    can we get that wallpaper you’re using though?

  • Naughtystimpy
    Naughtystimpy 11 hours ago

    Whenever I see this woman, I keep thinking she's gonna do porn. I can't take her seriously.

  • Kenny Michael Alanya
    Kenny Michael Alanya 11 hours ago

    Couldn't even buy em in stores....out of stock 😭

  • MzGraceful
    MzGraceful 12 hours ago

    Is it worth it if you have an iPhone X?

    • mino
      mino 5 hours ago


  • Fernando Gutierrez
    Fernando Gutierrez 12 hours ago

    Should I upgrade if I have an iphone 10 ?

  • AJA 63
    AJA 63 12 hours ago

    I need this guy at the apple store

  • Karennn
    Karennn 12 hours ago

    Can I use them on a Nova 3?

  • Bei Wright
    Bei Wright 12 hours ago

    i noticed ultra wide camera is actually blurry on my iPhone 11 pro max. I hope i didn't receive a defected phone...

  • mx1701
    mx1701 12 hours ago


  • RaCsO
    RaCsO 12 hours ago

    Pro stand $999 no screws included no pro stand included

  • Angus Wang
    Angus Wang 12 hours ago

    Most people will not need the cpu/battery life/camera life improvements for their phones. You probably will not notice the performance changes on some most-used apps like social media (Facebook, Instagram, messenger), weather app, mobile banking, news, watching Clip-Share and Netflix, etc. If you have an iPhone 8 and above, you probably will not notice too much change for speed and performance even when playing games. One disappointing thing this year is the phone is getting a bit thicker and heavier and overall bulkier. Most people should hold on to their phones a bit longer.

  • A•chik Cultural Television Photography

    woww so great ummm lenovo luk like advance technology,

  • Jeff Cao
    Jeff Cao 13 hours ago

    News flash: an iPhone camera compared to even an entry level DSLR is like comparing an electric smartcar to a Tesla Model 3, except the prices are reversed, the photos from an iPhone are great but still a joke compared to a professional camera. Yes an actual camera is big and heavy but in my opinion, if I really want such amazing photos, I'd just buy a $300 DSLR that's going to be relevant for 10 years instead of a $1,000+ phone that will be obsolete in 2 years.

  • Seán O'Nilbud
    Seán O'Nilbud 13 hours ago

    I preferred it when these corporate zombies wore suits.

  • No_Minds_Land
    No_Minds_Land 14 hours ago

    Nice review , thank you

  • k. T. momoktm
    k. T. momoktm 14 hours ago

    Thank you for the review. I'm using the Galaxy Tab S3 but I'm having a small problem with the settings. I can't find multiplwindows and also there is only one pane when open application, it used to be two. Please somebody help.

  • Capt Danvers
    Capt Danvers 14 hours ago

    Yes, you can switch the FN and CTR keys in the bios, but considering the cost of this laptop. You shouldn't be doing shit like that to fix Lenovo's dumb mistake. It's annoying.

  • Hyde Luo
    Hyde Luo 14 hours ago

    I call it True Teal

  • Rashy Piney
    Rashy Piney 14 hours ago

    once i grow up ill just buy the iphone 11 in 2037

  • WowsomeHD
    WowsomeHD 14 hours ago

    My Samsung galaxy s8 does the same things at the same or better quality as this, all the while being cheaper... 😐

  • Best._Friend_Millie _.

    I’m upgrading from the iPhone XR to iPhone 11

  • Braylen Chafen
    Braylen Chafen 15 hours ago

    all that phone has is camera updates

  • Tiffany Cole
    Tiffany Cole 15 hours ago

    iPhone 11 will be my first iphone

  • Mahesh Kumar
    Mahesh Kumar 15 hours ago

    I miss PSP

  • david black
    david black 15 hours ago

    What’s the difference between iPhone 11 to the pro and pro max and the headphones how much battery life do they have and would you be able to charge them up with a case on the phone

  • Travis Mills
    Travis Mills 15 hours ago

    why there no trackpad for Tab S5e.

  • Brian Gonzalez
    Brian Gonzalez 15 hours ago

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 and wanna get the iPhone 11 Pro Max, should I?

    • Tony M
      Tony M 5 hours ago

      Is that a serious question...

  • kjaime C
    kjaime C 15 hours ago

    In the Philippines, real 5G will be continue to be suppressed by the controlle 2d telcos for DECADES STILL USING Fake SPEED AND UNREASONABLE CHARGES FOR DECADES BEC OF CORRUPTION here.. Hope the 3rd New Telco MISLATEL approved by President Rodrigo Duterte WILL BRING CHANGE AND RELIEF FROM THE THE DUOPOLY ABUSIVE OWNERS..

  • -C Y B E R -
    -C Y B E R - 15 hours ago

    Should I upgrade from my iPhone 8 to the 11 pro?

    • Jamell Caver
      Jamell Caver 9 hours ago

      -C Y B E R - I’m was asking the same thing!!!😩😩😩🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • aibel99
    aibel99 16 hours ago

    Dudes a knob

  • Brandon WRUPTZ97
    Brandon WRUPTZ97 16 hours ago

    Give it till 2040 and most phones will have batteries over 10000 mAh mark my words

  • Hobbes
    Hobbes 16 hours ago

    sorry this guy looks like a 70 year old man had a baby with a hipster and Im not joking

    • Nicholas Abbott
      Nicholas Abbott 11 hours ago

      Hobbes And I’m sure you think you look better lol

    • No_Minds_Land
      No_Minds_Land 13 hours ago

      Be nice man , I'm pretty sure your not a model too ...

  • kiyo skywalker
    kiyo skywalker 16 hours ago

    I wonder the jobdesk of Quality Assurance/Inspection dept.

  • Sambo kheth
    Sambo kheth 16 hours ago

    Omg it's not even as expensive as my bad Google pixel XL phone :0

  • Stiqqs
    Stiqqs 16 hours ago

    I get one in November Im so inpacent

  • coolasslarry
    coolasslarry 17 hours ago

    Can you do an episode about how they slow down the phones when a new one comes out.

  • Karen Dalton
    Karen Dalton 17 hours ago

    I’m waiting for 2020 5g.

  • ashli prescott
    ashli prescott 17 hours ago

    The iOS looks the same? How absolutely disappointing I’m sick of it

  • Richard Atkins
    Richard Atkins 17 hours ago

    LCD, LCD are you kidding me ,and if your.goong to get apple isn't it because you want to look good ,so why would you want to be caught with the cheap one.Comon just get a s8 from 5 years ago ,still has a better screen than the 11pro

  • Van Dai Tran
    Van Dai Tran 17 hours ago

    I plan to buy my first switch should I buy switch lite before switch full?

    • Maple Miles
      Maple Miles Hour ago

      Van Dai Tran if you are going to only use it as a handheld and a cheaper option for less then 100 US dollars then the lite is for you

    • supernes64 eaa
      supernes64 eaa 11 hours ago

      It's awesome

  • I. George
    I. George 18 hours ago

    been buying grados for over 10 years now. once you go grado you cannot go backo

  • Hobo Photos
    Hobo Photos 18 hours ago

    You cucks crack me up, take the L cop a chromebook, drop out, or stop bitching about it. We get it, your a broke college kid. Start wagecucking like the rest of us or shut ya trap.